Change Your Instagram Profile Picture

How recent is the photo on your Instagram profile? No matter what gadget you’re using, take a different one or use an avatar to stand out.

Because social media platforms are so busy, distinguishing can be challenging. More than a billion people use Instagram every month, and 500 million use it daily. This makes it extra harder to stand out on the app. There are numerous ways to break through the noise, though.

In addition to publishing engaging, high-quality material, you can concentrate on making your bio deserving of people’s attention. Uploading a strong profile image is an easy approach to accomplish. Whether you’re a new user or it’s time for a change, the instructions in this article will help you submit a profile photo to Instagram. Stay with Pinclubhouse to know How to change Instagram profile picture.

How to Change Your Instagram Profile Picture? [ A Complete Guide]

Change Your Instagram Profile Picture

The steps you must take to update your profile photo are the same whether you use Insta on an iPhone or Android. Before reading this post, tap on the deactivate Instagram account.

What you need to do on your phone is as follows:

  • Open Instagram and select your Profile from the bottom-right menu.
  • Next, select Edit profile from the screen’s top menu.
  • Select Change profile picture.
  • You can now tap Shoot Photo to take a selfie or choose from the library.
  • If you choose the latter, Insta will direct you to the image library on your phone, from which you must select a suitable photo. (See below for more information on picking an Instagram profile photo.)
  • Tap Done in the top-right corner to finish. Your new photo will now start to appear on Instagram.
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Change Your Instagram Profile Picture

All it takes is that. One of the first things brand-new Instagram users should do to finish their profiles is this. Having said that, if you’ve been using Instagram for a while and need to spice things up, you can still gain from it. If you want to try something new, you can also use an avatar instead of the traditional selfie as your Instagram profile photo. Also, read the delete secondary Instagram account.

Most Instagram users use actual photos of themselves as their profile pictures. A distinctive avatar can stand out from the crowd and attract attention immediately. Following the instructions above, hit Use avatar to establish your avatar as your profile photo after creating one.

Instagram profile picture size

Make sure to upload an image at least that size because Instagram profile photographs are displayed at 110 x 100 pixels, but the image files are kept at 320 x 320 pixels. Instagram profile photographs are presented as circles even though they have square dimensions. Also, read delete Instagram account.

Change Your Instagram Profile Picture

How to Edit the Profile Picture on Instagram Online?

Changing your Instagram account is a bit different but still simple on the web. What you should do is:

  • Use your browser to sign into your Instagram account.
  • In the top-right portion of the screen, tap on your profile photo.
  • Next, select Edit profile after clicking on Profile.
  • In the pop-up option, select Upload Photo after clicking Change profile photo at the top of the screen.
  • Your computer’s file explorer will open as a result. Use it to find the image you like, then click Open in the window’s bottom right corner.
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You’re prepared! No matter your device, you now know how to post a profile photo on Instagram. Every time you wish to change your Instagram profile photo, repeat this procedure. Also, click on the create a business Instagram account.

Instagram profile picture zoom

Change Your Instagram Profile Picture

A user’s profile photo can be downloaded and viewed online using the Instazoom function. Utilizing it is pretty simple:

  • Visit the Instazoom website.
  • Copy the username of the Instagram user whose profile image you want to view and download.
  • Put this user name into the Instazoom website now.

You receive a clean profile image and all submitted photos—high quality and true to size.

It costs nothing to use Instazoom. With this tool, you can view the Profile and image of any public or private account. A few of Instazoom’s features are listed below.

How to Pick a Good Insta Profile Photo

Change Your Instagram Profile Picture

Your profile photo is one of the components that may make your Instagram profile—or any social media platform, for that matter—stand out, as we’ve previously discussed. You should therefore choose your images carefully and with intention.

Priority one: Take into account your niche. You should post a photo of yourself unless it’s of your dogs, the outdoors, or something different. Additionally, this enables other Instagram users to relate to you and learn more about the person whose account they are connecting with.

It wouldn’t make sense to post a full-body picture because your Instagram account is only visible as a little icon on your Profile. Also, read the delete a post from Instagram. That is yours to keep for your Insta grid. You can pin your top three images to your Instagram profile.

Instead, choose a clean photograph of oneself from the neck up. Pick a picture of you that shows you smiling and looking kind. Avoid choosing a photo that appears serious or unapproachable unless you use your Instagram account for work or business purposes; save that for your LinkedIn profile picture.

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Finally, unless it is consistent with your Profile’s style, refrain from submitting a profile photo that has been significantly manipulated or filtered. It will make sense to post a black-and-white profile photo, for example, if your Profile has a black-and-white aesthetic. Keep it clear and bright if not. We suggest you read the deactivate Instagram account.

On Instagram, millions of profiles compete for users’ attention every day. When someone visits your Profile or scrolls through their feed, their first impression of you is frequently your profile photo. Make the few seconds you have to capture and hold their attention count with a tidy, clear profile photo.


How to change profile picture on Instagram?

To access your Profile, tap or click on your image in the lower right. Select Edit profile. Select the location from which you want to import your photo after tapping Change profile photo. After making your adjustments, tap Done.

Why can’t I change my Instagram profile picture?

If you encounter a problem when trying to save your Instagram profile, it can be because you inserted an unsupported character or a link that requests an account addition. Edit your Profile and save it again if you receive this issue.

How to change profile picture on Instagram on iPhone?

  • To access your Profile, tap or click on your image in the lower right.
  • Select Edit profile.
  • Select the location from which you want to import your photo after tapping Change profile photo.
  • After making your adjustments, tap Done.

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