post in multiple accounts at the same time in 2023

To improve user experience, Instagram is continually adding new features and adjusting existing ones. The capability of user collaboration is one of the platform’s newest additions to its toolkit. This feature, called Instagram Collabs, can be a great benefit for both marketers and influencers. In this article, we’ll explain how to use Instagram Collabs, why it’s useful, and how to take advantage of it creatively. Stay with Pinclubhouse to know more about collab posts on Instagram.

Instagram collab post: post in multiple accounts at the same time in 2022

Collab is a feature on Instagram that enables user collaboration. With this tool, you can work together to write a Reel or a Feed post. More people will be able to read the post because it will display both of your handles and appear on both of your accounts. That implies that you elicit group participation from each other’s communities. Also, read how to do a joint post on Instagram.

Instagram content creators frequently use this function to work with and interact with one another’s communities. Additionally, brands can use this to promote their alliances with other businesses or content producers.

Public people may occasionally utilize Instagram Collabs as a marketing strategy to advertise their product range. See the example below of how influencer Aimee Song collaborated with her own clothing business, Song of Style, to create an Instagram post. Also, tap on how many reels I should post a day.

Benefits of Instagram Collaborations(1 post 2 accounts instagram)

Visibility is the most obvious advantage of using the Instagram Collabs feature because it allows you to share a post concurrently on two profiles. There are numerous additional ways the function can benefit you in addition to this:

Boosting Sales

You can work with others to create shoppable posts on Instagram. As a result, more people can view and purchase your products from your Instagram Store. This considerably raises the likelihood of generating sales.

Finding New Clientele

Because an Insta Collab post on both of your profiles allows you to share your material with the other user’s followers, introducing new people to your business or creative account will be effortless for you. Also, click what the best time to post reels on Instagram is. It’s a fantastic way to introduce a brand-new community to your goods, services, knowledge, or creativity. If enough people are interested, you might even gain many new followers.

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instagram collab post

Increased Engagement

An Instagram Collab post appears on both of your profiles and gathers activity from both communities. This means that the likes, views, and comments gathered from the other user’s profile are included in calculating the post’s overall engagement rate.

Additionally, the engagements can soon intensify because they come from two (or more) different communities. Additionally, the Instagram algorithm will consider this high interaction rate and show your post to more users. Also, take a look at How to enable 60-second reels on Instagram.

How to Use the Collabs Feature on Instagram (same post on two Instagram accounts)

Like any other Feed or Reel post, producing an Instagram collaboration post is very similar. To use the Instagram Collabs function, follow these steps:

  • Create a new Feed article or Reel by following the standard procedures.
  • Select the “Tag individuals” option on the screen, where you may enter the specifics for your post.
  • Select “Invite collaborator” from the menu.
  • Find the person you wish to work with and click on their username. For a single post, you can add numerous contributors. But remember that for them to appear as post authors, they must accept your Collab request.
  • Click “Done” after choosing the individual or users you want to work with.
  • Add more information to your post by adding a caption, a location, music, etc. Next, click “Share” to publish your first Instagram Collab post.

instagram collab post

How to Approve Instagram Collaboration Requests

Alternatively, you must approve their request to collaborate if the other user is the one who is writing the post. Also, read the best Instagram story downloader. To approve an Instagram collaboration request, take the following actions:

  • From your Activity page, click the invitation notification. By doing this, a note stating “@user welcomed you to be a collaborator on their post” will appear at the top of the post.
  • Click the blue “Review” icon next to the note. A pop-up window will appear where you can accept or reject the invitation.
  • Click “Accept,” and you’re done. Since you accepted your first Instagram collaboration request, you will be listed as the post’s author. The article will be shared
  • with your followers in your Feed and your profile.

instagram collab post

How to Effectively Use Instagram Collaborations

It’s time to learn how to make the most of this feature now that you can create an Instagram Collab post. Here are some creative strategies for using Instagram collaborations to boost user interaction and account visibility.

Announcing a forthcoming partnership or event

Instagram collabs are a terrific method to publicize or promote an upcoming event or cooperation with a company or content producer. The collaboration can lead to a modest product line or a podcast interview. A wonderful strategy to gradually increase enthusiasm and boost product or ticket sales is to share an Instagram Collab post with all the information about the impending event or partnership.

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For instance, Spiritual Coach Kevin Garcia collaborated with podcasters Dirty Rotten Church Kids to develop the following Instagram post to advertise his arranged retreat. The post named the podcasters special guests and included all pertinent information about the event, including when and where it will take place.

Displaying Your Products in Use

Showing off how your physical goods are used in everyday life is one of the finest ways to leverage Instagram collabs if you sell physical goods. Think about collaborating with a well-known creator who already uses your product. They could create a quick how-to video for utilizing your product, a picture of the final result, or even a side-by-side comparison.

Running promotional campaigns

Instagram collabs offer you the ideal chance to work with a different business or influencer on a giveaway campaign. Typically, each partner in a giveaway campaign must share the same content and encourage their respective communities to participate.

This is made simpler by the Instagram Collabs tool, which allows you to create the giveaway announcement post once and have it appear on all of your profiles. By doing so, you can increase awareness of the offer and win the support of numerous communities.

Show Off Your Teamwork Skills

The Insta Collabs feature, which was created for collaboration, may be used to show off how well your team works as a unit. Instagram Collabs can highlight a creative or expert collaboration, whether you’re producing something jointly, compiling expert thoughts, or sharing something you completed together.

For instance, the Florida-based painters IR Professional Painting collaborated with Florida Paints on the Instagram post displayed below. The post displayed the team’s outside painting project, which they completed using paint company supplies before and after.

Incorporating New Content on Your Page

To keep your audience interested, you must offer them new and interesting content. However, since you eventually run out of innovative ideas, it is more said than done to keep your page updated with new content. Even though your content calendar is already filled with ideas, you might only sometimes be able to implement them owing to a lack of time or resources. Giving your followers something fresh can help you maintain their interest. Because of this, Instagram collaborations make a fantastic addition to your Insta content strategy.

Instagram collabs are a great addition to your Instagram content strategy because of this. You can keep your page updated and engaging for your audience by posting content from another creator as an Instagram Collab post.

Together We’re Standing Up for a Cause

In a world where consumers are growing more socially conscious, speaking up for a cause you firmly believe in is an excellent way to engage your following. And the Instagram Collabs function can assist you in doing this even more successfully by collaborating with another creator, group, or company to support a certain cause.

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Getting Discount Codes Promoted

You might distribute a discount code to your audience to increase sales of your goods. To encourage more people to use the discount code, you could also work with an influencer to promote it via an Insta Collab post.

This is a fantastic approach to get your items in front of relevant consumers and secure endorsement from a well-known figure. Furthermore, giving them a discount code can persuade them to purchase. Just be sure to add the proper disclosures for Instagram-sponsored posts.

As an illustration, the Spanish mattress manufacturer Maxcolchon collaborated with the well-known home décor influencer Sweet Home Pat to advertise a 17% discount on their mattresses. The influencer promoted the price in an Instagram Collab post that included the brand’s mattress.

Influencers Displayed Promoting Your Products

By having influencers utilize or promote their products, brands may rapidly increase their credibility. Additionally, the Instagram Collabs tool makes the procedure much simpler. Whether you share the post or the influencer does, it will show up on both of your pages. This benefit is that you can demonstrate to your and the influencer’s followers that your products are being recommended.

As a result, you can immediately win the trust of the influencer’s followers. And even among your current audience, it might increase loyalty and trust.

Promoting Your Other Accounts Across The Web

The Instagram Collabs function is frequently used to cross-promote other accounts. This is a great choice, for instance, if your personal and work accounts are separate. As evidenced by the earlier Aimee Song example, influencers or famous people who have their own brands frequently use this feature for this. Keeping separate accounts for various product lines and brand efforts is also a fantastic alternative.

Start collaborating now

You not only understand how to make an Instagram Collab post, but you also have some excellent suggestions on taking advantage of the feature best. For brands, organizations, & influencers, the Collabs tool might be a great method to enhance interaction and your audience. Make the most of the suggestions above as you begin your collaborations.


I can’t post to multiple Instagram accounts; Why?

Unfortunately, only iOS users will be able to use the new feature when it launches in the next few days. Instagram hasn’t said when the feature would be available on Android, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it happens within the next few months.

How do you post to multiple accounts on Instagram?

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • In the top right corner, click the + sign.
  • Choose the image or images that you want to share.
  • Choose “Next.”
  • Find “Post to Other Instagram Accounts” by searching.
  • The accounts you want to post are next to a white circle surrounded by gray.

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