how many reels should post a day

Did you know that the most effective time to post has a big impact on the success of your Instagram posts?

Similar to this, your success on Instagram depends on how frequently you post.

The Instagram posting restrictions, audience, location, and niche are a few things to consider when determining how frequently you update your Instagram account.

You can improve your engagement on Instagram by knowing when and how often to update the material. Stay with Pinclubhouse.

How many reels can I post a day in 2022? A complete guide

There is no cap on the number of posts you can make on Instagram daily. The recommendations you will see in the following section are only recommendations.

If you disregard our advice in this post, your feed may be lost in the shuffle because it is quick and packed with content.

A string of too many posts is not advised. Instead, you should wait between updates from a few minutes to several hours.

Your account may be temporarily suspended if you create too many posts too rapidly, which makes your account appear spammy.

Posts should be scheduled at least five minutes away as a general rule. We advise adhering to the recommendations in the section below that discusses the best posting on Insta techniques.

Keep in mind that you want to appear credible, not annoying.

How Many Instagram Posts a Day Are Normal?

The general advice for Instagram posting is two to three times weekly, but no more than one daily. On the other hand, Instagram Stories should be published more frequently.

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Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri says the optimum practice is publishing two daily feed posts and two stories.

This, according to Mosseri, is the way to develop and expand your following on this well-known social media platform.

If you have any, you should consider your competitors’ frequent posting as part of your posting plan. You should be aware that firms typically publish 1.56 posts every day.

According to Status Brew, studies show that daily posts are sufficient for Insta engagement, while frequent Instagram users may post twice daily.

Three times each week or every three days is the absolute minimum number of permissible Instagram posts. Posting no more frequently than three times a day is advised.

You might feel overwhelmed or confused by all these figures and details, but since there are so many methods to interact on the App, you won’t need to post more than once a day or even three times per week.

One of the reasons posting at the appropriate moment is so important on Instagram is because of this. Now let’s examine that element.

how many reels should post a day

What Are the Ideal Instagram Posting Times?

There are standards for the ideal times to publish, in addition to learning the best practices for how many Instagram posts are appropriate daily.

According to Hubspot, the best time to post on Insta is often on Tuesday between 11 AM and 12 PM Central time (CDT).

Additionally, this is the best period for achieving increased engagement levels throughout the week.

Additionally, there are set hours for sectors like these:

  • Monday around 10 AM and 10 PM CDT for the tech industry.
  • Nonprofits: Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM CDT.
  • Tuesday from 8 AM to 12 PM and from 5 PM to 8 PM.
  • Restaurants and the food industry: Monday, 9 AM to 1 PM CDT.
  • Industry of Healthcare: Monday between 4 and 5 AM CDT.

Before posting, keep in mind these times, your time zone, & your industry. You might discover that you can convert these times into your appropriate time zone.

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You may need to experiment with different posting times till you find the right one for your specialty and target audience on Instagram.

In general, mid-morning to early afternoon is the greatest time to publish on Instagram for the best results. The greatest time to publish something on Instagram is to garner the most engagement.

Posting at night is less effective because you have a lower chance of connecting with most of your audience. Nighttime blogging is not going to be worthwhile unless your listener is abroad.

how many reels should post a day

How many Instagram posts, including stories, reels, & live videos, are there daily?

We will briefly review the other Instagram features that increase interaction and how frequently to publish utilizing Stories, Reels, & Lives.

Facebook Stories

While some people like to share 20 Instagram Stories daily, 10 per day is the recommended frequency. Your target audience won’t be able to keep up with all of your Stories if you publish too many of them.

Aim to post no more than 10 Stories at once each day. Spread them apart. Posting consistently in the morning, midday, and afternoon (early and late), and then the night is the best way to space out your Instagram Stories posts.


Instagram advises publishing 5 to 7 reels per week. Your engagement will rise since your video will be more visible on Instagram, emphasizing videos.


Another excellent technique to engage your Instagram followers is through live streaming. One of the best methods to interact directly with your audience is this. Before going live, you need a strategy and plan.

Once a week or every two weeks is the recommended frequency for Live videos. This maintains your relationship with your followers.

The Users of Instagram

Here are some figures that illustrate how Instagram might affect your business.

  • Over 1.393 billion people use Instagram worldwide.
  • In the US, 71% of businesses utilize Instagram.
  • A minimum of one brand or company is followed by 50% of all users.
  • 80% of Users base their purchases on the platform’s content.
  • Compared to Facebook, Instagram can generate over four times as many interactions.
  • Daily usage of Instagram Stories is 500 million.
  • On average, Instagram users are on the site for 53 minutes daily.
  • One billion active users on Instagram are 71% younger than 35.
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We hope this information has helped you understand how dynamic Insta is for companies, businesses, and influencers.

How Many Instagram Posts Per Day Are Optimal for Hashtags?

The usual Instagram post has more than ten hashtags, according to Oberlo statistical data. Instagram has a 30 hashtags maximum. Imagine publishing over three times per day now.

If you consistently use your allotted number of hashtags, you risk losing your audience’s trust.

You should use hashtags properly, like you should be careful not to overpost on Instagram. You’ll know what we mean if you’ve ever seen a Post with 30 hashtags.

It’s a good idea to utilize hashtags sparingly even though you want people to find you using them and with pertinent material.


How many are Instagram posts appropriate each day, then? Even though the number of posts you publish daily is arbitrary, you should adhere to the sensible ranges we have provided.

You can avoid sounding spammy or bothersome by not frequently posting on Instagram or any other social media platform.

Remember to produce high-quality and pertinent material for your audience in addition to posting the appropriate amount of content each day and at the appropriate time of day.

Remember to upload Instagram Stories, Reels, & Lives correctly, using the proper hashtag usage. Please share your comment with Pinclubhouse.

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