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Because of the countless side apps created for Instagram, the platform imposed stricter user activity rules. Most Instagram rules are designed to prevent bots or spam activities. The Instagram website or app has a Terms of Use section explaining all the practices.

But the fact is that all Instagram rules are not written in this section, and Instagram also has unwritten rules. One of the most i.mportant is how the like, follow, and unfollow limits are on Instagram. Nowhere in the Instagram rules does it say how many likes or follows you have a daily limit. But we know that there is such a limit. If you have more than one number of likes or unfollows daily, you will be limited or action blocked by Instagram.

This may seem strange and illogical to many. But Instagram has its reasons for establishing these rules, which can be logical from different points of view. But here, we want to discuss more than just the reasons for selecting these rules, t; their goal is to familiarise you with the restrictions and their types so that you will never be penalized by Instagram. Refer to how to find drafts on Instagram android.

Many people don’t know this issue (that we have a limit for likes and follow-unfollows), or they know, but they need to know what the limit is exactly and what they should do. Fortunately, experimentally, very detailed investigations have been carried out on Instagram, and the exact number of these restrictions has been obtained based on the latest Instagram changes. In the rest of this article, we will discuss the precise number of conditions.

Why did Instagram impose these restrictions?


The most crucial reason for Instagram to impose such restrictions is to prevent spam and accounts managed by robots.

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If there were no Instagram restrictions, accounts managed by bots could unfollow thousands or even tens of thousands of people daily and thus gain thousands of new followers inquicklyInperiodas much as possible, pages’ growth and development and organic, and no one can progress by cheating.

The same is the case with the limit of likes. Selling likes on Instagram is still going on, but if there was no like limit for accounts, the situation could be much worse, and p and costs would have an unrealistic amount of likes. Refer to the best time to post reels on Instagram.

How does Instagram determine the limit?

Unfollow limit Instagram

No one knows how these limits are set because there is no official statement from Instagram. But we know one thing: the limits are different for each account.

For example, Instagram is more sensitive to newly created accounts. It can be said that Instagram’s sensitivity increases on accounts that have violated its rules several times and are restricted. In general, the Instagram limit for each performance depends on the following factors:

Account activity: The more activity you have daily, the more interactions you will be allowed. So if you want to increase the number of likes and follow limits, it is better to be active in your account as much as possible.

Account age: Instagram has more restrictions for newly created accounts (less than three months old). The longer your account is, the more activities you will be allowed.

Several followers: Accounts with more followers are allowed more interaction daily. Of course, having a high number of followers is not a criterion; it als; it’s on engagement, which we will explain in the next section.

Account Engagement: According to Instagram, engagement refers to the main activities,s including sharing posts or stories, comments, likes, and saves. The more attention your account has, the more interaction you will be allowed. So, having a high number of followers is not a criterion, and these followers must also be engaged with your account.

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Limits of likes and follows on Instagram.

Limits of likes and follows on Instagram

The numbers mentioned in this section are approximate and are expressed as intervals. Naturally, the more criteria you have, the closer your limit will be to the upper limit of these numbers, and vice versa. But it is suggested that you base your activities on average or below average.


The maximum number of posts you can like on Instagram daily is between 200 and 300. Remember that these numbers are approximate, and the general recommendation is to get at most 200 likes daily. Refer to how many reels should i post a day.


As for the comment, the daily limit is about 200. You should make sure that your daily comments are at most 200. Otherwise, you will most likely face restrictions from Instagram.


Instagram considers both following/unfollowing to be the same. The number mentioned in this section is the sum of both; it does not matter which one is more.

You can follow or unfollow 150 accounts daily. Note that if your Instagram account is newly created, this number will decrease to 100.

It is also better to divide your following or unfollow to unfollow hours of the day. For example, have a maximum of 10 followers or unfollowers per hour.

Fortunately, there is no limit to the number of people who can follow you; if you do well, you can grow well quickly.

The fewer accounts you follow/unfollow, the less your report will look like a spam account. Therefore, we suggest that you start with a small number. Then week by week, increase the number. For example, you can start with 50 followers per day and increase it a little every week.

Post and story

You can publish 100 stories and 25 posts in your account daily. There is no limit to saving stories in the highlight; you can put as many levels as you want in the highlight of your profile. Refer to instagram video download without watermark.

direct message

There are also restrictions on direct messaging. You can direct to 50 to 100 accounts daily. If you exceed this limit, you may be blocked by Instagram for a limited time (for example, 24 hours), and you will not be able to send any direct messages.

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The number of hashtags you can add to a post is also limited. You can use up to 30 hashtags for each position on Instagram. We suggest that the hashtags be as few as possible but to the extent that you cover all the necessary leading hashtags. There should be only a few hashtags for the beauty of the post caption. The number of 10-12 is a suitable range for the number of hashtags. You can read the “Comprehensive Guide to Using Hashtags on Instagram” article for more information on how to use hashtags. Refer to how to do a joint post on Instagram.


You can tag up to 20 accounts in your post (in the caption or photos).


The time limit for each live life is 4 hours. Therefore, it is only possible to hold live shows that continuously take up to 4 hours on Instagram.

Number of accounts

There is no specific limit to the number of accounts you create, but you can only log in to 5 tabs simultaneously on one phone.

Character limits in captions and bios

As you may know, Instagram limits the number of characters for captions, bios, and comments. Understanding these limitations is essential to be able to prepare a proper caption. Refer to Instagram blocked accounts.

The character limit for each post and comment is 2,200. That means you can only write 2200 characters for each position and statement.

The character limit for a bivy account is 150.

The character limit for the account name is 30.

Is there a limit to following and unfollowing on Instagram?

Yes. If you follow or unfollow too much, your account will be limited.

How to avoid limiting Instagram accounts to avoid being blocked?

As we said, Instagram focuses more on new users; Therefore, consider not being in a hurry to follow or unfollow users at the beginning of entering Instagram and increase the number of your activities every week.

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