Will Clubhouse replace podcasting?

Clubhouse replaces podcasting; Do you want to listen to the podcast? In this article, we will introduce suitable apps for podcasts. Join Pinclubhouse.

Will Clubhouse replace podcasting?

clubhouse replace podcasting
As you know, Clubhouse is an emerging app that is growing. This app is based on audio, in which it isn’t possible to send videos and photos. Due to the capabilities of this app, it is not a good app for listening to podcasts, and you should use alternative apps. But if you want to know how to use Clubhouse, click on it.

In the following article, we will talk about suitable apps for podcasts. But before that, we suggest that if you are in the Clubhouse, click on the Clubhouse profile maker to create an attractive profile.

Also, click on the Clubhouse profile downloader to download other users’ profiles.

The Clubhouse has its own exciting and practical capabilities. In this article, we won’t say that Clubhouse is better than the other apps. We just want to explain the use of each separately. Read the contents of Clubhouse app invite, Clubhouse bio funny example, How to mute on Clubhouse.

clubhouse replace podcasting

Click on the links below to download Clubhouse on PC and Linux.

Clubhouse PC, Clubhouse Linux

As attractive as video media is, podcasts have an essential place among online media because they cover almost any topic. From storytelling and music podcasts to political, economic, and science-fiction podcasts, they all have their audience, with millions of people around the world listening to them for minutes at a time.

This good reception has led to the launch of specialized applications for hosting and publishing podcasts on mobile phones. In this article, we want to introduce you to the best podcast apps for iOS and Android. So stay with us until the end.

clubhouse replace podcasting

How to access the best podcast apps?

One way is to ask your podcast-loving friends and acquaintances for the names of the best podcast apps. Considering that your family members, relatives and friends know your spirits and morals better than anyone else; This way, you can access the best apps and top podcasts of the day. Another way is to search the social networks of podcast fans.

These people are usually a collection of popular podcasts and share the best podcast apps on their social network. If you don’t achieve the desired result by any of the above methods; Or you are looking for many famous and rich podcasts in the internet world, this article is what you are looking for!

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clubhouse replace podcasting

List of the best podcast apps

Usually, all the best podcast streaming apps have some unique features in common. One of these standard features is that you must first register in these applications; To be able to access its vast possibilities. Access each new episode, manage your favourites and downloads, and many more. The following is a list of the best podcast apps; You can use them and enjoy the search experience.

clubhouse replace podcasting

Clubhouse replaces podcasting: Google Podcasts.

One of the best podcast apps, Google Podcast, if not the best, is one of the essential podcast apps you should have on your phone. This 2 MB app (which is a minor reason in itself is a reason for superiority) is free and multi-platform, and since it syncs with your Google Account, you can start a podcast from your phone and listen to it on your computer.

Google Podcast lets you change the playback speed, and you can also skip silent episodes. Another good thing is that in addition to English podcasts and live languages ​​of the world, many good English language podcasts are also hosted there, which makes the installation worthwhile.

clubhouse replace podcasting

Clubhouse replaces podcasting: Castbox.

After Google Podcast, Castbox is one of the most popular podcasts, which many producers like to publish their content. Castbox is completely free, and fortunately, there are no annoying ads in this version and thanks to clouding syncing from all platforms, you can access your saved podcasts.

If you want to strengthen your language, Castbox is the right app for you because it supports more than 70 languages ​​, and you can download more than 95 million podcasts from around the world for free. Other good features of the Castbox include support for the Amazon Echo and Chromecast speakers.

clubhouse replace podcasting

Clubhouse replaces podcasting: Apple Podcasts.

Apple users are comfortable with their favourite podcasts with Apple Podcasts in their handsets by default. One of the advantages of Apple Podcasts is the very simple and yet user-friendly interface of the app, which makes working in it an enjoyable experience.

With Apple Podcasts, you can download your favourite podcasts and listen to them offline later. Also, you can be notified as soon as new episodes are released with iOS notifications by adding podcasts to your favourites list. Apple Podcast is also one of the podcast hosting services in all of the world and in all languages podcasts are present.

clubhouse replace podcasting

Clubhouse replaces podcasting: SoundCloud.

Everyone knows SoundCloud for streaming music, but you should know that this free app also hosts a wide range of attractive podcasts. SoundCloud is a multi-platform platform and syncs well between mobile and web versions.

However, working in its environment is not simply a Google podcast, and to download and listen to podcasts offline, you must be a premium subscriber. Nevertheless, SoundCloud AI is an important feature that introduces and suggests similar podcasts depending on the podcasts you listen to.

  App Clubhouse iPhone

clubhouse replace podcasting

Clubhouse replaces podcasting: Spotify.

For those of us who are accustomed to attractive Spotify playlists, it may not be very common to use this app to listen to podcasts. But you should know that some of the essential podcasts globally are published on this platform because it has nearly 300 million users.

Like music streaming, you can use the Spotify podcast feature for free. Of course, as far as you can tolerate the inter-program audio ads.

Clubhouse replaces podcasting: Podcast Addict.

If you are looking for a wide variety of podcasts, try Podcast Addict. The app supports over 750,000 podcasts, 120,000 live radio stations and over 20,000 audiobooks and has proprietary content that you will not find elsewhere.

The application itself is technically extraordinary. Other features of Podcast Addict include support for YouTube and Twitch channels, changing playback speeds, skipping silent episodes, and Chromecast support. But unfortunately, the application isn’t free, and you have to endure ads to use it.

clubhouse replace podcasting

Clubhouse replaces podcasting: Breaker.

One of the most popular iOS players for playing the most popular podcasts of the day! This app isn’t only free. Instead, by connecting it to Twitter, Facebook and even your audience, you can find other people who use breakers; Follow them so that this application can suggest specific podcast programs based on the interest of your followers.

In this program, you can watch each episode separately; And read people’s comments below each section; You can even see the number of followers of the programs. To access this app on iOS, click on the link.

clubhouse replace podcasting

Clubhouse replaces podcasting: Castro.

This is another podcast player in iOS, which is available to users for free. Note, however, that the Castro Plus version of the app charges $ 18.99 per year. In this advanced version, not only will unlimited capabilities be presented to users, people can add audiobooks or any conference call they find on the Internet.

Clubhouse replaces podcasting: Downcast.

One of the best podcast streaming apps you’ve ever experienced is Downcast. This app is available not only on iPhone but also on Mac. Once you pay the membership fee in this program, you can be aware of its countless capabilities forever. You can easily subscribe to podcasts that you have searched for links in this app or even podcasts that you search by name.

In addition, there will be no ads. You can quickly start and end listening to your favourite podcasts at any time. The existence of popular podcast lists, the ability to sort downloaded, new podcasts, etc., will make you one of the fans of this program.

clubhouse replace podcasting

Clubhouse replaces podcasting: Himalayas.

This is another of the best free apps in Android, iOS and the web version that make podcasts a part of your daily routine by offering multiple playlists for different times.

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Clubhouse replaces podcasting: Luminary.

Undoubtedly, if you are a fan of podcasts, the name of this software is familiar to you. This app is available to users in both free and premium versions. The app, which hit the Internet in early 2019 and went global in just a short time, costs just $ 7.99 for the premium version. In addition to Android, Luminary is also available on iOS and the Web.

clubhouse replace podcasting

Clubhouse replaces podcasting: Overcast.

Again, podcast player software for iOS users, which with its impressive capabilities, such as playing clips, sending one-minute video and audio clips to friends, etc., attracted many fans. In this app, make a list of your favourite podcast apps, then you will be able to be in the process of playing them immediately after the new episode airs. This app will also be compatible with your Apple Watch. The premium version of the program will also provide $ 9.99 for your annual account.

clubhouse replace podcasting

Clubhouse replaces podcasting: Pocket Casts.

This podcast player app can be called podcast lovers. This app works on both Android and iOS. Alongside macOS, Web and windows will be accessible. It will be very easy to use this app, write in it, follow apps and find podcasts.

You can even increase or decrease the speed of your podcast. The plus version of the app will only charge you $ 0.99 per month, and the annual account will only cost $ 10. It will put a lot of unlimited capabilities in front of you.

clubhouse replace podcasting

Clubhouse replaces podcasting: Podbean.

This app is also available to users on both iOS and Android. The app’s name is derived from a podcast production company; Which also provide one of the best podcast streaming apps. With this app, you won’t only be able to listen to podcasts, but by creating your new podcasts, you can also be one of the creators of podcasts in the world!

Clubhouse replaces podcasting: Stitcher.

Just like other podcast-related discussions, this time, we come to two main and important sources of podcasts in cyberspace; Which play a major role in expanding and updating podcasts. The first option, Stitcher, in addition to being available on both Android, iOS and the web version;

Almost one of the leading networks is also called a podcast; Which supports up-to-date and hugely popular podcasts. You can buy the monthly premium version of this software for only $ 4.99 and the annual version for only $ 34.99.

clubhouse replace podcasting


In this article, we talked about podcasting alternative Clubhouse and introduced suitable apps for podcasters. We hope this article is useful and practical for you. Also, read the content Clubhouse username. Please share your comments and suggestions about the Clubhouse replacing podcasting with us.

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