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14 percent of Insta brands report losing followers in 2021 and 2022, according to Pinclubhouse Blog Research.

You might be in a frenzy trying to figure out what’s causing the decline if you’re one of those 14 percent.

Do not worry; we have you covered. The main causes of brand follower loss on Instagram are covered below, along with tips for gaining them back. Stay with Pinclubhouse.

5 Top reasons that brands lose Instagram followers

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1. You either don’t frequently post enough or publish too much.

In our poll of Instagram marketers, 40% responded that not posting frequently enough is the main cause of firms losing followers on Instagram after posting.

On the other hand, 33% claimed that blogging too frequently could have the same result.

It all boils down to finding the correct balance while publishing. To ensure that you reach your intended audience and not get lost in the sea of posts, you need to post frequently enough.

You don’t want to post so frequently that your audience’s timeline becomes overrun with your content. Also, read the top 10 Instagram followers in the world.

Here are some suggestions: Start by posting to the website at least once each day, whether it be on Stories, Reels, or in-feed. If you must choose, Stories is likely your best option because, according to marketers surveyed, going live is still the best method to increase followers.

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Two to three times per week, share an in-feed post. Depending on how your audience reacts, you could increase this cadence, but you shouldn’t decrease it. Also, take a look at get followers on Instagram.

2. You’re trying too hard to sell.

According to 39% of Insta marketers questioned, the second most common reason why your company is losing followers seems to be that your content is overly commercialized.

According to our poll, 39 percent of IG marketers use material focused on a brand’s goods or services, and it has the second-highest ROI.

You risk alienating your readers if you solely upload this kind of content.

Balance is the essential word here once more.

You should post material that: Reflects your brand values in contrast to posts that emphasize your goods and services.

Encourages discussion.

creates community

An additional successful content strategy? Laugh your audience out loud.

According to our survey, the best Instagram content for gaining followers, shares, & engagement is humorous material.

losing followers on Instagram

3. You received fake followers.

You’ll have a nasty surprise if you bought bot followers when they all vanish and your follower count plummets.

This is the 3rd most frequent reason firms lose followers, according to 39% of Instagram marketers polled on the topic.

While it may be tempting to purchase bots to create the appearance of having a huge fan base, this action will ultimately be detrimental to your success.

Instead, concentrate on organically growing your following by maintaining a regular posting schedule, publishing relevant material, staying current with industry trends, and paying attention to your statistics.

It needn’t take a lot of time either. Only 1% of the marketers we polled claim that it took them more than a year to gain 1,000 new followers. Most marketers (65%) claimed it takes between one and six months.

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Furthermore, 13% of them completed it in under a month.

This indicates that you should take advantage of this drop in followers to rebuild your Instagram account and gather more accurate demographic information about your audience. We suggest you read the best unfollowers app for Instagram.

4. Your aesthetic and voice are inconsistent.

Consistency is one thing that viewers enjoy. Building a reliable brand recognition requires consistency in your branding & creative assets. Consistency also aids in creating a visually pleasing profile. If a person views your page and it appears that a new brand made every post, they may find it difficult to comprehend your brand’s mission and decide to unfollow you.

When I’m scrolling and come across a business I’m unfamiliar with on my timeline, I’ll go to their profile, and if I don’t recognize their most recent postings, I’ll probably unfollow them. I imagine that many users act similarly.

In light of this, establish your brand identity & visual style early on in the branding process.

You may then use applications like Canva to create a consistent visual account throughout all platforms.

losing followers on Instagram

5. You’re failing to adapt to your audience’s changing needs.

If our audiences’ interests and habits stayed the same, marketing to them would be a breeze.

But, sadly, it’s not the case. This necessitates marketers to be aware of what draws in and keeps viewers. Using your data to support this is one of the best ways to go about it. What does it convey to you?

You may have noticed a slow fall over the past six months in the performance of information about industry trends, which may have previously performed quite well. Maybe this information or how it is given isn’t as interesting to your target audience.

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If you previously relied on photographs, you might consider transitioning to video. To read more about this, click on losing followers on Instagram.

What your data is saying you should guide your Instagram strategy. If you don’t use it, you’ll rapidly lose touch with your followers and watch as the number of people who follow you declines over time.

losing followers on Instagram

Losing followers on Instagram Shadowban

When an account is shadowbanned, it undoubtedly starts to lose followers, but this is not confirmation that the account has been banned. Without being shadowbanned, there are a lot more frequent causes for Instagram users to lose followers.


The prospect of losing Instagram followers might be terrifying. However, you can solve the issue and restore them once you’ve determined what caused the decline. Please share your comment with the Pinclubhouse team.


Why am I losing followers on Instagram 2022?

If your Instagram suddenly loses followers, you’ve been subject to the dreaded “shadow ban.” This can result from using unauthorized software, spamming (inappropriate) hashtags, or publishing debatable stuff.

Is it normal to lose followers on Instagram?

It’s common and occurs more frequently than ever right now. We will observe a general reduction in the act of following if more users are following new people at a slower rate & unfollowing accounts at a faster rate. A bigger percentage of us losing followers on Instagram app results from more unfollows and fewer followers.

Why do I losing followers on Instagram after posting?

People will stop following you when your publishing schedule is irregular, and you lose interest in your account. Therefore, if you’ve entirely stopped publishing and haven’t done so in a while, or if you suddenly started uploading three to four photographs in a row, this lack of consistency will result in unfollows.

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