How to use Clubhouse: Getting Started with Clubhouse app

The Clubhouse is one of the most popular apps these days, and everyone wants to create the Clubhouse to exchange ideas. But surely, many do not know how to join it yet. In this article, we tried to answer all of your questions and provide valuable and helpful information.
First, we talk about what the Clubhouse is and then how to use Clubhouse effectively. So stay with us until the end of the article.

What is the Clubhouse?

You may be wondering what the Clubhouse app is. The Clubhouse app is a new social network based on voice chat. Initially, it was only available for the iPhone about a year ago, but now it has been released for Android users. Unlike Twitter, which is text-based, and Instagram, which is image and video-based, you hear and talk more in this App. So far, several unofficial versions have been releasing for Android, but finally, the official version has been liberating. This social network was created in 2020 by Rohan Seth & Paul Davison of Alpha Exploration Co.

Is it possible to communicate directly with people?

The only way to communicate is through voice and conversation. To have a direct connection, you can click on people’s photos to log in to their account and relevance with them using the entered information, such as Instagram ID, Twitter, email, or anything else.

Clubhouse Features:

· Ability to communicate with people only through voice or voice conversation
· Unable to save completed conversation
· No restrictions

Clubhouse A decisive advantage for business owners and marketing

While social media apps come and go, and celebrities and tech giants are present in other apps, Clubhouse shows all the signs of social media marketing as we know it. Here are some reasons why it could be the leading social media app of the future:

  • This App allows you to communicate and interact with experts outside your industry.
  • The usual social networking algorithms that help people create their private rooms in other applications are being replaced by spontaneous clubhouse rooms full of non-stop chats on various topics.
  • The focus is more on high-value conversations than generated content.

Once you have completed this tutorial and entered this application, if you scroll around it, you will find that your mind will be full of options for using the Clubhouse to network, grow your capabilities or expand your knowledge.

How to join the Clubhouse

You may be curious about how to become a member of this unique network. Before, you had to need an invitation from Clubhouse members to join this App, but the good news is that the invitation system has now been removing, and you do not need an invitation to register and use this unique App.

Download and install the App. Then enter your phone number. If the number is correct, it will send the confirmation SMS to you. Then enter the code to activate the Clubhouse app and join it.

One of the good features of this App is that the sign of the “party hat” next to the people’s photo shows that it is a newcomer and makes it possible for the moderators of the chat rooms and other users to guide them if necessary.

how to use clubhouse app

Note: After registering and entering the Clubhouse, you must choose a username for yourself. Note that later there is only one possibility to change your username of the Clubhouse.

Why was called Clubhouse?

Because the club is like an association and members of an association usually have the same interests and create chatrooms. If your club has a lot of members, you will probably have more crowded chatrooms.

Manage Clubhouse app settings

Like other social media apps, it provides a profile that you can use to give more information about yourself to others.
Pay attention to some other points to create a profile:

  • It is real-time networking and chatting App, so make sure your profile identifies the actual value of the conversation.
  • Only your Twitter and Instagram links are clickable in your profile, but you can add other links to your bio.
  • Always write down the topics you want to discuss to let people know what kind of conversations you want to be challenging.
  • To help people to find you, it is suggested that you use keywords strategically.
  • To analyze long paragraphs, this is better to write and edit your resume in an external program.

Profile settings

Profile settings

If you want to access your profile settings, tap the gear icon in the upper right corner to display your account settings.

From here, you can set your notifications, including the number of times you receive notifications or popular rooms, other than the ones you follow, enter in your notifications, and pause your notifications if needed.

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In this part, you will also find a list of helpful resources, including program updates and FAQs. There is also an option that you can report what happened in the App at any time. Community guidelines, terms of service, and privacy policy are also available here.

Profile picture

clubhouse Profile picture

Try to choose a clear photo and contrasting background color of yourself to look better.

Your image should be the correct size. This photo is shown throughout the App, sometimes with your name and sometimes without it.

How to write a bio in the Clubhouse?

There is enough space here to write a complete biography. The first three lines (about 125 characters) are available as previews in the app rooms, and these will be the essential words in your resume. You can use different emojis, but the embedded links are not clickable except Instagram and Twitter links. Want to know how to use emojis?

How can we use emojis in the bio?

use emoji in clubhouse

Clubhouse Editor is a simple text editor that doesn’t allow tagging or using emojis, so you can write your text in Telegram, WhatsApp, or anywhere else and use the desired emojis, then copy and paste it into your bio.

Enter the chatroom

Enter the chatroom

Now how do we get into a chatroom? Just touch one of them from the home screen. In the list of chatrooms, you can see the room’s title, the main speakers, the number of members, and the respective club.

When you drop into the chatroom, you see three groups of people:

  • The main speakers
  • People who followed by speakers
  • Attendees and listeners

There are also three buttons at the bottom of the page:

  • Leave quietly
  • To ping or invite your friends to join the conversation
  • Get permission to speak

Only main speakers talk in chatrooms. But if you have something to say as a listener, you can get permission.

How can we talk?

talk in clubhouse

Maybe you want to say something, so how do you do this? You have to get permission. Just touch the hand emoji at the bottom of the screen then Speakers let you talk.

What are clubhouse stages, and how to use them?

clubhouse stages

When you enter the room, you see the room owner, the moderator, and the speakers arranged at the top of the room. This area is referring to as the stage in that room. Each speaker in the room shares the set and can take turns speaking.

If you see the first row of active speakers below, an audience is labeled “Followed by speakers.” This part shows more prominent members in the App or those who have already spoken and interacted with the speakers.

speakers in clubhouse

Here, you will see other audiences who are in the room with you and listening.

listener in clubhouse

What is PTR?

In this part of the training with working with clubhouses, I will tell you a point. You may have heard the term PTR in many of these rooms, which stands for pull to refresh. Because the Clubhouse is designing as an abandoned voice chat, people come and go. They may want to check out other rooms or go up and down the stage. Sometimes speakers may temporarily change their profile picture to show another image that shows a point or something important to the room.
In these cases, when you hear that your moderators want to adjust the PTR, refresh the screen to refresh the room and see the new profile photos and the correct order of people entering the room.

How to find someone in the Clubhouse?

It must have occurred to you that you want to find someone on a social network. Well, Clubhouse makes it easy. Touch the search icon at the top-left of the page and type the name you want. Just as easily. In addition to the username, you can also find your common interests.



When you first join the chatroom, you don’t have a microphone available, but you can listen to other people’s conversations as a listener. It is better not to participate in the conversation until you understand the discussion of the room.

While listening, you can tap the All rooms option at the top of the screen to scroll back down the hall to see other rooms start working without ignoring or leaving the conversation.

In this App, you can access other programs without losing your place in the chatroom. For example, you can check your Instagram, Twitter, or email. This feature is one of the essential points that set the Clubhouse apart from other apps.


When you come on stage as a speaker, you can mute or unmute your microphone.

When someone else is talking, mute your microphone and let it finish. Then you can turn on the microphone and talk. When you have finished speaking, do not turn off the microphone suddenly. Please wait a few seconds and then turn it off. What you have done shows that your talk is over, and others can talk.

There can be different discussions in each chatroom, and each moderator manages it depending on the room’s contents. For example, observers challenge the meeting in more crowded rooms by selecting a few people to ask questions or comment. After that, they will do their best to answer the question.

This case is not happening in less crowded rooms. In these rooms, you may see an interview that you are going to sit and listening. You may also notice that the moderator invites everyone on stage at the same time to talk to each other and express their opinions.

What does pinging mean?

Pinging in the Clubhouse means inviting someone you follow to join a chatroom. You can ping your friends by pressing the + button in the rooms.

How to create a room in a clubhouse?

I think the design of the chatrooms is what makes this App more attractive. In this part, we will teach you how to create a space.
To create a room, tap the green button to start a room on the home screen. Next, you need to consider a title for your space. Now, you can specify who can be visible in your chatroom:
Open: the room is publicly open, and everyone can participate.
Social: The room is friendly between you and the people you follow them
Closed: the room is created privately between you and the people you specify.
There are currently 8,000 people in each room, and this may change in the future.

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open clubhouse

start room

Add your friends to a chatroom

If you are listening to a room and want your friends to hear the discussion, tap the “+” button at the bottom of the room screen to select and add a follower.

Leave a room

leave room in clubhouse

This App is built so that conversations and discussions may last for hours or even days. You can tap “Leave” whenever you want to leave the room.
If you want to be on other pages and hear the sound simultaneously, you can tap “All Rooms” at the top of the screen. Next, your room will minimize, and you can check other pages.
If you click on another discussion, you will automatically leave the minimized room and not be able to hear two conversations at the same time.

How to moderate the rooms?

When you create a new chatroom, you will automatically become the administrator of that room. This way, you not only can speak by default, but you can also add people who want to speak to the stage. In this case, there is a new icon to display the list of members.
By touching the profile picture of the audience, you can make them speaker by “make a speaker” option or add them to the room moderator by “make a moderator.”

What can a moderator do?

As a moderator, you can:

  • Invite listener to speak
  • Accept or even reject audience requests for speeches.
  • Mute the speaker’s microphone
  • Turn on / off the ability to raise the audience’s hands
  • Promote speakers as moderate

There are two ways you can become a room moderator. Either you have opened a severe room yourself or been promoted by another speaker and become the moderator. Either way, you can set the discussion in the room and help make the content in the room more attractive. To help with this is best to decide on the best way to assemble the speakers before opening the room.

Do you want to create a new open room? How do you choose new speakers?

As a moderator, you have responsibilities. For example, you should be active in the room as long as it is open. When you feel that the discussion is no longer exciting or the audience is not participating, you should bring it to life, for example, by asking questions, encourage others to join in your discussion. When there is an argument in a conversation, you have to manage it or lose your audience.

Moderate in the larger chatroom is more complicated. When managing a large room, ask speakers to introduce themselves, so the audience knows who is speaking.

How to schedule a new meeting?


It is one of the useful items of this App. To schedule, first, touch the calendar button at the top of the screen. Then tap the + top-right button to place the event creation screen in front of you. Fill in the required items.

Add your Twitter profile to the Clubhouse App

Add your Twitter profile to the Clubhouse App

You may want to use your Twitter or Instagram profile for this App. To add your Twitter or profile on the main page, go to your Clubhouse profile at the top-left. There you will see the Twitter logo with the words “Add Twitter.” Touch it, log in to Twitter and connect your account.

How to disconnect your Twitter account

disconnect your Twitter account

There are two ways to do this if you want to remove your Twitter account.
First, tap your profile picture to open your profile. Then tap the settings gear at the top-right of the page. Scroll down and tap Disconnect Twitter.

Another way is to disconnect your Twitter account by revoking access from within the Twitter app.

To do this, first, log in to the Twitter app and drop up your main menu. Then tap Settings and Privacy.

Settings and Privacy.

On the next page, tap “Account”, then “Apps and Sessions.”

Apps and Sessions

Next, tap “connected apps.”

connected apps
Finally, scroll down to find the Clubhouse app and revoke access.

connected apps

When you return to your profile and scroll down, you’ll see the option to sign in to a new Twitter account.

Add your Instagram profile to the Clubhouse App
If you want to use your Instagram profile, go to your Clubhouse profile and then go to the bottom of the page. There you will see the Instagram logo along with the “Add Instagram” option. Tap it and log in to your Facebook account to connect your

Instagram account

disconnect your Instagram account
There are two ways to disconnect from Instagram, which we will explain below.
First, from Clubhouse, tap your profile picture to open your profile. Then tap the icon in the top-right corner.

Instagram account

Tap Disconnect Instagram at the bottom of the page.

Disconnect Instagram account

Another way is that you can disconnect your Instagram account from Clubhouse by revoking access from within Instagram. First, log in to the Instagram app and go to your profile.

Then tap the menu in the top-right corner and select Settings from the menu that opens.

instagram account setting

On the next page, tap Security and then Apps and Websites.

remove clubhouse account from instagram

Finally, select “Remove Clubhouse.”

Remove Clubhouse

When you return to your profile, you can disconnect it from Instagram or link it to another Instagram account.

What is the club?

The club is a space that allows users to have a more intimate conversation with their target community. Once you have created the club you want, you will need to make frequent appointments with your followers. A user can only have one club, even if they are allowed to create one. However, any user can submit a request to a club and wait for a response. The waiting time to start a new club is about two weeks.

How can you create a club?

At first, Log in to your profile, then In the Member’s part, a list of the clubs you are a member of is displayed. Tap the + button to open the new club page. You can now specify the following:

  • Club name
  • Allow followers
  • Let members start rooms
  • Make member list private
  • Topics
  • Description

Now you have created a club, what is the next step?

If you are active enough in the App and have regular meetings, and followed all the rules, now how can you use it in the best way?
Your club should belong to one of the categories such as sports, entertainment, language, technology, places, etc. Your main task is to hold exciting meetings with a specific topic in the hope that you will encourage other users to join the conversation. If your discussion is interesting, people in the forum can raise their hands to ask to talk. When this happens, you will receive a notification and an option to assign them to speaker mode.

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speacker mode

Where can you find your club in the Clubhouse?

To find your club, go to your profile, and you will see the “members” option. The name and logo of the club will be there. If you tap the badge, it will be direct you to your club.
Keep in mind that you can choose a logo or photo for your club. If you want to change the name or description of your club from time to time, you should contact Club House directly.

How to block users from your club?

Sometimes a user breaks the rules. In this situation, you can ban him from your club. It prevents the user from entering your club or room where you are a speaker. The App also warns you about the spaces in which they talk. If you want to report a user to us, for example, someone has broken the rules, you can select the “Report an incident” option.

The rooms that started in the club can be two types depending on the members:
• Private or intimate: reserved only for community members
• Public: to help introduce the club to Clubhouse members

How to invite others to your club?

After becoming a club moderator, you can ask others to join the conversation. You can invite your contacts or anyone in the App.
Another way is to see who is following you and invite one of your followers.
Finally, you can create a secret invitation link and share it with people who do not have their phone numbers. The number of invitations you will receive for your club depends on the success and activity of the club.
Your only task is to host as many meetings as possible As the number of invitations you are allowed to increase increases; you will receive in-app notifications on the subject. In addition, if you are a manager, you can assign a joint manager to take charge if necessary.

Maybe someone wants to add their friends

While room moderators can add more people to the discussion or change the privacy from close to open at any time, they can also encourage listeners to invite their friends who will also enjoy the conversation.

Hallway in the Clubhouse App

The hallway is the central part of the Clubhouse. In this part, you will find active and continuous chatrooms. If you have joined various clubs or followed the scheduled rooms, you will see that some of the drops are list at the top of the hall.
In this part, you can:

  • Search for members by name or keyword
  • Invite a new member to join
  • View upcoming chat rooms by the calendar
  • Browse your notifications
  • View or edit your profile

What is the difference between club and room

What is the difference between club and room?

A club is like an association with multiple rooms that can hold chat rooms on various topics. Joining the club can notify users of the meeting time through the Hallway part.
We can say that a club is a collection that is created and managed by a specific person or persons to hold chat rooms with fixed topics.
Highly active people can create clubs, but all people can make Rome. Each active person can create a maximum of two clubs per month, but there is no such limit for building a room, and everyone can create the required number of rooms or chat rooms. Once the chat room is up, that room is no longer available, but the club can be easily found and followed.

How can we know who is online?

It is a feature that is very popular. To find out who is online and accessible for chat, swipe to the left of this hall, and Clubhouse shows a list of all available people and whether they are currently online and in which room.

How to enable notifications in Clubhouse

When you touch the notification icon, a list of some actions related to your friends and any club or room you follow is displayed, such as:

  • When someone follows you
  • When the person you follow speaks in a room that you are interested in
  • When the person you are in contact with invites you to a room that you are interested in
  • When you follow someone or a club, it sets a schedule for opening the chatroom

We have four types of clubhouse memberships: Founder or Club Owner, Manager, Approved Members, and Followers.
Founder: The owner of the founding club can invite members to join the club. It can also edit club descriptions and rules.
Administrator: The administrator can approve or even delete members. It can also open public and private rooms.
Members: Members can enter and participate in public and private rooms. They can even introduce other members to join the club.

Follower: Not an official member of the club. A follower can follow the club’s public activities but cannot create room for the club. The follower is not an official member.

The reasons for blocked or suspended the account in Clubhouse

  • Having robot-like behaviours such as following and unfollowing different people in large numbers in a short time
  • Having multiple user accounts in the Clubhouse and logging in and logging out of user accounts on a mobile with a short time interval
  • Blocked by many people
  • Reporting to support by different people due to inappropriate behaviours


Given the rapid growth that Clubhouse App has taken this year, we can understand the demand for people to interact in this network. People want to see more engagement, value, and transparency, but not necessarily by following brands and their endless content on other social media.

So it will be fascinating to see what this App will lead to in the future. We also suggest that if you have an iPhone, learn the complete training to Use the more options if this great app to enjoy your free time and Also improve your abilities.

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