how to add a watermark to an Instagram video

Since its release in 2010, Instagram has become one of the most popular social platforms worldwide, and its popularity is growing at an incredible rate. In 2017, there were 700 million people on Instagram. There are currently 1.3 billion users on the platform, of which approximately 1 billion are active monthly.

With a focus on visual communication as a focal point, Instagram is a great place to share photos and videos and truly connect with your audience. At the same time, content thieves can run wild in it. Seeing the incredible images and content, you’ve spent so much energy and time creating on someone else’s profile so soon is frustrating.

how to add a watermark to an Instagram video

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You can resort to programs specially made for watermarking Instagram photos to prevent this issue and discourage malicious users from stealing your work. This way, you protect your work as much as you can. Refer to the Instagram video download without the watermark.

To help you find the right solutions to do this, we’ve compiled a list of programs designed to protect your visual content:

how to add a watermark to an Instagram video

1. PhotoMarks (best for iPhone)

PhotoMarks is an application for marking photos on the iPhone. This app allows you to add text and watermarks and fully customise them. This means you can rotate, scale and position your mark or logo, choose from a wide range of fonts and colours, adjust transparency and apply special effects such as drop shadows.

PhotoMarks is very useful for those who want to watermark their images. One of the features of this program is that it saves your marks as a profile, and you can use them again. This app works in multiple layers so that you can edit as many as possible. Once you’re done editing, you can save your photo to your Camera Roll or share it directly to Instagram, Facebook, or other social networks.

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2. Watermark Photo (Best for Android)

With Watermark Photo, you have two main options to protect your content from theft. You can import your watermark, be it text or a logo, or create one. If you want to design your logo, this program offers an impressive collection of graphic elements.

No matter what kind of watermark you apply, you can adjust it in many ways to suit your style and taste. You can easily share your newly edited image on your favourite social nefavouritehen you’re done. It is worth noting that you can add watermarks to your videos in addition to photos. Refer to how to see blocked accounts on Instagram.

how to add a watermark to an Instagram video

3- Watermark X

What makes Watermark X a worthwhile option is the large number of watermark templates it offers. This app provides a wide range of professionally designed signs that you can easily customise with your personal information.

If you don’t want to choose one of the pre-designed watermarks, you can also create your watermark. Unfortunately, this option, like many others, is unavailable in the app’s free version. The positive thing is that the developers are constantly updating the collection of templates.


LogoLicious is an exciting solution for protecting or branding your images. This app allows you to add different types of watermarks to your photos.

With LogoLicious, you can make various settings on your chosen logo. For example, you can adjust the transparency level, rotate it, resize it and place it where you want. This program allows you to save your current settings as a template and easily apply them to new images in other projects. In addition to watermarking, you can rename and crop pictures. Refer to how to view blocked accounts on Instagram.

5- EasyMark

EasyMark allows you to watermark your images, videos and GIFs. You can upload your logo or signature and create a new watermark. For this purpose, the program provides many icons, stickers, clip art and fonts that you can combine.

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A watermark is an image of a brand’s name or logo on content such as photos or videos. Due to the increase in Telegram channels and Instagram pages, using a watermark has become very important because your content will not be published without mentioning the source. Maybe you can even use the watermark for advertising; For this reason, this practice should be followed more seriously. Refer to how to put 60-second reels on Instagram stories.

How to put a watermark on an image

After learning to make a watermark, it’s time to put it on the images. There are many tools for this, and we will explain each. Refer to the joint post on Instagram.


Again, the best tool for this in Photoshop. For this purpose, follow the instruction below.

You can open the desired image with Photoshop or run this program first and then drag the image into it.

Now it is enough to add your watermark to the image through the File menu and the Open sub-category or by dragging the watermark into the program.

Now you can use the Move tool to move the watermark and place it where you like.

Don’t forget to hold the Shift key if you want to change the watermark size. Remember that enlarging the watermark reduces its quality.

Suppose you don’t like the transparency of the watermark. In that case, you can click on the watermark layer from the right menu and the layers section and change its transparency from the Opacity section. Refer to how to view blocked accounts on Instagram.

From the File section, select Save For Web and save the final image that includes the watermark.

How to make a watermark in Photoshop

There are many tools for creating watermarks and placing them on content, but it’s safe to say that none is as good as Photoshop. Follow the steps below to create a watermark:

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First, open Photoshop and choose New from File sub-branches. (Shortcut key: Ctrl + N)

Change the image size and resolution depending on what you want to do. Generally, the size 500 x 500 and the resolution 72 will be suitable. Ensure that the Background Contents section is set to Transparent so that your watermark does not include the background.

If you have already created a logo for your business, drag the file into Photoshop and import it into your file. If you want to change its size, be sure to hold the Shift key before changing it so that the size of the logo changes accordingly.

Using the Type tool, you can put the name or text next to the logo. By changing the colour or font, the watermark can be made more beautiful and, of course, more memorable.

After the work is done, if your logo does not fit the box you have considered, You can use the Crop tool to remove extra spaces.

From the right menu of Photoshop and the layers section, you can change the transparency of your watermark from the Opacity menu by selecting the primary layer. Generally, setting this amount to 50 to 70% can be a good choice. If you reduce this amount, your watermark will not be seen very well on the images. (You can set the transparency to 100% and change the transparency according to the idea when placing the watermark on the concept, but in this case, your work will be a little time-consuming).

Make sure that your design does not have a background layer. If it exists, delete this layer.

Finally, choose Save For Web from the sub-categories of the File menu and be sure to save your work as PNG with the highest possible quality.

What are the methods of watermarking?

Use online tools

Use of dedicated applications

What is the best image watermarking tool?

There are many tools for creating watermarks and placing them on content, but it’s safe to say that none are as good as Photoshop.

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