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When partnering with someone, use Insta Collabs to reach a larger audience. On Instagram, corporations and creators frequently work together. Tagging one of the participants in collaboration is insufficient for the account’s tags. Stay with Pinclubhouse to know more about doing a joint post on Instagram.

Do a joint post on Instagram, but how to do it?

That comes as no shock. At least regarding the stuff on their screen, most people who are scrolling over their feeds have a child’s attention span. Instagram scrolling while the television is in the background, is simply a Gen-Z and millennial behaviour. However, the collaborator, i.e., the second account who is not providing the material but simply participating in the tags, frequently suffers due to the lack of attention.

The old method of handling things, tagging, also prevents the followers of the tagged profile from naturally seeing the message. There is no way for the tagged account’s followers to view it unless they share it on their stories. And let’s face it, stories are frequently missed. Posting duplicate content was the solely available workaround in the past. Instagram Collab’s functionality alters that.

What does Instagram’s Collab Feature do?

Instead of one account being overwhelmed by the tags for a photo, Instagram’s new collab function allows both accounts to receive equal recognition. Using the collab feature, the post’s authors are listed as both accounts.

In essence, this implies that both accounts will now have access to the post’s header, which was previously limited to a single username.

joint post on Instagram

The collab option is available for both posts & reels. Like any other Instagram post, the post or reel will appear in both users’ profile grids and followers’ feeds.

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Additionally, the post will receive views, likes, & comments from both pages. Therefore, only one post will appear on both individuals’ profiles rather than two separate posts.

In addition to eliminating the need for duplicate posts, the collab function automatically doubles the reach of your post by sharing it with you and your co-followers. Author’s It’s a win-win situation for everyone concerned in each sense of the word.

Note that private accounts cannot use the feature. Only professional and non-professional public accounts are eligible for it.

Creating a Joint Post

A joint post is rather simple to make. The procedure is the same whether you want to make a reel or a combination photo/video post. We’ll be using an image post for this guide.

Launch the Instagram app on your phone to add a new post, hit the “+” icon in the top-right corner, and then choose “Post.”

joint post on Instagram

Then, proceed as usual to create that post by clicking or selecting the image from your camera roll, applying any filters, and making any other necessary edits.

Finally, hit the “Tag People” option on the New Post screen, allowing you to add a caption and a location.

joint post on Instagram

Then, select the “Invite Collaborator” option on the Tag People screen.

joint post on Instagram

Look up the person you wish to add as a coauthor to your post. The fact that the person you invite has a private account is not a problem unless you are making the post and wish to invite a collaborator. The choice will, after that, be unavailable. The centre of the post will automatically display the tag for the user you added as a collaborator.

joint post on Instagram

Select a different profile to be the collaborator by tapping “Edit Collaborator” if you wish to change the collaborator.

joint post on Instagram

The account you initially selected will default turn into a tagged account. Only one collaborator is possible. However, you can still tag other people in the message as usual. The tag “Collaborator” will appear next to the account invited to join as a collaborator.

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joint post on Instagram

Tap the ‘x’ option on the right to remove a collaborator or tagged account.

joint post on Instagram

After inviting the collaborator, select “Done” and share the content as usual.

joint post on Instagram

The invited account will be informed of your desire to collaborate as soon as you share the content. You will need the other individual to agree to your request for cooperation. They will join the author’s team for the article when they do. Additionally, it will show up on their account and in the news feeds of their followers. However, there won’t be a collaborator on your post until that individual accepts.

Accepting a Collaboration Request

Accepting a collab invitation is quite straightforward if you’re on the opposite side of writing a joint post, i.e., you’re the one who received it. The other account will send you an invitation to work together in your direct messages.

You may view the post they have asked you to contribute when you open the mail. On the post in your message, tap the ‘View Request’ button.

joint post on Instagram

The article will load on another page. You can look at the post, video, or reel to view what they’ve uploaded. Once you’ve done that, you can accept or reject their request by tapping the “Review” button in the right part of the message.

joint post on Instagram

You’ll see a pop-up on your screen. To accept the request and include yourself as a collaborator on the post, select “Accept.”

joint post on Instagram

There is no possibility of sending another collaborator request on the same post if you tap decline. Only before sharing the content is it possible to invite collaborators. You will be visible on it as a tagged account until you remove it.

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After accepting the collab, you can always tap the “Stop Sharing” button underneath the post if you no longer want to share it.

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when you want to post something to another account; you can use all the tutorial is in above. Collab and joint posts have the same way of doing it.

So you can use this tutorial for this.


Making joint posts is an excellent strategy to step up your collaborative game on Instagram. Regardless of whether you run a business or create content, there are countless advantages. Remember that since they must accept your request, you could only collaborate with accounts that would like to collaborate with you. Therefore, refrain from using it to spam someone. Please share your comment with the Pinclubhouse team.


How do you make a joint post on Instagram?

Click “Tag individuals” on the caption screen when you arrive there. The “Invite Collaborator” button is directly beside the “Add Tag” button. Use the search area to select the accounts you want to collaborate with. To send the invite for a collaboration, tap “Done” in the top right corner of the screen.

Why can’t I do collab posts on Instagram?

Why doesn’t the Collab feature function? First, confirm that the Collab feature is accessible in your nation. Update your Instagram on the App Store or Google Play Store if necessary. Users of Instagram who don’t have the most recent version will not be able to use the function.

Why don’t I see the collaborator option on Instagram?

Do not worry if you cannot see the Insta Invite Collaborator option. The business is still testing this function; not everyone has access to it yet. After a few days or weeks, check to see if this new choice is also available for you.

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