add people as close friends on Instagram

Before the close friend feature of Instagram, if a user wanted to share a particular story with some of his contacts, he needed to hide the story from other references in the settings section. In this case, if a person had many followers, he would face problems every time. To solve this problem, Instagram’s close friend was added to the set of features of this social network. Now we want to know what is Instagram’s close friends. Using Instagram’s close friend feature, you can share a story with a certain number of followers.

One of the new features of Instagram that has gained many fans is the Close Friends feature, mainly used in the Instagram story section. In fact, with the help of this feature, you can send your stories to specific people who are your Close Friends or close friends on Instagram. By doing this, you limit the visit of some of your accounts so that only certain people can see them. To use this feature, enter Instagram, click Close Friends according to the picture below, and click Get Started. Refer to how to see blocked accounts on Instagram.

Close friends, What is Instagram?

add people as close friends on Instagram

Close friends Instagram is used for sharing stories with some friends. This method limits the access of general users to accounts. The close friend feature in Insta can be used for Android and iOS operating systems.

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How do we know if we are close friends?

add people as close friends on Instagram

There are two ways to determine if you are on your contact’s close friends list. If you see a story with a green bar in the feed section, that person has added you to their close friend list. The second way is to see the close green friends button in the right corner of the desired person’s story. Refer to delete Instagram account.

Teaching how to use close friends on Instagram

add people as close friends on Instagramadd people as close friends on Instagram

Instagram Close Friend is used to share personal stories with a limited number of friends on Instagram. To create a close friends story, follow the steps below:

  To use this fantastic feature, you need to update your Instagram application to the latest version.

Now you need to create a list of close friends on Instagram.

Open the Instagram application and enter your profile tab.

Touch the three-line icon in the top right corner of the app.

Select the close friend’s option from the available options.

If this is the first time you have used this Instagram feature, you will encounter the following page. Click on Get started option.

At this stage, to add contacts to the close friend list, click on the add button in front of the desired contact’s name. (Or, to find a specific friend, search for the selected person’s username in the search box. Refer to delete comment on Instagram.

Note: If the user account is public, you can find the username of the contact/contacts who are not among your followers from the search box and add them to your close friend list. But in private accounts, it is impossible to add contacts, not on your follower list. Refer to instagram video download without watermark.

After selecting the members of the close friend list, click the Done button. Your close friend list has been successfully created.

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Now click on the camera icon like a typical story.

Create your own story, and instead of selecting your story option, select the green close friend button.

Now you can see your story with a green bar in the Feed section.

Your published story will only be shown to members of your close friend list. Remember, you can update this list whenever you want.

Note: To delete and add a new user to the close friend list, you must go through the above steps again. Note that Instagram will not inform your contacts about the addition or removal from the close friend list.

To remove the user from the Close Friends list, touch the Remove option in front of the user’s name.

It should be noted that the created close friend list is visible only to the person who created it, and other members of this list will not be able to see the members. Refer to eddit caption on Instagram.

What is the list of close friends on Instagram?

Close Friend Insta includes a list of close friends. When you want to share a unique story with only a few close friends, you can use Instagram’s close friend feature.

Why don’t I have close friends?

There may be several reasons. Here are solutions to solve this problem.

_ First of all, update your Instagram to the latest version.

Log out of your Instagram account and clear the Instagram cache.

Connecting Facebook and Instagram accounts may be the reason for not having close friends. To solve it, go to the settings section of Instagram, click on Accounts, click on Linked Accounts and finally, unlink. Finally, close and reopen the Instagram application. Refer to how many reels should i post a day.

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_ Not confirming your phone number or email can also cause this problem.

What is the green circle in the Instagram story?

Instagram informs users that this story is exclusive by placing a green bar around the level.

How can you know that we have been removed from your friend’s close friend list?

Currently, there is no such possibility. If you see a red bar around your friend’s story, it does not mean that he has removed you from his list of close friends, but he has shared a public account.

Will my friends be notified of being removed and added to the close friend list?

Fortunately, no. Instagram does not send notifications about removing or adding users to the close friend list.

Is it possible to request or invite friends to the close friend list?

No, This list is created manually by the person himself. Refer to does instagram notify when you screenshot a story.

Sum up

As you can see in this article, we learned about Instagram’s close friends feature. Also, we learned how to create a list of close friends on Instagram and remove and add users to the close friend list. If you have questions about how to use Close Friend Instagram, register your questions for us.

How do close friends?

To learn how to create close friends on Instagram, refer to the instruction section on using Instagram close friends in the previous step.

How to find out who has seen your close friend’s story?

Similar to a typical story, the list of peoaccountho have seen your close friend’s account will be displayed by opening the report and swiping to the right or touching the eye icon at the bottom of the screen.

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