Clubhouse Adds Wave for Casual Chats: Here’s How to Use It

Clubhouse has introduced a new feature for less formal chats. But what is it, and how does it work?

Clubhouse wants you to have more laid-back chats on its app. Some of your friends or peers within your niche might also be on Clubhouse. The drop-in audio app wants you to experience and use the app with those contacts in a different way.

Known for serious chats, Clubhouse is now offering you more with the launch of its new Wave feature. This allows you to nudge your friends or industry peers into a room for some informal chit-chat.

This article will show you how to add friends to Clubhouse audio rooms using Wave.

What Is Wave on Clubhouse?

Clubhouse made several changes in 2021, including letting you send money to creators. Wave was one of the later additions to the app and is a casual feature that you can use as a means to nudge users into private rooms. In essence, you’re waving someone into a room like you would in real life.

Clubhouse is known to house rooms where you can discuss major real-life topics, including important business and social issues. But at the same time, not everyone always wants to be serious on the app. Fortunately, Clubhouse seems to have realized this. With the launch of the Wave feature, Clubhouse is encouraging more relaxed chats.

How to Add Friends to a Clubhouse Room Using Wave

Add Friends to a Clubhouse Room Using Wave

Adding a friend to a private chat is quite simple. All you have to do is send them a waving hand emoji, and then you can start chatting once they respond.

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Likewise, your friends can also wave you into a room when they want to chat. When your friends receive your invitation, they can choose to join your call. This will immediately add them to an audio room.

Follow these easy steps to wave a friend into a private room on Clubhouse:

1- Launch the Clubhouse app on your smartphone.
2- Once in the hallway, swipe right to access your chats. Alternatively, you can tap the dots icon in the bottom left of the screen to send a Wave.
3- Now tap the Wave button next to the name of the person you’d like to chat with. That contact will get a notification that you waved at them, which lets them know that you’re open to chatting.

If that contact is keen to chat with you, you can both start chatting in a private room. This room would only be open to the people you waved at.

It is up to you to decide just how exclusive or broad you want the room to be. That means you can keep it small and between your immediate circle of friends, or you can open it up to everyone.

After you wave at someone, you can continue to use the Clubhouse as normal, even if the contact you’ve waved at hasn’t responded. If they respond while you have the Clubhouse app running in the background, you will not be pulled into a room when that person responds.

Is Wave the Latest Move in a Clubhouse App Overhaul?

Clubhouse has come a long way since it first launched. However, the app has evolved significantly since those earlier days.

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Clubhouse has introduced major changes to its app in recent months, like opening it up to Android users and doing away with its invite-only stance.

The Wave feature is one of the first features that are geared towards a casual feel to the app. But is the launch of the Wave feature is part of a larger move to change the app as we know it? Only time will tell.

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