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You may have recently seen this message on Instagram that the comments or comments section is limited, and you cannot register your opinion as before. However, what is the reason for this message? In this article, we will discuss the causes, check the comment limitation on Instagram, and then mention its solutions. Stay with us until the end of this article.

What does it mean to limit comments on Instagram?

The message “Your comments are limited for this post” means that the user who published this content has set a limit for comments on this post, and only certain people are allowed to comment. This setting is done from the privacy section on Instagram, and only a select group of people, such as the user’s followers, can comment on his posts.

Instagram has a feature that allows users to control who can comment on their posts. For example, if you don’t want people who don’t follow you to comment on your posts, you can change it in your settings. Alternatively, you can disable comments for a specific post if you do not want people to comment on that post. Therefore, the ability to limit comments can help people a lot.

The message “Your views or comments are limited for this post” does not mean you are blocked on Instagram. It just means that the page owner has limited their comments to a group of people. If the user has altered his remarks, there may be various reasons. One of the reasons can be that users want to avoid spam. Refer to how to find drafts on Instagram android.

 The main reason for limiting the number of comments 

If the user is a well-known celebrity or public figure, they may limit their comments to prevent spam comments. Next, the user may want to reduce the number of negative comments. Naturally, the more popular a person is, the more hate they receive from users. Therefore, limiting their words can be a measure to reduce negative comments. Finally, the user may want to filter out the comments that are important to him (for example, comments from his followers).

In short, if you see the message “Your comments are restricted for this post” in the comments section of a post, it means that the user has controlled who can comment on their posts.

Limit comments on Instagram

What is the reason for limiting comments on Instagram?

There is a time when Instagram blocks your account. That means you can’t do everyday Instagram things like liking and commenting. It happens when you have violated some of the rules of this platform. In this case, your account will be subject to restrictions that prohibit you from performing the said activities. However, what is the reason for limiting comments?t

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One of the most important reasons for comment restrictions on your account is when Instagram detects that you are a bot. This detection occurs when Instagram detects spam and excessive comments. Also, if you create multiple fake accounts, there is a possibility that your report will be limited. In the following, we will mention the reasons for limiting your Instagram account. Refer to best time to post reels on Instagram.

Not updating the version of Instagram

Not completing user account information

Too many comments for a particular post

Offensive comments and reporting by users

Not following Instagram rules

Methods to get the account out of block mode

Limit comments on Instagram

If your account is blocked, there are ways to unblock it. Of course, this should be noted that your account may be limited by Instagram. We will explain these methods in the following.

If you have ever connected to Wi-Fi, use the internet line or (Data).

Use IP modification software.

Connect your Instagram account to the rest of your social networks.

Report to Instagram.

Finally, you should know that account blocking and comment restrictions on Instagram are usually temporary and will be resolved after 24 hours. So it is better to wait for 24 hours first. If your account does not come out of restricted mode, try other methods.

How do you select people to limit comments?

Limit comments on Instagram

To choose who can comment on your Instagram posts, go to “Your profile > Menu > Privacy > Comments > Allow comments from” and select one of the four options.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do this, limiting comments:

Go to your profile.

Click on the menu in the upper right corner of your profile.

Go to Privacy.

Click on comments.

Go to the “Allow comments from” section.

Choose one of the four options.

There are four options that you can choose from.

All people:

Anyone can comment on your posts.

People you follow and your followers:

Only people you follow and your followers can comment on your posts.

People you follow:

Only people you follow can comment on your posts.

Your followers:

Only people you follow can comment on your posts.

If you allow everyone to comment, everyone can comment on your posts. It doesn’t matter if that user follows you or not.

By allowing comments from the people you follow and your followers, the people who follow you and the people you follow can comment on your posts. However, people who don’t follow you can’t comment on your posts. Refer to how many reels should i post a day.

Next, if you select “People You Follow,” only the people you follow can comment on your posts.

Finally, the “Your Followers” ​​option allows only people who follow you to comment on your posts. If you don’t want any comments to be made on a particular post, you can do so by clicking the three dots icon and then turning off commenting. This prevents anyone from commenting on a specific post.

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How to prevent others from commenting on Instagram?

Limit comments on Instagram

To prevent others from commenting on your Instagram post, you can restrict that user.

To do this, first, enter the desired user’s profile.

Click on the three dots icon in the top right corner of their profile.

Select “Restrict.”

Click on “Reject.”

If you don’t want to restrict someone through their profile, you can also do it through your comments. When you limit someone on Instagram, their comments will not be visible to others. Refer to Instagram video download without watermark.

In other words, if comments are restricted, if they comment on your posts, their comments will only be visible to them and you. By limiting Instagram comments to one person, you also get the option to show their word (s).

You can approve or delete a comment from a user whose words you have restricted on your post. By confirming the statement, his analysis will be shown to others. On the other hand, if you delete it, the comment will be deleted.

Restricting a user is a better alternative to blocking him. Because it can still find and view your profile. If you have given up on limiting comments on Instagram, you can disable the settings according to this tutorial.

Limitation of comments on Instagram

Limit comments on Instagram

As mentioned earlier, if you can’t comment on some Instagram posts, that person has limited their comments to a select group(s) of people. This is possible with the ability to restrict comments on Instagram.

So, if you try to comment on their post, there will be a message saying, “Your comments are restricted for this post. With this account and with the ability to limit comments on Instagram, you cannot comment on some Instagram posts because some people have modified the words of their posts from the settings section.

That being said, if you can’t comment on an Instagram post, it’s either because you don’t follow that person or they don’t follow you back. You can follow a person to see if they’ve limited their comments to people who follow them. If you can comment after following that person, they have limited their words to their followers. Refer to instagram blocked accounts.

Controlling comments on Instagram

Keeping your Instagram profile public is very important to connect with more users. Either way, it also allows the comments section to get out of control and spam comments. Fortunately, with Instagram’s security controls, you can manage comments and choose who can comment on your posts.

Comment limitation settings on Instagram

To limit comments on Instagram, you must:

Open the Instagram app on your phone.

Now enter your profile page or account.

To do this, you can click on your photo in the bottom bar.

Open the menu section by clicking on the three dots at the top of the screen and then enter the settings.

Now select Privacy.

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Next, enter the “Remarks” menu.

Here, the first “Permit Comments From” option allows you to limit who can comment on your posts.

 Naturally, assuming you have a Public account, this setting is set to “Everyone.”

You can change it to only get comments from people you follow, your fans, or both.

Then again, you can exclusively block people from commenting on your posts.

To do this, tap the “Square Comments From” option in the “Remarks” setting.

From the text field at the top of the page, look for the person’s Instagram handle.

When they appear in the results, select the blue “Square” button.

You can add as many Instagram profiles as you like to this list.

To change this choice and limit comments in the not-so-distant future, it is enough:

Revisit this page.

Click on the “Unblock” button to remove that person from this list.

In this process, that user needs to realize that you have created a limit for him. They can still write new comments under your posts. In any case, these comments will not be shown to anyone, not even you. If you need to see and read the words of restricted people, you can use Instagram restriction.

When you restrict a user on Instagram, their comments will not be shown. However, Instagram hides them and offers a comment from the specified user as a “restricted comment” below your posts. You can read it by clicking the “View comment” option or delete it by clicking the “clear” button.

To limit comments and limit an Instagram account, visit the person’s profile and then click on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner. Finally, select “Limit” or “Confine.” Refer to how to do a joint post on Instagram.

Restricting comments on Instagram for others

If you intend to prevent other users from commenting on your post due to the limitation of comments, you must follow the instructions below.

Go to your profile and click on the three lines at the top right.

Select Settings.

Click on (Privacy and Security).

Fine (Comment Controls).

Make sure Hide abusive comments are turned on.

Turn on (Manual Filter).


In this article, you got acquainted with the comment restriction guide and the tutorial on how to fix this problem.

You can use methods to remove your account from this mode if the comment is limited.

First of all, if the comment is limited, wait 24 hours. Usually, your account will be unblocked.

Have you ever used another method to solve the problem of limiting Instagram comments?

Why can’t you comment under some Instagram posts?

Some users may limit the comments they receive. In this case, if you are also part of that local group, it will not be possible for you to leave a comment.

How to limit comments on Instagram posts?

A person with a public Instagram account can limit comments to only their followers or followings, leave them open for all comments, or close the comment option for a post altogether. You can make these settings from the settings section and then words.

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