Share A Full Reel on Instagram Story 2022

Do you also share clips from your Instagram story? If so, please tell us about it. You know that the reels you upload to your Instagram story are edited and only last for 15 seconds.

Are you interested in finding out how to post entire reels to your Instagram story? You’re at the right place if you don’t cut the other parts off. Stay with Pinclubhouse to know more about sharing full reels on Instagram story.

How To Share A Full Reel on Instagram Story 2022?

Nowadays, most users submit stories about their own images or videos and those of other users on Instagram. Additionally, share Instagram story reels that you find enjoyable. You’ll be able to upload reels or movies of any length in the Instagram story after this post. We now understand how to upload a whole reel to your Instagram story—utilizing a systematic process. Also, read how to find drafts on Instagram android.

Two ways to add the whole clip to your Instagram story

Additionally, there are two ways to post or publish an Instagram story. One of the techniques is only effective with earlier versions of Instagram.

We’ll start by learning the finest methods for uploading 30 or 60-second reels to your Instagram story, which are 100% functional and compatible with all versions.

Finally, we’ll look at how to publish whole reels to an Instagram story compatible with earlier versions of Instagram. Let’s go over it one step at a time. Also, take a look at the best time to post reels on Instagram.

Share A Full Reel on Instagram Story

1. How can entire reels be shared on Instagram stories? preserving reels

Let me go into great detail about what you must do to use this approach. You only need to download the required reels to your phone, which you must then upload. Stay to know more about Instagram and share reels to the story.

Your fans will be able to see the reels or videos in a logical order when you’ve completed that step and published the entire collection to your Instagram story.

To post the entire reel to the Instagram story, follow the steps listed below in the following order:

  • You can access the particular reels on Instagram that you want to post in a narrative.
  • Selecting the three dots and hitting the copy link button may copy the hyperlink on the reels.
  • Open your browser now and search for “Instagram reels downloaded.”
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Although there are a lot of open websites, you can visit any of the top five Instagram download tool websites.

Look it up using the link you copied from reels.

  • To save particularly Instagram reels to your smartphone, press the Download icon.
  • Launch the Instagram app, then select the ” Plus ” icon.
  • To add reels, tap the Story option.
  • Click on the share button after going to your story.
  • By pressing them, choose the reels that you downloaded. Then they’ll show up.
  • It is clear that the story has been divided into several sections and ordered. Pick the next selection—the ensuing choice.

Following the instructions, you can share any other full-length reels on Instagram. Also, read more about how many reels I should post a day.

2. How to upload complete reels to Instagram stories

Share A Full Reel on Instagram Story

Notably, this method works with Instagram’s most recent version but does not at the moment. You could give it a shot if you’re curious.

You must essentially set the status of your Instagram account to “professional.” Then, you must post your story reels. After that, share it by clicking the left arrow icon. We’ll talk about this order now.

To include the complete 60- and 30-second videos in an Instagram story, follow these instructions:

  • Change your Instagram account to a Professional account as the first step. To get started, go to your profile.
  • First, open the Instagram clips you want to upload to your Instagram story.
  • If you wish to share more reels from your narrative, click the sharing icon.
  • Then, as shown in the screenshot below, hit the left Arrow symbol (>).
  • Then, click the Share option to distribute your story’s clips.

Share A Full Reel on Instagram Story

As I mentioned in the previous sentence, there is no assurance that this strategy will succeed. Still, either approach you choose can be utilized to broadcast entire reels on your Instagram story.

Why do Instagram users upload entire reels to their stories?

They choose to show their Instagram followers certain reels that are significant in Instagram’s perspective and want to make sure they pay close attention to them. They only need to select the option to view some of the reels. Also, tap on the Instagram video download without the watermark.

Since they must share numerous reels of their tale, there is a reason why they like to share their entire reels. They want to go to the next section of your story, not see your half-story. Touch to see the complete reels.

And then returning to your story to witness the narrative of your reels. As a result, there are various reasons why people share entire reels for their admirers to view.

Watch the full reel on the Instagram story.

Share A Full Reel on Instagram Story

You must first choose the “Send to” button before sharing the reel to your narrative on Instagram to learn how to post a full reel on the platform. You cannot simply choose the “Your Story” option. In this way, Instagram will publish full-length reel footage. Also, click on the Instagram blocked accounts.

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On the new Instagram stories, how do you share entire reels?

You must first ensure that your account is public to share an entire reel of Instagram Stories. Then, click the “Share” icon in the bottom left corner of the screen after opening the story you want to share.

Then click “Share as Video” after selecting “Instagram Stories.” The entire reel will be available in Instagram Stories as a 15-second video.

What occurs when a clip is shared on Instagram?

When you upload an image to the platform, Instagram automatically creates a video of all the photos and videos you’ve uploaded over the previous week. The reel is then posted to your profile, where your followers view it. Also, read how to do a joint post on Instagram.

How can a lengthy reel be posted on Instagram?

Share A Full Reel on Instagram Story

There must be a way to upload the lengthy reel of videos on Instagram. A few people have found success by first putting the URL to their reels on their websites or blogs and then adding the link to the Instagram profile using the Instagram “share” feature.

Some users uploaded the movie to YouTube, integrating it into their Instagram profiles.

How is a reel that is more than 15 seconds long made?

On Instagram, you could previously make a 15-second story reel. With the latest update, Instagram has increased the maximum duration of your reel to 30 or 60 seconds.

It is simple to set up. To raise the maximum duration from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, all that is needed is to turn the reels to produce the length and tap it to do so.

How can you upload your entire reel to Instagram in 2022?

You have a few alternatives for uploading your entire reel on Instagram in 2022. You can share your reel on Instagram or post a link on a website or YouTube.

If you post the link, make sure the URL is brief and simple to remember before adding the story on Instagram. If you upload your video directly to Instagram, be sure it has a square aspect ratio and isn’t more than two minutes.

What algorithm drives the Instagram reel?

Share A Full Reel on Instagram Story

The Instagram algorithm is thought to have been created to show users the posts they are most likely to find interesting. The algorithm considers several factors, including the frequency with which people engage with a given item, its posting date, the relationship between the user who uploaded the image or video, and more.

Instagram reels share to Facebook.

  • Start a reel of tape.
  • Tap the Share to Facebook button next to your reel before sharing it.
  • To share your reel with a Facebook account, use the button next to it.
  • Choose whether to share the current reel or your future reels on Facebook.
  • Tap Share from the top left corner.

Why am I unable to create a 60-second reel?

There are some reasons why you need help producing 60-second reels. One explanation is that your task needs to be more extensive and can be completed in 60 seconds. Another area for improvement is that your work could be clearer or contain many components, making it easier to discuss in this limited amount of time.

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Instagram share reel to feed

Select Settings by tapping the top right corner. Sharing between profiles can be accessed by tapping Accounts Center. Choose the account from which you want to share your reels, then choose the account to which you want to share your reels. Below Share, tap, or set up automatically next to your Instagram reels.

How can a reel be shared without being posted?

Without really sharing it, there are various ways to share your reel. One choice is to make private links that the recipient will only see. Your reel could be sent by email or saved online using a cloud storage platform like Dropbox or Google Drive.

How can a reel be promoted on Instagram?

You can take a few actions to display your reel on Instagram. Make sure your account is active, and your profile’s web section contains a link to your reel.

You may also share your reel in regular posts and Instagram Stories. To make the reel easier to find, you can also include hashtags. Additionally, you can get in touch with other Instagram users working in your sector and ask them to share your reel.

Are reels viewed more often?

There isn’t a simple answer because it depends on various variables, including the reel’s topic, the production’s caliber, and the marketing’s effectiveness. However, in general, attractive and well-designed reels will draw more attention than those that aren’t.

What is different between the Instagram TV channel and reel?

Users on the iPhone can upload six-second videos using the reel, a video hosting software. Users can upload videos lasting up to an hour using the IGTV app for long-form videos on Instagram.

How can a reel become popular online?

You can take several actions to increase your chances, but there is no guarantee that your reel will go viral. Make sure your material is first-rate and compelling.

Additionally, make sure it is simple to share by adding buttons for the social networks or embedding codes. The reel can then be promoted on social media and other internet sites.

Why does my reel appear black?

The reel can be dark due to being overexposed to light and not being brand new.


You know how to post all of your Instagram story’s reels by carefully following the instructions and screenshots we gave.

We’ve made an effort to use straightforward language and some techniques to explain how to share reels in their entirety on Instagram. On the reels that you upload on the story, other details are also added in addition to this.

I’ve promised that if you read this essay through to the end, you’ll be able to complete it. Then, you can select the most popular reels to share. Please comment on sharing the full reel on the Instagram story with us.


How to share Instagram reels to Facebook?

  • Start a reel of tape.
  • Tap the Share to Facebook button next to your reel before sharing it.
  • To share your reel with a Facebook account, use the button next to it.
  • Choose whether to share the current reel or your future reels on Facebook.
  • Tap Share from the top left corner.

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