Event Type on Clubhouse

Clubhouse event type; Want to create an event? Before making an event, you need to know the types of Clubhouse events. So follow Pinclubhouse.

Event Type on Clubhouse

clubhouse event type

The Clubhouse app is a free voice chat room app that makes it very easy to work with Clubhouse. In the following, you will get acquainted with its features as soon as you start working with this app. In the following article, we will talk about different event house clubs. Read the content Clubhouse app invite if you want to invite your friends to your room in the Clubhouse.

Clubhouse app training

This section will introduce you to the different parts of this audio application and its capabilities.

Basically, as soon as you create a chat room, other Clubhouse users are added, and you can talk to each other about any topic you want. There is no text or video, so it can be said that you are present in the crowd at that moment and live and have somehow hosted a voice chat, especially if you are the moderator of that voice chat room. Also, if you still don’t know how to use Clubhouse, click on it.

Although this live voice chat can cause anxiety in introverted people, it can be a great way to get out of the safe zone they have created for themselves. Also, read this content to increase Clubhouse followers.

Set up and create a room in the Clubhouse

To create a room in the Clubhouse, first, log in, then click on the green button at the bottom with the words “start a room” written on it. Next, you need to specify the topic you want to talk about in the “add a topic” section. Be careful in choosing the topic, because choosing the right topic will allow people to know it and get information about that topic and topic to the room that And specify the type of room. An open room can be seen by any user and join it. A social room is suitable for small groups. It can only be joined by people you have followed. Although the number of people can be expanded by creating another moderator, people can only enter closed rooms by invitation.

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clubhouse event type

Start or create an event in the Clubhouse.

If you are one of those people who don’t want to create a room as soon as you enter the Clubhouse, you can plan an event on a specific topic or join events created by others.

To do this, click on the calendar at the top of the page and specify the event’s start time, date, name, and description. You can also share this event in the clubs of which you are a member so that other people are informed and participate in that event or the same event.

If you want to join other people’s events, that event or event must be on the timeline or the calendar at the top of the page. But if you don’t see an event, it is better to follow more clubs and people to specify the events in your schedule.

How to use Clubhouse rooms?

When you enter the Clubhouse rooms, you are faced with different options and users at different levels.

Some audiences have a green star who is the room’s moderator, others have a microphone and are known as speakers, and some are listeners.

People who are administrators can mute some users and not let them talk. By touching the user’s account, allow them to speak. Also, you can invite some to the room or take some out of the room. Also, if you want to know more, click on How to mute on Clubhouse.

Other people in the room are listeners. In fact, anyone who enters the room in the Clubhouse is first recognized as a listener and then promoted to a higher level (speaker or moderator) by the moderator.

As you know, in the Clubhouse, the only photo you can share with others is your profile photo, which is very important. Now that you understand the importance of your profile picture, click on Clubhouse profile maker to create a unique and attractive profile.

clubhouse event type

Also, click on the Clubhouse profile downloader to download the profiles of other users in full size and in the shortest possible time.

If you are in the room as a listener, you can click on the Rise hand icon at the bottom right of the page to request a talk in this room from the moderator, and if the moderator accepts your request, you can Speak the title of the speaker in the room. Of course, sometimes, room moderators disable this feature from the beginning.

Now, if you are promoted to the level of speakers, you will have the ability to activate your microphone to play your voice if you want to speak and deactivate it after you have finished speaking.

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Another point that needs to be mentioned here is that anyone in the room can invite other users to come by clicking the + button (this invitation is displayed as a notification for other Clubhouse

Clubhouse event type

Clubhouse event type: Interview / Fireside Chat

A one-on-one discussion with a person of interest — think athlete, comedian, entrepreneur, yogi, author, you name it.

Typically, if you can line up discussions with already compelling personalities — especially those who have already developed a large Clubhouse following — you’re likely to not only pull a large audience but also cause a bump to your own. But, when you run out of things to ask, you can throw it open to the listener.

Clubhouse event type: Panel

Consider hosting a meeting with three to four people who are notified about the topic at hand and can each bring their unique view to the table.

As with interviews, pass the mic to the listener for question and answer once you’re done asking questions and moderating the discussion. It also adds to the event’s appeal as audience members get to listen and engage.

clubhouse event type

Clubhouse event type: Debate / Versus

You can choose all topics to engage in a debate format and invite the listener to chime on their thoughts.

Tesla v Ferrari. Nature v Nurture. Monogamy v Polygamy. The list goes on and on. You could Google debate questions and go from there, too.

Clubhouse event type: Open Mic

Whether open mic comedy or open mic music, consider borrowing from the IRL world of open mic and run a rotation of 5-minute places where people get to test, showcase, and hone their musical or comedic abilities.

Clubhouse event type: Unpack a Sub-Topic

Clubhouse conversations are divided into Hustle, Sports, Life, etc. If you’re setting a club or events for startups, you might look to hone in on a sub-issue such as ‘discovering product-market fit, or ‘development hacking for SaaS companies, and go from there.

Clubhouse event type: Group Exercises, Games, and Immersions

Whether it’s a human-centered design activity, a group meditation, games, alcoholics anonymous, or something entirely different, the heart of Clubhouse lends itself to such group activities, where we get to engage on a deeper level.

Clubhouse event type: Central Question Exploration

Throw out a big question for discussion. What is the meaning of life? Should we colonize Mars? Would you sleep with a sex robot? Such questions can pave the way for light-hearted fun and serious exploration of questions central to the nature of humanity.

Clubhouse event type: Around the World / Networking

Whether startups launch to investors or people presenting themselves to counterparts in their industry, give each person in the room some minutes to plead there what have yous and go from there. You’d want to keep such rooms small.

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Clubhouse event type: Ask Me Anything (AMA)

If you’re someone who already has a bit of a following, and has something critical to say, then you might consider hosting an AMA through the app. Settle in for an hour or more of questions from your listener.

Clubhouse event type: Change My Mind

In a growing polarized world, Clubhouse gives us a chance to talk and communicate with different people move away from the shit-slinging that troubles media like Instagram and Twitter. It can hopefully be used as a power for good.

As such, you might want to throw up a view you currently have and have people challenge that view. Hopefully, what reaches of it is a new, more subtle, and empathic worldview — one that values the role of gray in our lives.

All vegans are annoying — change my mind. All Trump followers are racist — change my mind.

clubhouse event type

Clubhouse event type: Media Discussion

This could loan itself to book clubs, conversations around a recent podcast episode, or news media articles. Recently Eric Weinstein hosted a critical conversation about a Time journal article on the 2020 US Election, which told that the election was provided.

Clubhouse event type: Town Halls and Activism

Suppose something happens in the big evil world that might necessitate action. In that case, a town hall is an excellent way to bring people together to essentially ask, “what are you going to do about it?” and take a step after considering different perspectives on what can be done and how best to approach things.

Clubhouse event type: Story Time

You might want to invite the audience or tell a story about specific topics.

Tell us about a time that you crushed adversity. Tell us about your worst first date. Tell us about the time you told your boss to take a walk. And so on.

Clubhouse event type: Open Forum / Random Show / Dinner Party

Sometimes you want to open a room or club and allow the wild flow of chemical organisms to do their thing and see what happens next.

Like having dinner with friends with no ideas about what to discuss, the conversation appears to flow from there.

Clubhouse event type: Current Events

Maybe current events — invasions, elections, the Superbowl, and Elon tweet, a #metoo event, a wallstreetbets rally — warrant a further discussion. Name the event accordingly and go from there.

Clubhouse event type: Watch Party

Is Conor McGregor making his 17th unretirement? Game 7 of the NBA Finals? Bob Geldoff reviving Live Aid and pouring it globally? The final part of Season 3 of Cobra Kai is going live tonight?


We hope the context Clubhouse-type event was helpful for you. Also suggested read the context Change Clubhouse username twice and PC Clubhouse. Share your comment with us.

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