How to find people at Clubhouse?

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How to find people at Clubhouse?

found people on clubhouse
The Clubhouse is a social media app based on the live audio chat available without an invitation. The voice-based social network called “ClubHouse,” thanks to several controversial interviews with Elon Musk saw a jump of more than 10 million users and quickly took place in the list of popular social networks. He made a hand for himself.

The Clubhouse doesn’t have a complicated structure, but it does require explanations on how to register, work with it, and moderate the rooms; In the continuation of this article, stay tuned to Pinclubhouse to get more acquainted with it this new social network. Also, read how to use Clubhouse.

Install Clubhouse (find people on Clubhouse)

Every user’s first step to using any social network is to register. Unlike other current services, the registration requirements for the Clubhouse app are limited to just one phone number and username setting.

The official Clubhouse app is now available for Android and iOS‌ platforms; On May 10, the official version of Clubhouse was finally released as a beta in the Play Store for Android users.


Download Clubhouse Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS versions:

Click on the links below to download Clubhouse on your desktop or phone.

Clubhouse PC / Clubhouse Linux / Clubhouse desktop

Download Clubhouse for Android

Download Clubhouse for iOS

found people on clubhouse

Follow favorite topics

Once the initial registration process is complete, the next step is to select your favorite titles to help the Clubhouse algorithm suggest your favorite rooms. We suggest you read the content Clubhouse username.

The Clubhouse will ask you to access your audience when you select a topic. In addition to displaying a list of your active audience in the Clubhouse, along with influential people in your areas and topics of interest, you can send invitations to your favorite audience.


Complete your profile

In the Clubhouse, like other social networks, the profile is one of the essential parts, and if you intend to be serious in the Clubhouse, this importance will be doubled.

The Clubhouse doesn’t seem to have a problem with the growth of other social networks. Because in this section, if you want to link your Twitter and Instagram profile to the Clubhouse profile, in this case, a significant part of your profile, such as profile picture and biography, will be completed automatically. Click on Clubhouse profile maker to create an attractive profile. Also, to download other people’s profiles, click on the Clubhouse profile downloader and get the photo you want in the shortest possible time.

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If you want to complete individual sections of your profile manually, you can start by selecting a profile picture. Note that choosing a profile image that clearly shows your face will help increase the impact on other Clubhouse users. Most users try to connect with different people, and this communication can largely depend on the user’s profile image in front.

The bio section is critical for those who want to be active in the Clubhouse. If someone clicks on a profile in a room, they will see only a part of your profile, including the profile picture and the first three lines of the bio. If you swipe up, they can see your full profile, including the full text of your bio and your username on other social networks. See; This highlights the importance of the first three lines of your resume in the Clubhouse app, which can lead to attracting or rejecting others at first glance at your profile.

found people on clubhouse


How to use Clubhouse and find people on Clubhouse?

Clubhouses generally don’t have a complex user interface; Hallway or Forum is the main rooms feed that the app shows you to enter one of your favorite rooms if you wish. In the top bar of the Clubhouse app, you can access your profile, incoming notifications, advanced rooms, invitation page, and Explore, and you can start from the bottom menu. In the following, we will deal with the different parts of the Clubhouse user interface in more detail. I see a lot of people in the Clubhouse making money. Click on How to make money on Clubhouse for more information.

Enjoy conversational rooms

Most of the content in the Clubhouse is exchanged by chat rooms. On the home page of the application, you will see rooms displayed due to the presence of people or topics of your choice.

If your home page rooms aren’t satisfactory, you can add to the suggested number of rooms on your homepage by going to the bottom of the page and clicking the Explore button. In the top corner of the page is a magnifying glass button. In addition to the ability to search, it is also used to enter the Explore environment, which shows people related to you to follow. It gives you a list of topics to Clubhouse by selecting your topic, clubs, and active people show in that area. If you like a room, you can record it. But the Clubhouse doesn’t have this capability; see the record a Clubhouse room.

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found people on clubhouse


How do we know when Clubhouse rooms are held?

There is a calendar icon on the top of the page that shows details of rooms. That has been scheduled in advance. If you wish, you can activate the start time notification by selecting the bell icon next to each room so that you don’t miss your favorite rooms in any way. Note that the small bar at the top of your main page rooms is also a smaller version of this section. Click on find people on Clubhouse to know more information.

Be aware of activities.

At the top of the page, the ringtone icon takes you to a page called Activity, which lets you know who has been following you recently, your audience who has just joined the Clubhouse, and the start of the rooms whose notifications have been activated.

Follow your favorite clubs.

Clubs are groups of people interested in a common theme and hold various rooms about it. Following the clubs you are interested in, and their members will help you have more suitable rooms on your home page.

If you want to find a club or person and follow them, you can search by touching the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page.

found people on clubhouse


Learning how to use Clubhouse rooms and find people on Clubhouse

By selecting any of the rooms whose title or members you find interesting, you will join that room as a listener; Before we get into how to request speaking in rooms, let us first explain the details of rooms’ user interface and user experience.

Rooms in the Clubhouse are generally divided into two sections, “Speakers” and “Audience.” The Speaker section is for those on the room stage and can start talking whenever they want. The Audience section also includes people who are currently just listeners.

The listeners of each room are displayed to the users in two categories; First, listeners who at least one person on stage follows, and listeners who no one on stage follows.

Party Wave next to the user’s profile picture announces that the user is new to the Clubhouse.

Find people in the Clubhouse app.

You won’t access the app if you already have a Clubhouse invitation. Obviously, in this case, access to existing people also seems impossible. But technological advances are here to help. Here are some ways to find people in the Clubhouse.

On Google, you can search for the name of the Clubhouse website with the name of the person you are looking for:

found people on clubhouse Maz Jobrani

First way to find people on Clubhouse:

Do a Google search to find the event/people

This method helps you quickly find all the events and pages related to a particular person.

If you want to narrow your search, even more, you can search with keywords.

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With this search without having an account, we can find out what events Mazjabrani attended and follow him.

For example, the image above is one of the events in which Mazjabrani participated.

Second way to find people on Clubhouse:

The second way is to search for a person’s photo on Google

To search for an image, you can go to, click on the camera icon, upload the image, or enter the URL of the image and search.

Google uses its influential search engine to search for your photo on Internet content.

Now you can find the people you want on other social networks. What is the use of this work?

There is no private messaging on the Clubhouse social network, so you need to find them on other social media if you want to chat and network with the people you meet in the clubs.

That’s why people add their Twitter or Instagram accounts to their resumes so you can access them outside of the app.

The next step after finding people in the Clubhouse

Now that you have built a network of people in the Clubhouse, you can increase your followers by creating an attractive profile and talking in the rooms.

The Clubhouse app will be growing due to voice instead of text. Other social media giants such as Instagram and Twitter add voice chat capabilities to their platforms. Does the Clubhouse have a future? We will specify only the time.

Conveying concepts via voice is much easier than text pages and easily shared with the world.

found people on clubhouse

Conclusion of find people on Clubhouse

In the end, it can be concluded that the future belongs to sound. Because current text conversations are not interactive enough, when you interact with them, you get the feeling of doing a repetitive task such as filling out a form, not a real interactive connection.

Of course, there is also the fact that there are concerns about voice recognition at the moment. But certainly, in the future, with the development of new technologies, this issue will be in the spotlight and resolved. We suggest you read the contents, change the Clubhouse username twice, and learn how to mute on the Clubhouse. Please share your thoughts on Finding People in the Clubhouse with us.

FAQs of find people on Clubhouse

What is the Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is a social network where users communicate only through voice.

How to register in the Clubhouse?

You need a mobile number to register in the Clubhouse, and you can become a member without an invitation.

How do you find people in the Clubhouse?

There are two ways to find people in the Clubhouse described in the content above.

Is there Clubhouse available for Android?

On May 10, the official version of Clubhouse was released for Android and is available to users.

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