How to find blocked accounts on Instagram

It can be difficult to unblock someone on Instagram once blocked. To get them back, follow this on how to find a blocked account and how to unblock someone on Instagram.

We’ve all been there: you’ve healed an old friendship and would like to keep access to the Instagram photographs, or you’ve simply slipped and hit Instagram’s “block” button by accident. In any case, you’ll want to undo it. There’s no need to be concerned. This article will teach you how and where to unblock somebody on Insta.

Important Points to Remember:

• On Instagram, you can unblock someone from the profile and the “blocked accounts” list.

• You can unblock anyone on Instagram on any PC, iPhone, or Android device.

• Users who are blocked cannot access your posts, stories, following, individuals you’re following, and other information.

You’ll have to make absolutely sure you can use the Instagram app before you can unblock folks. Our articles on how to bypass geoblocking, unblock Insta in foreign countries, and use Instagram in colleges will assist you in overcoming any restrictions.

Step-by-step guide on How to find blocked accounts on Instagram

Before reading this post, take a look at how to find deleted Instagram messages. There are two methods for unblocking someone on Insta; both are simple to use and get their own set of advantages. The first step then goes through your list of “banned accounts” and unblocks as many people as possible. The second goes straight to their profile, ensuring that you know who you’re unblocking.

How to View Your Instagram Blocked Accounts List

Whenever you block somebody on Instagram, their account is added to a list of “banned accounts” in your preferences. You may view who you’ve blocked or even unblock them from in this list, but be careful not to choose the wrong account accidentally. Read more about how to find out who owns an Instagram account.

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Navigate to the Settings Menu.

Select “options” at the bottom of the menu after clicking the three black lines in the upper corner of your profile page.

How to find blocked accounts on Instagram

Go to your privacy settings and make the necessary changes.

To open the settings for who would view your profile, tap “privacy” — the option beside the padlock icon.

How to find blocked accounts on Instagram

Select “Blocked Accounts” from the drop-down menu.

Tap “banned accounts” on the “privacy” page to see the profiles you’ve previously blocked. Also, look at how to find someone’s IP address on Instagram.

How to find blocked accounts on Instagram

To unblock, press the “Unblock” button.

Unblocking someone is as simple as tapping the “unblock” icon beside their account name.

How to find blocked accounts on Instagram

You Must Confirm When You Want To Unblock Someone else.

To provide them access to your account, tap “unblock” on the confirmation window.

How to find blocked accounts on Instagram

Unblocking someone on Instagram is a simple process.

You could also unblock somebody by heading to their profile page. This allows you to double-check that you aren’t unblocking the wrong account and, if you are, follow them right away. However, unblocking many persons in this manner will take some time.

On their profile page, tap “Unblock.”

Tap the “unblock” button on the user’s profile you want to unblock.

How to find blocked accounts on Instagram

You Must Confirm That You Want To Unblock Them

To provide them access to the account, tap “unblock” on the confirmation window.

How to find blocked accounts on Instagram

How to Unblock Somebody on Instagram Who Has Blocked You

To block or unblock somebody, you usually need to have access to their profiles. However, if they’ve blocked you or deleted their Instagram account, you won’t be able to do so (we also have a guide on how to delete Facebook). Fortunately, there still is a way to ban or unblock someone without having access to this information.

Go to your “banned accounts” list and unblock people there using the first approach. You’ll have to be in your Insta direct messages & block them there if you would like to block them.

Why can’t I find a blocked user on Instagram?

Even when you’ve tried to unblock someone, there are a few reasons that you can’t see their profile. You won’t be able to read their profile if they’ve blocked you or deleted their account, which is the most likely scenario. Also, click on how to find your comment on Instagram to learn more about finding previous comments on Insta.

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How can I see my full Instagram blocklist?

The best answer is to go to Instagram and look at your blocked list. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of your profile to access your settings. Tap “View Blocked Accounts” after selecting “Blocked Accounts.”

How do I unblock someone?

Before this, click on how to get an inactive Instagram username.

• Unblock a phone number.

• Open the Phone app on your phone.

• More can be tapped.

• Select Settings. Numbers that have been blocked.

• Tap Clear beside the phone number you want to unblock. Unblock.


Regardless of why you wanted to unblock somebody on Instagram, you now know how to do so, even if they blocked you first. This user can now use the search box to find you, send you a direct message, and browse your posts and articles. However, they must first unblock you before you can do the same. We suggest you look at how to get back into your Instagram account if you have a mistake with your account.

If you use Instagram daily, you should back up your data to the cloud. Although you could do this manually, you could use an IFTTT recipe to keep them all secure. If you want to access your Instagram account from a nation where it’s blocked, you’ll really need the best VPN for Instagram.

Have you ever attempted to unblock someone on Instagram? Have you tried any of these approaches? Let us know what you think in the comments area. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

FAQs of finding blocked accounts on Instagram

What is the best way to access my Instagram blocklist?

Go to Settings > [your name] > Instagram on your iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Apps on Android and look for Instagram in the list.

What happens if someone on Instagram blocks you?

When someone on Instagram blocks you, they won’t be able to view your posts, and you won’t be able to see theirs. You’ll be unable to like or comment on their postings as well.

Why did someone from my Instagram blocked list vanish?

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This is a typical misunderstanding. If someone you’ve blocked on Instagram unblocks themselves, they won’t be erased from your blocked person list.

On Instagram, could you see who you’ve unblocked?

A user must log in with their login and password to view those they have unblocked on Instagram. On their profile, you may see a list of all the individuals you’ve blocked in the past, including yourself. If you’re curious about who you’ve unblocked in the past or present, this post will show you how to do so.

How can you tell whether someone is following you on Instagram?

There are numerous indicators that someone is following you on Instagram. Here are a few examples:

They like most of your Instagram photos.

They are your Instagram followers.

They appear to remark on your images more than others, and their comments are always good.

What happens if you are blocked on Instagram in 2022?

You won’t be able to see someone’s account or any of their posts if they block you on Instagram 2022. They probably wouldn’t be able to see your comments, either.

When someone on Instagram unfollows you, Is it still possible to send them a message?

Yes, you could still message someone on Instagram who has blocked you. You can also unlock yourself and then send a message on the person’s profile.

Is it true that if you block someone on Instagram, they will unfollow you?

Yes. If you block somebody on Instagram, they won’t be able and see your posts, and you won’t be able to see theirs.

Is it possible for someone you’ve blocked on Instagram to unblock you?

Yes, you can be blocked on Instagram by someone you’ve blocked. Someone who has blocked you will be unable to follow your profile or view any of your posts. You won’t be able to see or follow their postings either.

Is it true that blocking somebody on Instagram deletes all of their accounts?

Unblocking someone on Instagram unblocks them from only one account, but blocking them on Instagram unblocks them from all of their accounts.

yes, tap your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile. Tap in the top right, then tap Settings. Tap Privacy, then tap Blocked accounts you can see who you are blocked in your account.

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