How to Link Instagram to TikTok

Today, we’ll be discussing yet another topic that maybe a question to many. Follow us with this guide as we set sail through the unknown seas of possibilities to show you how to link your Instagram account to your TikTok one. Below, you can find a the table of content and fictional-fact of the day:

“Did you know Instagram and TikTok are step-siblings? Instagram was born in the USA, back in 2010, and TikTok in China, back in 2016. Don’t ask me who adopted who!”


            Linking Instagram to TikTok:

            Open TikTok > Open “Profile” > Click on “Edit Profile” > Click on “Add Instagram” > Login your Instagram

            Posting your TikTok posts on your Instagram:

            Open TikTok > Choose the middle icon that looks like a “+” > Create a new video > Enter the desired setting, set who can watch this post > From “Automatically share to” in the bottom of the page, choose Instagram > Click on “Share” > Choose your desired form of posting> set your desired setting > Click on “Share”

Steps to Link Instagram to TikTok

            Step 1:

            Open TikTok on your phone. You know how the icon looks like, if you can’t find it, just search it on your phone!

How to Link Instagram to TikTok

            Step 2:

            Open your profile in the right corner of your screen. It looks like a lonely person!

How to Link Instagram to TikTok

            Step 3:

            Now choose “Edit profile”. Then, choose “add Instagram”.

How to Link Instagram to TikTok

After that, you will be asked to provide your login credentials. It will be a combination of either “username, e-mail, or phone number” and your “password”. You can also “sign-up” if you don’t have an account. (But, considering that you are here, that would be weird, right?)

How to Link Instagram to TikTok

That’s it! Now you are connected.

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Benefits of Having Instagram and TikTok Accounts Linked

            You might wonder, what benefits such link would have? What are or might be the reasons behind someone wanting such connection between the two accounts? Well, you are about to find out.

            You can share your videos on both platforms at the same time, without actually having to go through the process of doing them individually! You can do it either from TikTok or Instagram, though the steps vary, they are quite easy to do. Stick around if you want to learn how!

            First, I will explain how to do the process though TikTok.

            Step 1:

            Open TikTok app, again! (Yeah, I know it looks like a music note, isn’t that cool!)

            Step 2:

            Do you see that big-ultra “+” in the middle? The one separating the lonely guy and the couples? Good, now click on it. (That lonely guy on the right side, that’s me! And the number next to me is amount of work I have to do every day! And the couple on the left, they are going home, who knows what they are going to do!)

How to Link Instagram to TikTok

            Step 3:

            Now just follow whatever procedure you usually follow to create your content. Once ready, upload it, click continue and then, in the page below, make sure to set the setting for “ who can watch this video” to “everyone”. (Or whichever setting that suits your needs better)

How to Link Instagram to TikTok

            Step 4:

            Now, as you can see in the picture below, from the section “Automatically share to”, choose “Instagram”.

How to Link Instagram to TikTok

            You are done, almost. Now, you will be redirected to Instagram app, where you will see a page similar to this.

How to Link Instagram to TikTok

            Step 5:

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            Once you see this page, you have to choose whether you want to share what you just created as either a story post or a feed. Depending on your choice, however, you will have access to slightly different options, it’s not going to be anything to dramatic, so don’t worry.

            Step 6:

            In the end, right before the final process in complete, you can apply specific things to your post, if you want. Once you have, if you wanted any, just click on share and you are done.

How to Link Instagram to TikTok

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I have two Instagram accounts with the same credentials, what should I do?

            A: You probably need to change the credentials to one of them as having two account with the said condition might prevent you from linking it to your TikTok.

Q: Can I add my TikTok profile to Instagram?

            A: Of course, you can! However, considering that there is enough space for only one link, you might want to use a service called Linktree.

Q: I have followed all step as instructed, but I can’t link my accounts. What should I do?

            A: If you have tried everything above, first make sure that there was not any network problem, and then, if the problem still persists, we suggest you delete both apps from your phone and then reinstall them.

Q: Can I do the same thing from Instagram?

            A: Yes and no! You can’t do the exact same things from Instagram. However, you can create a post via Instagram, save it, and then repost it on TikTok.

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Q: Can I also link other accounts to my TikTok?

            A: Yes. You can also link your What’s app and YouTube account, and when sharing your videos, you can, through a similar method, share your videos there as well.

Q: Can I unlink my accounts?

            A: Yes. Go back to your profile inside the TikTok app, go to “Edit Profile”, click on your Instagram name, then select “confirm” to remove it.

Q: Are there any specific downside to this method:

            A: As you know, videos created with TikTok have a TikTok watermark. Due to this watermarks and the algorithms Instagram uses, your video might get less views compared to when it was share without the said watermark.


                As two step-siblings of 13 and 7 years of age, Instagram and TikTok are two platforms that allow you to share your videos or photos, with a wide range of tools at your disposal to modify them. And to make your life easier, assuming you would want to post on both of them, you can create your post with TikTok and share it on both platforms.

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