How to Pin Comments on Instagram

The increasing popularity of the social network Instagram has attracted attention; the number of users worldwide is more than one billion, and it can be said that at least one out of three people use this social network.

This popularity is due to the importance of Instagram founders to their users’ opinions and timely control when unpleasant events occur.

Pin comments on instagram is one of the updated features of this social network, and this feature will be helpful for users who want to make positive comments on their posts. Positive words can be placed at the top of the comments section, and if there are negative or inappropriate comments, those comments can be deleted. Therefore, pinning means higher and prioritizing favorite comments from your audience; by pinning a comment, you turn it into your first comment.

What does pinning comments on Instagram mean?

How to Pin Comments on Instagram

As we stated in the introduction of this article, the new feature of Instagram is that Instagram users can put their favorite comments in their posts using the filtering and pinning part of Instagram comments at the top of the list. Each user can pin up to three words on their position and help it get more visibility.

Adding this feature gives users more control to manage the atmosphere of the comments below their posts. Considering that in the current situation of social media, especially in Iran, a lot of violence and hatred is published by some users on these networks, this feature helps users to put positive comments at the top of the list of words and to be seen more. Refer to how to find drafts on Instagram android.

In the past few years, Instagram has been trying to fight the spread of fake news by introducing new tools and features. Instagram automatically removes offensive comments with the help of artificial intelligence and warns the user before sending offensive or harmful remarks using devices based on artificial intelligence. Pinning words isn’t as useful as other Instagram blocking tools, but it still helps businesses, content creators, and regular users manage monitor hen.

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Was the pinning of comments activated?

As said before, the idea of ​​pinning comments on Instagram against spreading fake news has been at the top of Instagram managers’ decisions for a few days. In this regard, the ability to pin comments on Instagram has been created. It has been available to all users since the beginning of August 2019, which can help its users and increase their satisfaction with this social network.

This feature was used on a trial basis at the beginning of July this year, and after a month, it has been made available to the public. To use this feature, the phone’s Instagram version must be up-to-date, so don’t hesitate and update your Instagram as soon as possible to use this feature. This feature is designed to highlight positivity and moderate negative comments so that people can manage the overall tone of comments better than before. It is also necessary to mention that Instagram introduced the ability to delete comments in bulk some time ago.

This Instagram control over comments can both ensure the safety of users and sometimes cause trouble with the mistakes that users make unintentionally. But some tricks can be used to remove these unwanted restrictions. Refer to best time to post reels on Instagram.

How to pin comments on Instagram

In the final part of this article, we will be at your service with how to pin comments on Instagram. We will also review the new items added to this social network in the comments section. To pin a message on Instagram, follow the steps below:

– Hold your finger on the desired comment or drag it to the left to display the pin, report, delete and reply icons.

– Select the pin icon. Pin up to three comments to display at the top of your comments list and highlight the positive ones. When you pin a comment, the author will be notified and displayed to you, and the comment will be pinned.

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How to Pin Comments on Instagram

The same steps are required to unpin the selected comment.

Instagram also allows users to filter certain words and prevent them from being commented on. To filter specific words on Instagram, follow the steps below:

– Go to your profile, enter the settings, follow the path Privacy > Comments, and activate the Manual Filter option.

– In the last step, enter the word, phrase, number, or emoji you want to filter. In the Comments section, you will also have the ability to block certain people in the comments section. By blocking any person, his comment will be visible only to him, and other users will not see it.

To block the comments of specific people, follow the steps below:

– Go to your profile and enter the settings. Follow the path Privacy > Comments. Click on Blocks Comment From, search for the usernames of the people you want to block, and add them to your list.

How to Pin Comments on Instagram

In addition, Instagram has also added another feature to its application, by which users can delete up to 25 comments at once. This option can be perfect for people with many followers whom Instagram bombards. To delete a batch of comments, follow the steps below”:

– Go to the post whose comments you want to delete in bulk. Select the words you want to delete up to 25 comments and delete the selected comments using the trash can icon. Refer to instagram video download without watermark.

Choose who can tag or mention you:

This feature allows users to choose who can tag/mention them on Instagram in comments, captions, and stories.

To set this Instagram feature, enter the Instagram software and go to Settings > Privacy. In this section, you can choose your privacy settings.

If you want to limit your tags, enter the Tags option. And if you want to avoid being mentioned under the posts, go to the Mention section.

Entering either of the two options above, you will see three options, which are fully explained below.

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You can choose the following options:

  1. “Everyone” Anyone can tag/mention you
  2. “Only People You Follow” Only people you follow can tag/mention you.
  3. “No One” No one can tag/mention you.

The importance of pinning one or more specific comments on Instagram

Since July 2020, a new feature called “pinning a comment on Instagram” has been added to the Instagram application, and by that; when you pin a comment or comment on Instagram, that comment, regardless of the time it was sent, is placed on top of other comments, and even those who have not entered the comments section can see and read the comment; with your work, the first comment that the audience sees when they open the comments section or the caption of the post is the pinned comment.

So it would be best if you always tried to pin suitable and appropriate comments. Because attractive and interesting pinned comments can help a lot to create interaction and progress on your page. For example, you can pin a controversial comment so the audience cannot ignore it and join your discussion. Refer to instagram blocked accounts.

Are you removing a comment from a pin or unpinning it on iPhone?

To pin a comment on iPhone Instagram, press your finger on the pinned comment and drag it to the left. Then tap on the pin icon and delete the comment. In the iPhone operating system, removing the com word in the pin mode or unpinning will no longer be shown on top of other terms and will not be deleted. You can pin another comment instead of the previous one if you want.

How to pin in Instagram stories?

You can pin specific text on Instagram stories. This is very simple. By entering your page on Instagram, take an account or select an image or video from the gallery. Then write a text on your account. Now you have to hold your finger on the text or drag it to the left until the pin option appears. After pinning, you will see that the desired text on the screen moves a little. This shows that the selected text is pinned on the story. Refer to how to do a joint post on Instagram.

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