best unfollowers apps for Instagram

We began to wonder how safe unfollow app for Instagram, the second social media network made by the same people, is in the wake of the “game-changing” Facebook scandal. We chose to audit the programs that people far too frequently link their Instagram accounts with because we weren’t sure if Instagram wasn’t a collaborator in this crime.

Are the apps that tout themselves as such best Instagram unfollowers app, Instagram followers app, or Instagram mass followers app even secure? Stay with Pinclubhouse.

14 best unfollowers apps for Instagram 2022

Before reading this post, look at the top 10 Instagram followers in the world page. To our astonishment, most of the top applications found when “Instagram” was typed into the search bar on the Google Play Store, and the App Store failed our data and privacy check audit.

We specifically targeted the applications that revolved around the idea of monitoring your unfollowers. Why? Because it is explicitly stated in Instagram’s policy for third-party apps that creating such a list for users is against the policy. This makes it abundantly evident that there must be a problem with how you link your Instagram account to these applications. Also, read get followers on Instagram.

Instead of creating applications through Instagram, most of them have their login pages disguised as genuine Instagram apps that take unaware users to phishing websites where they are prompted for their username and password. While taking a break, just add your password and username to the app’s form.

Unfortunately for the users, the hackers who created the unfollowers or followers app receive that information immediately.

How easily do you know that many users you’re unaware of have the login information for your entire social life?

What do official Instagram apps look like?

Applications that have been registered with Insta as integrations in compliance with their developer policies are likely to be considered secure. Instagram carefully reviews every application for API access and is harsh with applications that don’t follow their rules.

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How can I tell if my applications are Instagram-authorized?

• To do this, sign in to Instagram’s website and navigate your profile page.

• Right-click the “Settings” icon next to “Edit Profile.”

best unfollowers apps for Instagram

• “Authorized Apps” should be chosen in the menu.

This displays a complete list of all programs you have ever used to log into Instagram or connect your profile.

What makes follower applications dangerous?

Because follower applications do not naturally have access to Instagram data, they hack it by saving your login and password on their system and then using a proxy browser session to pretend to be you and access the data of your followers. Since you essentially give these apps your login information, there is a danger that they could be misused to carry out operations you have not permitted. Take a look at losing followers on Instagram.

best unfollowers apps for Instagram

Another worry is that since these businesses might not have the finest server security, it’s very likely that a server breach could allow a hacker to get your credentials.

And although it might not be a major matter for some people if someone gets access to their Instagram profile, a bigger issue is that 80% of people use the same login information for services like Facebook, Google, and even their online banking.

We were surprised to learn that none of the well-known Instagram follower, unfollower, or mass follower apps—which collectively have over 100 million users and bring in millions of dollars in revenue—appear here.

Your privacy is at risk even if we aren’t alleging that they would have read your private DMs or stole your password for evil purposes.

As you go through the list, if you notice that you’re using or have used any of these apps, we strongly advise immediately changing your Instagram password!

Bonus checkpoint: You’ll notice that none of these applications will be able to sync their data for your account if you alter your Instagram password. Changing your password has no effect on permitted apps because, well, they don’t know it.

Look at the top 14 unofficial Instagram Followers, Unfollowers, and Mass Followers Applications.

Best unfollow app for Instagram free

1. Followers Insight for Instagram

best unfollowers apps for Instagram

It’s one of the applications that even a few of our teammates have attempted to use in the past, right?

We were shocked to discover that not even this app was on the list of Instagram-approved apps. Users of Follower Insight for Insta can examine who follows them on Instagram and who unfollows them, among other features.

2. FollowMeter for Instagram

best unfollowers apps for Instagram

It promises to offer the most straightforward method for managing your Instagram followers. They have your password, but their advanced analytics lets you get in-depth insights into your Instagram profile, track the growth of your followers, and manage your account successfully.

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3. Unfollowers & ghost followers

The Google Play Store also offers this application. Users who search for “Find your Unfollowers and or Ghost Instagram followers and more!” will be drawn to what they portray about themselves. Free! No boundaries! Keep in mind that it is impossible to identify your Ghost supporters.

4. Reports+ for Instagram

best unfollowers apps for Instagram

The Reports+ Followers Analysis for Instagram app bills itself as the fastest, most accurate, and safe unfollow app for Instagram analysis tool in the Play Store and AppStore. The best fake Instagram login screen we’ve ever seen was on their website. The fact that Instagram controls your password & we don’t save it is even stated in bold, yet why aren’t you included under Authorized apps?

5. Unfollowers & Ghost Followers for Instagram

best unfollowers apps for Instagram

By promising users, “Get the greatest and most beautiful Insta management tool on your Android device,” this software reassures people online.

6. Follower tool for Instagram

best unfollowers apps for Instagram

If you really want to unfollow your unfollowers automatically, you are in the proper spot, according to the Followers Tool for the Instagram program. This program keeps track of your unfollowers (as well as your passwords and usernames! ), unfollows all of your lists in bulk, and tracks your unfollowers. Due to all of this automation, your profile may be permanently suspended.

7. Unfollowers for Instagram, Lost

best unfollowers apps for Instagram

You can use this software to locate Instagram unfollowers apps (also known as lost followers or non-followers). More specifically, they claim, “They provide a Login utilizing your Instagram password and username (Instagram API auth utilized).” No, we discovered your falsehood.

8. Likes & who viewed for Instagram

best unfollowers apps for Instagram

According to this app, if you want to gain popularity on Instagram, this app was made just for you!

It was developed as a practical tool for tracking Instagram followers and page analysis. Sounds good, but no!

9. Unfollow Users for Instagram

best unfollowers apps for Instagram

You could unfollow the persons you are following with this app. Users of this software are assured that unfollowing users is quick and simple. You can use it for nothing as well!

10. Followers Chief

best unfollowers apps for Instagram

You can see who quit following you using this app. According to “Followers Chief,” it is uncomplicated and ad-free.

11. Unfollowers for Instagram

best unfollowers apps for Instagram

You can use this software to locate Instagram unfollowers (also known as lost followers or non-followers). The Unfollowers app finds Instagram users who have stopped following you and displays a list of those people.

12. Lite For Instagram

best unfollowers apps for Instagram

It claims to be a safe, lightweight Android app that lets you surf Instagram and store photographs and videos on your device. Why didn’t it appear on the list of Instagram-approved applications if it were secure?

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13. Unfollower Fast for Instagram

best unfollowers apps for Instagram

You can find Instagram unfollowers apps using this software. They appear to be waiting around to find out who unfollowed you & alert you right away.

14. Unfollowers+

best unfollowers apps for Instagram

Finding your unfollowers, mutual followers, and fans is easier with Unfollowers Plus for Instagram (Beta).

Be smart enough to avoid being duped by phishing websites.

It’s not required that you are taken to the Instagram login page if you see an interface similar to this one that allows you to log in using your Instagram credentials. It can just be a ruse to steal all of your personal information or just an Instagram-like web page.

best unfollowers apps for Instagram

Your personal information can be stolen, accessed, or viewed by others in various ways. This is because phishing assaults are simpler due to the apps’ review experiences.

Phishing attacks from these apps may be decreased if Google and Apple updated their review experiences to reveal the website URL for in-app web view.


We advise you to look under Authorized Apps for each app you’re already using or want to connect to in the future. You must be vigilant and attentive, or else the internet may be dangerous for your privacy. We suggest you read get followers on Instagram.

Your opinions on user data privacy are welcome in the comments section below. Please share your comment with Pinclubhouse.

Note that the applications used in this experiment may have different names. We will be happy to take their names off the list if any of these apps are genuine.


How do you unfollow those who don’t follow you on Instagram?

Then select “Not Followers.” The list of people who haven’t followed you back is made public by this action. Click on the “circular box” next to a user’s name in the “Not Followers” list, then click “Unfollow.” Choose “Unfollow” after selecting “Select All” to unfollow users in masse.

Can you mass remove followers on Instagram?

Pick Your Followers. Choose all of the followers you want to unfollow by scrolling through the list. At the upper right of the screen, click the three horizontal buttons. Choose Remove.

What is the best and safe unfollow app for Instagram?

• Followers Insight for Instagram

• FollowMeter for Instagram

• Unfollowers & ghost followers

• Reports+ for Instagram

• Unfollowers & Ghost Followers for Instagram

• Follower tool for Instagram

• Unfollowers for Instagram, Lost

• Likes & who viewed for Instagram

• Unfollow Users for Instagram

• Followers Chief

• Unfollowers for Instagram

• Lite For Instagram

• Unfollower Fast for Instagram

• Unfollowers+

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