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On Instagram, you could only see who had viewed specific material. Here’s how and also what you need to be aware of:

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How to see who looked at your Instagram posts

Before reading this post, take a look at the swipe up on Instagram. Since its debut in 2010, Instagram has been the preferred photo-sharing social media network on the internet. You might be interested in knowing who visits your Instagram posts, Stories, or profile, given that more than 95 million photographs are submitted daily to the platform.

What you need to know about tracking and how to see who viewed your Instagram photos is as follows:

Can You See who views Instagram?

Instagram is scathing about letting you know who has viewed your profile and posts. So it’s understandable why inquiries like “can you see who viewed your Instagram post?” are so common. Also, read poll on Instagram.

You can see who has watched your Instagram photographs and videos to some extent, but this just applies to Stories. Unfortunately, the program doesn’t support regular video and photo posts using this feature. As a result, you cannot tell who has viewed my Instagram videos or photographs you have put on your feed.

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But you can see how many views a certain video post has.

If you have a business profile on Instagram, you could also monitor how many users have seen your post in their feeds or how many visitors you’ve had recently. However, you are unable to see the username list. Also, read delete search history.

visited your instagram posts

Regular posts only include information on who liked your image and left a comment.


Go to your account to accomplish this. Then take these actions:

  • In the top right corner, click the icon with three horizontal lines.
  • Click Archive.
  • Click the title at the top right of the screen to reveal the dropdown menu if you aren’t currently on the Stories Archive page.
  • Stories Archive, choose.
  • Slide up on the screen or touch the symbol in the bottom left to check the Story you selected.

Replays are counted in the total number of Story views. If the same user has viewed your Story more than once, you can see more visits than usernames.

How to Check the Views on an Instagram Video

Unlike standard photo postings that just display likes, Instagram videos allow you to see how many views they have received.

visited your instagram posts

The steps below can be used to determine how many people have watched your Instagram video:

Tap on the video you wish to watch on the Instagram profile tab.

You can check who has liked your video by clicking the Like button beneath the video. This person is probably someone you follow back. On others, tap. Also, click on remove followers on Instagram.

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visited your instagram posts

The first figure on the next screen indicates how many people have watched your movie. How many people have liked your video is the second number.

Although you may navigate down the list to see the usernames of somebody who liked the video, you cannot see the usernames of every viewer individually. Use the searching bar at the top if you’re looking for a certain person.

Only videos can display the total number of views. Only the list of users who liked a photo will be displayed in the details pane for photos.

Do Any Third-Party Apps Allow You To View Who Visited Your Instagram Profile?

What do you do when your favorite apps lack a feature you’d like them to have? Some people might quickly look for an alternative using third-party apps. Any apps that make this claim should not be trusted.

Alex Heid from SecurityScorecard stated in a Reader’s Digest article that “anything promoting a feature that indicates who saw your account would not be a genuine service and should be avoided since it is probably just an app which is there to collect the data for those who use it.”

Facebook acquired Instagram in 2016. Thus, it seems that there would be some crossover between the two. They both have comparable privacy options, and neither one lets you know who has accessed your Facebook profile.

Instagram provides some information on your content’s viewers.

Perhaps Instagram will consider including a feature that would allow users to see who has looked at their photographs in the future.

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The best you can do in the interim is to monitor who views your Stories and how well the films on your feed perform.

Can you see who viewed your Instagram live after 24 hours?

A recap screen comes after the live video stream is over. You’ll be able to share your video for the following 24 hours and be able to check how many people watched the movie.

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How to see who visited your Instagram posts?

You can see how many people have watched each image or video in your article in the bottom left corner. Click on the profile images in the lower left to see the usernames of everyone who has seen your tale. Please note that the number of story viewers includes all of your tale’s replays.

How to see who viewed your Instagram post for free?

You can’t, sadly, see who has seen your Instagram post. You may see only two statistics if you publish a video or image directly to your feed: the total number of views and the number of likes. Users of Instagram cannot access this information.

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