How to stop losing followers on Instagram

The worst thing is losing Instagram followers, especially when you don’t know why.

Have you ever spent a full day producing fantastic content, interacting with your followers, and acquiring a few new followers on Instagram, only to discover that you’ve lost followers by the time you get up the following morning?

Maybe you took the most incredible photo and then patiently answered every comment your fans left, resulting in 10 new followers! Unfortunately, luck did not last, as you lost 15 Instagram followers the next day.

What gives, then? Why does it feel like this always happens to YOU but not to your rivals, who seem to be expanding without a hitch every day? Stay with Pinclubhouse.

Why You’re Losing Instagram Followers and How to stop losing followers on Instagram

I want to be completely clear before we continue:

Losing Instagram followers is entirely natural. Each person experiences it. It can happen to some celebrities losing followers on Instagram 2021. But how to stop losing followers on Instagram?

Additionally, it’s not always a sign that you’re doing something incorrect just because Insta unfollowers are making you crazy.

And here’s a little-known fact that most people aren’t aware of: as your account grows, you’ll lose more Instagram followers daily.

BUT if you’re doing things correctly, you’ll be getting an average of more followers, which means that your development trajectory will eventually be upward!

You’re doing alright as long as you’re not long-term losing followers consistently.

Here are the most frequent reasons, in case you’re wondering why you’re losing followers in the first place:

1.) Your Audience Doesn’t Connect with Your Content

Or your material has changed and isn’t living up to what your followers want to see from you, or you’re not maintaining a consistent theme.

You should make every effort to stay within the boundaries your followers typically anticipate seeing from you in terms of content.

For instance:

Try to refrain from uploading random selfies, photos of your dog, and images of that amazing dinner you had at that upscale new restaurant downtown if you manage an account for art. If you limit your content to art-related topics, you’ll be fine.

2.) You are receiving fake or automated followers.

You have probably seen numerous instances of automated bot profiles leaving wholly pointless comments on your posts, and you are aware of how unpleasant they are. Additionally, they’ll bulk follow people before unfollowing you after a few days.

Even if you haven’t purchased phony followers (a big no-no — don’t do it! ), you will still end up with a few of these annoying profiles. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it, so it’s better to ignore them.

3.) Individuals that utilize the follow/unfollow method.

When utilized properly, this technique can be highly effective, but the great majority of individuals use it very spammy manner.

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They’ll mass follow several random users on Instagram in the hopes that you’ll follow them back, and if you don’t, they’ll unfollow you a few days later.

4.) Using “Black Hat” Techniques and Experiencing Instagram Restrictions.

If you’ve purchased phony followers, employ spamming techniques like repeatedly copying and pasting the same generic remarks or using automated software that violates Instagram’s policies.

Instagram will become aware of this and limit your account.

Instagram may limit your visibility and exposure even if you aren’t directly discovered and banned.

Additionally, your numbers will decline over time if your followers don’t receive your stuff.

5.) Issues with Your Posting Schedule: You’re Either Posting Too Much or Not Enough

If you want to stay in your followers’ heads and keep your material at the top of their Insta feeds, I suggest updating 1-3 times daily.

If you only post occasionally, the system will rank you lower, and your audience will see you less regularly.

On the other side, if you publish too frequently, you may begin to irritate your followers & lose them as a result. Nobody visits Instagram solely to see your material; they also want to see what the other users they follow are posting. Therefore, I’d advise taking a break if you post more than five times a day and still lose followers.

6.) You Post Boring Captions.

How to stop losing followers on Instagram

Your captions matter as much as the images and videos you include in your Instagram posts.

A great caption adds a ton of value, amuses your followers, and encourages them to take action, like loving your content, commenting, or tagging a friend.

If you haven’t given your caption writing any thought, it may be beginning to feel monotonous or stale.

Nobody wants to browse Instagram and see dull, uninteresting stuff, which can lead to unfollowing.

7.) Your audience isn’t being engaged by you

You’re not finished even after you’ve expertly cropped your photo and created a clever, engaging text with a compelling call to action that encourages your audience to participate and discuss.

Your followers will become frustrated when they take the time to provide a serious comment and don’t hear back. They might go through your earlier postings and discover the horror!—that you never reply to comments.

If you don’t engage, people will unfollow you since it seems that you don’t care about them what they’d have to say.

If you’ve neglected to include this element in your Insta strategy in the past, now is the time to begin doing it, as social networking is all about connecting with other people.

Your supporters will be grateful.

8.) You’re Trying Too Hard to Sell.

You must actively market your goods or services to your audience using Instagram for business purposes.

But if you’re advertising to EVERYONE, we run into a dilemma. THE MOMENT.

Nobody enjoys being sold to. But as long as you connect with them and offer them a ton of value upfront, most people don’t mind.

Never let your Instagram feed consist entirely of images promoting your items. You are marketing the associated way of life. Give your listeners what they want, and you’ll be able to strike a balance between that and generating purchases.

Everyone is then content at the end of the day.

9.) Over time, people’s interests and attention shift, and it’s possible that your followers are no longer as interested in you.

I’ve followed a lot of Instagram profiles that post quotes when on an “Inspirational Quotes” kick, but I unfollowed most of them within a month or two since I got bored of them. This is just one example of how my interests shift over time.

The good news is that you can change a few of the reasons above why people unfollow you, and you can safely disregard the rest.

Here are some that you should disregard:

Should I put follow/unfollowers and bots on my block list?

How to stop losing followers on Instagram

This subject is frequently asked in online forums and Facebook groups, so I am aware that many people find bots and follower/unfollower activity irritating.

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I got it. It is frustrating to have bots or other users follow you and then unfollow you daily. They deserve a punch in the face, perhaps.

But instead of worrying about blocking them, I strongly advise that you merely IGNORE them.


Because dealing with criminals every day requires a lot of energy (both mental and physical).

Instead of getting worked up over bots and spammers on the internet, I can think of a hundred different activities that would be a MUCH Greater use of your time.

For that, life is too short!

Your skills and attention would be better utilized if you were to write a fantastic new blog post, create spectacular new content, or market your fantastic product to your followers.

Bots and those who follow/unfollow randomly will never be actual fans, devoted followers, or paying customers. Therefore, it would be advisable to avoid wasting any of your precious time on them.

Technically speaking, they aren’t hurting you.

Here are the top 4 things you can do to stop losing Instagram followers on Instagram:

1. Examine the content’s quality.

Do you regularly publish high-quality content? If you notice a sudden increase in unfollowers, it’s possible that your new style or switch isn’t connecting as effectively with your audience.

Does the theme of your feed remain consistent? Do not forget to save your private images to your private account. It’s best to keep things like party selfies and food selfies on your account to share with your family and friends.

When you’re the face of your brand, there is an exception to this rule. If you run a personal and lifestyle Instagram, you are free to post more intimate material as long as you can incorporate it into your main subject.

If you are a traveling influencer, for instance, you may share images of your travels or images of the food you are eating at various restaurants when you are traveling.

2. Interact & socialize with your audience.

You must connect with your followers to become devoted, lifelong supporters.

It’s important to reply to every comment. If you have any followers who occasionally post something you’d want to see in your home feed, follow them.

Like the content of your followers and provide insightful comments on their images.

People who have a personal connection with you are considerably less inclined to unfollow you. In addition, individuals with whom you develop a personal connection are more likely to subscribe to your email list and purchase your goods.

Overall, everyone benefits

3. Reconsider the strategies you’re doing to expand your audience.

How to stop losing followers on Instagram

What else are you doing besides publishing quality material to draw in new followers?

Ensure you’re hitting the right target, whether liking, commenting, or following individuals, to attract them to follow you back.

Are you attracting the right kind of followers?

Make sure the people you’re aiming for have a history of being interested in your market or subject.

To test if it makes a big difference, try focusing on different demographics. In general, followers who aren’t particularly interested in the subjects you publish about aren’t going to remain around for very long.

So how can you locate individuals with a documented interest in your niche?

On Instagram, there are primarily two ways to locate your target market:

Identify your rivals’ followers and focus your efforts on engaging with them to win them over (by liking or commenting on their posts or following them).

Look for hashtags relevant to your specialty and engage with users who follow or engage with those hashtags in posts.

4. Use more specialized hashtags in a narrower niche for each post.

Use 30 hashtags for each post you make on Instagram if you haven’t already.

When you utilize hashtags, your posts will appear in search results when someone types in a certain hashtag, which helps your content reach new audiences.

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Your hashtags can either be included in the caption or after you hit publish, hidden in a remark below the caption.

It doesn’t matter where you post them, so you can put them wherever suits your particular preferences.

You have to ensure you’re utilizing the RIGHT hashtags in addition to using 30 hashtags.

Choosing the “correct” hashtags entails:

Not the extremely popular, general, or generic hashtags, but niche-specific ones.

Smaller hashtags increase your likelihood of appearing in the Top Posts part of the hashtag search results page, where many more people will see your material.

How to stop losing followers on Instagram

You want to get as many of your posts listed in the Top Posts area for hashtags (max 30 per post). More users will know you on Insta if you are rated higher on the Top Posts tab.

Asking yourself, “What does my target audience member seek on Instagram” will help you choose niche-specific hashtags.

It can be a little difficult to respond to this.

To demonstrate what to do or not to do, allow me to give an example:

How to stop losing followers on Instagram

Use the hashtag #etsyshop to draw in new followers who you think will become clients if you run an Etsy store selling knitted owl plushies for babies.

But think about who might be looking up #etsyshop on Instagram.

Take into account what your intended audience is looking for on Instagram. Compared to the more generic keyword #etsyshop, people intending to purchase handmade baby toys are far more likely to search for the more particular term #handmadebaby.

Because it’s too general, #etsyshop is unlikely to come up in searches for adorable toys or baby gifts. On Etsy, many goods are available, most of which are not plush animals, owls, or children’s toys.

Using the hashtag #etsyshop, you’ll probably draw in more Etsy shop owners than parents looking for handcrafted baby toys.

Instead of using the hashtag #etsyshop, use hashtags like #handmadebaby or #owllover to help individuals who will adore your products find you.

Generally speaking, bear the following in mind when choosing which hashtags to use:

Make sure your tags are specialized and keep them under a million characters. Avoid using broad tags unrelated to your content or topic because these will simply draw followers who will unfollow you (if they follow you).

Can Instagram stop you from getting followers?

How to stop losing followers on Instagram

If you attempt to increase your likes and followers rapidly, Instagram will temporarily prohibit you. This was done because they considered the follower and like limit restrictions. Consider ORGANIC growth if you want to increase your following without getting blocked.


Always there is a way to fix losing followers on Instagram.

You should ignore some of the causes of your follower loss, like bot accounts & users who use the follow/unfollow approach.

However, you can also do certain things to reduce the number of Insta unfollowers you have actively. You can trim your sails and get things making progress as long as you can critically examine your Instagram approach and make the necessary corrections where you’ve erred. Please share your comment with Pinclubhouse team.


Does Instagram randomly remove followers?

(randomly losing followers on Instagram)

If your Instagram suddenly loses followers, you’ve been subject to the dreaded “shadow ban.” This can result from using unauthorized software, spamming (inappropriate) hashtags, or publishing debatable stuff.

Why am I losing Instagram followers in 2022?

You’re likely posting stuff your target reader isn’t engaged in if you’re losing Instagram followers. You will lose followers if you distribute a haphazard assortment of posts with no direction or aim.

Why do Instagram followers disappear and reappear?

The person’s (or Instagram’s) account was terminated or suspended for violating an IG guideline. They may not have joined Instagram, but they may not have used anything for years. However, some accounts that haven’t posted in a while (like 5 years) still maintain an active account.

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