How to get an invite to Clubhouse?

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in 2023 you don’t need to get invitation from anyone to join the clubhouse app.

As you know, Clubhouse is very popular these days. This App is different from other social networks. What difference? This social network is based on audio. What does it mean? That means you can only communicate with others by voice. This network is designed so that everyone can communicate with each other without any restrictions.

There are rooms here that you can join, but you need an invitation. Even in these rooms, you can speak in the microphone yourself if the speakers let you. In every chatroom, the moderators rule. Moderators can turn the hand-raising option ON or OFF, and they can also specify what is being discussed in the room, such as bitcoin or anything else. Usually, everyone joins the room that they are interested in discussing. For example, if you are interested in medical and health discussions, you will join rooms that discuss medicine and health and other topics. You can tap on each person’s profile in the room and see their biography, profile picture, who they follow, and their other social profiles.

Many people join it, like doctors, teachers, Professors, many celebrities like Oprah and Drake. Now we want to know how to join the clubhouse App.

How to get an invite to clubhouse: Clubhouse invitation process

 You need an invitation! What? So stay with me.

This App is currently available for iPhone and Android users, but some Android users can’t join yet, so how can these Android users join now? By two ways, both through current users.

#First way

If you are one of those people who have many friends (who are Apple users), you probably have more chances to get an invitation.

You should to lucky that one of the current users will send you an invitation. Now, what if you were not lucky?

Do not worry; there is another way.

#Second way

If someone doesn’t send you an invitation, do not be disappointed and continue. On Instagram, you can search for public accounts and send them #Clubhouse to get you in this App. You can also find many on Twitter to send you invitations. But it doesn’t seem so easy because each user who joins is given only ten invitations. But keep in mind that users will be given more invitations if they are more active. So only people who are currently users can determine who to join.

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If you couldn’t join in any of these ways, then you have to do what others do. What to do? Download the original version that was published recently.

Of course, Clubhouse is still in the original version, and its creators have said that everyone can join the new version without an invitation.

These are the freeways to join Clubhouse. So how do you get a free invitation?

Get a free invitation: Clubhouse invitation code free

  • Having friends who are members of the Clubhouse
  • Search on Instagram and Twitter
  • Wait for the new version (it was published recently)

If you couldn’t join the Clubhouse through the first two ways, do not miss option number 3. The Clubhouse is so valuable and useful because:

  • You can see many celebrities in it
  • Connect directly with celebrities
  • You can follow your favorite topics
  • You can find more friends and make your world bigger
  • There are many famous doctors, capitalists, and professors in it that you can communicate with and follow them

And you will find many other benefits when you join it.

Why is Clubhouse so famous and people like to join it?

There are many reasons, such as:

  • It is a social network where people can learn a lot
  • People follow their favorite topics and can share them with their friends in real-time
  • You may find a room where people talk about politics, society, sports, or even bitcoin at any given moment.
  • This platform facilitates communication between humans, mainly when people widely used it during the quarantine of covid-19.

But many became obsessed with the Clubhouse. Why?

Because the Clubhouse is an app that has no restrictions and all chatrooms are open 24 hours a day, and members freely talk in it. No conversations are recorded in these chatrooms, so all the events and discussions are live, and no one wants to miss even a minute.

The structure of Clubhouse is precisely like a club where people with the same interests gather in a room and talk about their favorite subject. It makes the environment of Clubhouse very intimate and enjoyable.

You must first be invited to join Clubhouse.

Clubhouse invitation for android

Currently, some Android users need an invitation. You can get the invitation through the ways mentioned above. Of course, there is another way that we will explain below. You can download and install the App and wait for the invitation. If you can get the invitation code, you will join. Then you can choose your favorite topics and go to the relevant rooms. When you enter the Clubhouse, you will be given two invitations code that you can send to your friends so that they can join the Clubhouse, too.

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Selling clubhouse invitation

Some people sell invitations to make money. They sell these invitations on Instagram and Twitter too. If you do not receive an invitation, this is also an excellent option to enter the world of Clubhouse.

Clubhouse invitation for iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, so you are one of the luckiest. The Clubhouse is made exclusively for iPhone users, although its creators say it isn’t. Clubhouse provided many capabilities to iPhone users. You can join Clubhouse without an invitation. Download the Clubhouse app from the Appstore and install it. When you join, Clubhouse will give you ten invitations. Do not deprive others of this blessing. Send invitations to anyone you want. Want to know how?

So stay tuned for a step-by-step guide to send an invitation.

So stay tuned for a step-by-step guide to send an invitation.

  1. Open your Clubhouse app.
download Clubhouse app

2. Touch the envelope icon in the top corner of the screen. It will take you to the invitation page.

invitation icon page

3. In the search, enter the name of the person you want to invite to the Clubhouse.

invitation for others and your contacts

4. Then tap the invite next to their name.

invite-your friends and contact to clubhouse

5. After selecting the invitation, another window will open in which you can enter a personal message that will come with the invitation.

Note some crucial points in the invitation process:

  • You must save the number of the person who you want to invite in your iPhone contacts. In addition, you must save their area and country codes. Otherwise, you will not see their names on the invitation page.
  • The person you want to invite may have multiple numbers, in which case you have the option to choose which one you want. You can add any, but be sure to select the correct number.

Clubhouse invitation limit

I said above that each user can send a limited number of invitations. But if they have good activity, Clubhouse will give more invitations. What does it mean to be active?

If you regularly host conversations and join discussions, you have an activity ; it is the best strategy to get more invitations.

How do we know that?

The Clubhouse will send you a notification in the App when the number of invites you have available grows. You’ll also see the envelope icon at the top of the screen.

But be careful who you invite. Because if those who have joined your invitation violate the rules of the Clubhouse and have a negative performance, it will have a negative effect on you as well.

And a friendly piece of advice, first you should make sure the person you want to invite, like the Clubhouse space because if not, you have just “wasted” an invitation.

Why is the Clubhouse invitation not working?

In this situation, you have probably chosen the wrong number of the same contact! Or the person whose number you have selected may have changed their number. Or you may have mistyped another number.

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Unfortunately, there is no going back! Why?

Because when you send an invitation, it means that you are officially “spending” it. It means that once your permission to send the invitation “burns”.

It is almost impossible to resend the invitation. However, you can contact Clubhouse directly at any time and tell them your problem.

If you are sure that you have sent the invitation to the correct number, you can check whether the code was valid or not. How?

The invitee should download the App and enter their number. If he received a confirmation code, it means that the code was valid and a technical problem occurred. So, he can contact Clubhouse supporting for solving this problem.

How can we directly contact Clubhouse?

Fill in the required fields in the bottom form and submit.

Add the following information in the form:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Inviting page screenshots of any error
contact Clubhouse


The Clubhouse is one of the most popular social networks and will become more famous in the future. If you are an iPhone/Android user, join now and send an invitation link to others. If you are already a clubhouse user, send an invitation code to your friends and invite them to the topics you are interested in so that they can enjoy it, too. In “Pinclubhouse”, we have tried to thoroughly teach you how to join Clubhouse, send and receive invitations in Clubhouse. We hope this article was helpful for you.

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