Best ways to add stickers on your Instagram Story

Are you interested in adding your GIF Stickers to Instagram Stories? I outline three simple (yet less well-known) methods for making your GIF stickers and posting them online in this post.

The potential of GIFs and GIF Stickers for your brand might astound you! Stay with Pinclubhouse to learn more about Instagram story stickers and how to add your sticker on Instagram.

Best ways to add stickers on your Instagram Story

If you’ve been using Insta now, you would have met GIF Stickers. Because of their transparent backgrounds, you can use them as fun GIF images, videos, or illustrations as overlays for your Instagram Stories.

Your posts will become more exciting and engaging when you add personality and interest.

Instagram’s GIF sticker types.

The Sticker menu on Instagram Stories is the main place to look for GIF Stickers on the platform. You can locate them by selecting the Sticker icon:

Here is a list of Instagram GIF Stickers that you can use. Some of them are similar to Instagram in that they are functions that Instagram offers in the sticker menu. Some can be found through Giphy Search, which gives you access to thousands of GIF Stickers on Instagram:

  • Location Sticker
  • Mention Sticker (to tag someone)
  • GIF sticker with a hashtag
  • Timer Sticker(Clock)
  • Voting Sticker(Poll)
  • Countdown Sticker with a Question
  • Emotional Sticker

Here is a list of all the stickers available, including those mentioned above:

Why would you want to include your own GIF Stickers?

Even the fact that you can upload your own GIF Stickers to Instagram has yet to be widely known. But you can!

If you’re short on time, you can take the simple route and use GIF Stickers from other companies and Instagram.

Therefore, there are many things you can already do with the Stickers that are available to you on Instagram.

But in reality, there are at least three options. That Instagram Stories allows you to upload your own unique stickers.

Here, I’ve listed each one.

You can be more strategic with your branding and content when you add your own GIF Stickers.

You can also personalize your stickers.

And benefit your neighborhood, which may also benefit from them.

Target is one company that excels at this. Their clients and customers adore using the new, exciting Stickers they regularly add to Instagram Stories to show off their fandom.

So let’s get started and explore how to make and share your own GIF Stickers on Instagram.

3 Ways to Make Your Own GIF Stickers for Instagram Stories.

I’ll start with the easiest method that requires the least amount of “work” to add your own Stickers to Instagram Stories and work my way up to the option that requires a little more effort but also gives you the most options.

There is more than one thing you can do. All three apply to marketing!

Note that each technique calls for the addition of Stickers with transparent backgrounds, PNG-format images, or animations. Make sure your Stickers are in this format when you create them. Some transparent “white space should surround your actual image or GIF in transparent format.”.

These are the 3 techniques:

1. Your Camera Roll Can Be Used to Add Stickers.

This one is a simple trick that I only recently became aware of. On my iOS phone, it functions as follows:

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Best ways to add stickers on your Instagram Story

Please be aware that some claim that this is not currently functioning. And as of right now, I am still determining a workaround for Android. If this applies to you, move on to No. 2 (below), as you can share a GIF sticker from a Giphy account instead of hosting it there and sharing it from another site. Social media is the only constant change!

  • Get ready to add a Sticker by opening your Instagram Story on the platform.
  • Your finished GIF Sticker (an image or GIF Sticker with a transparent background) should be saved to your Camera Roll. You can carry out this action from Dropbox, Google Docs, or email. I’m transferring this flip-flops GIF here from an email. It’s a short GIF demonstrating how flip-flops move from side to side.
  • I then select the Download button in the top right corner:
  • You can save and share the GIF Sticker on a screen that will appear. Click “Copy.”.
  • When you reopen Instagram, your Instagram Story will be ready. If you tap the “Add Sticker” icon, a menu with the option to add the sticker you just copied will appear.
  • Voila! Your sticker will be added to your Instagram Story as if you had chosen it from the Sticker library on Instagram. Awesome, huh?
  • In the usual manner, wrap up your story. You can add a custom sticker from a different app to your story with just a few easy steps.

While you’re enthused about the artistic potential of that little hack, let’s look at another way you can share your personalized GIF Stickers into Instagram Stories.

2. Stickers from your personal Giphy channel can be added.

A few extra steps are required, but I’ll get you to the point where you can use GIF Stickers for your brand to do some cool things after you reach step 3.

Best ways to add stickers on your Instagram Story

In the second option, you’ll create a Giphy Channel to save and share your GIFs and GIF Stickers.

Sincerely, even if you are not yet prepared for Step 3 (applying for a Branded Giphy Channel), this is a fantastic move, and I strongly advise you to make it.

Because it enables you to:

Make a central location to host all of your GIFs and GIF Stickers.

Your audience can use your GIFs and GIF Stickers on social media by sharing their links.

It also enables you to share your GIFs via links easily.

It’s the first step in getting people to notice your brand’s GIFs, whether regular GIFs or GIF Stickers.

When you’re ready, you can apply for a Branded GIF Channel, but let’s get you going with a Regular GIF Channel first.

Organize a Giphy Channel.

A Giphy Channel is simple to set up. You can easily create a Giphy Account here.

I won’t go into detail about how to make and upload GIFs in this post, but Giphy has some cool tools that make it possible to edit GIFs from photos or videos and upload them.

All you have to do is start making and uploading GIFs once your channel is set up. Then, you can use the following technique to share any of your channel’s GIFs on Instagram:

“Add yours” sticker Instagram.

One of the most popular features on Instagram is “stories,” which allows users to post photos and videos to their profile for their followers to see. Even better, users can choose who they want to see specific posts on their “close friends” story, which they can create.

Best ways to add stickers on your Instagram Story

Stickers are a tool that users can use on the platform to personalize their stories further. There are many ways to add interest to your stories using these stickers, which range from music to GIFs.

You might have noticed the “Add Yours” sticker appear on the app. If you click the “Add Yours” button after the interactive sticker asks you to “share your favorite pet photos,” you can add your contribution to the chain of events.

How to get “add yours” on Instagram

To access the sticker tray on the editing screen, tap the sticker icon in the top menu. The Add Yours sticker can be found near the top, along with Meta’s other interactive options. Tap to add the Add Yours sticker to your reel.

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The “Add yours” sticker is not working.

One is to restart the Instagram app, clear its cache and data, and then try interacting with an ‘Add Yours’ sticker once more. You can report a problem through the Instagram app’s Help section if that doesn’t work. You then describe how the feature isn’t functioning properly and wait for a response.

How to add WhatsApp sticker to Instagram story

  • Toggle your profile picture.
  • Press the plus sign.
  • Select a story.
  • Opt for a picture or a video.
  • Pick up the sticker icon.
  • Choose Link.
  • Your WhatsApp link into the text field.
  • Click Done.

Adding your Instagram Stories GIF Sticker.

Like the previous step, this is also very easy and only requires a few clicks.

  1. To begin, open your Instagram Story to add your sticker.
  2. Find the GIF you want to share by logging into your Giphy account. Open Giphy on your phone and create an account. Your uploaded GIFs and GIF Stickers will be displayed.
  3. Tap the sticker you want to use, and it will be ready to copy. When you select a sticker, the following screen will appear:
  4. To save the GIF to your camera roll, tap and hold as instructed. Then, just like in the previous example, reopen your Instagram Story in Instagram. The corner of your story will now display the GIF Sticker you just copied, ready for tapping:
  5. Now that your GIF Sticker has been added and is pumping, you’re ready to go. In this instance, the animated sticker literally makes the heart beat faster.

However, I would add this to a picture of me and my speaker friends or marketing team – however, you want to use it. I’ve kept the background simple to demonstrate how it works.

Add a music sticker to the Instagram story.

Select the Music sticker from the pop-up menu by tapping the square smiley face icon in the top-right corner of an Instagram Story. Please scroll through the list to find a song you like, then use the buttons at the bottom of your story to make it your own.

Why can music not be added as a sticker to my Instagram story?

You need to update your app if you’ve followed the above instructions but still need to see the music sticker in your app. The Instagram music feature is unavailable in your nation. You’re disseminating a branded content campaign.

How to add link sticker to Instagram story

  • Tap the plus sign in the Instagram app.
  • Rather than Post, Reel, or Live, choose the story.
  • Use all the gorgeous media you have at your disposal to create your story.
  • In the top row, tap the Sticker icon. Enter the URL in the box provided.
  • Once you’ve sent it to your story, you’re done.

How about standard GIFs (GIFs that aren’t Stickers)?

You can also use PNG static images or regular GIFs that are regular GIFs (without the transparent background that makes them “Stickers”) to accomplish this.

Here is a standard, non-transparent GIF that I can share to an Instagram Story by copying and pasting in the same manner:

You can share any GIF, image, or transparent image in an Instagram Story. Copy the image and then add it as a “Sticker” is all that is required.

Please note that all of the examples above were taken from iOS phones. I’m curious if it works on an Android, but if you know how to make it work, please let me know in the comments, and I’ll add it to the post. It should be noted that Instagram has been experimenting with a sticker feature that enables you to instantly add a sticker from your camera roll. Still, it is only currently accessible to a small number of users. I am curious if it will be available to everyone, but I’m crossing my fingers that it will!

It’s time to look at the Holy Grail of Instagram Sticker Additions: a branded Giphy Channel.

  1. Stickers can be added by searching in a branded Giphy channel.
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I’ve had a Branded Giphy account for a while, and there are many extra advantages:

You are at this moment acknowledged by Giphy as a Company, Recording Artist, Brand, or Public Figure.

You are adding searchable GIFs to your Giphy account. This indicates that anyone, including you, can use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to search for your GIFs. which is awesome.

tracking of the “views” of your GIFs. You are given access to basic viewer statistics for your GIFs.

Below, I’ll discuss how to apply, but first, here is my channel:

How to add photo sticker to Instagram story

  • First, get the Sticker Maker.
  • Make your Stickers.
  • Modify the Stickers.
  • Add custom stickers to photos.
  • Save and distribute stickers.

Best ways to add stickers on your Instagram Story

How to add video sticker to Instagram story

  • Utilize your Android device to access your Instagram account.
  • Swipe to the right on your feed once you’re there to create a new Story, tap to take a photo, record a video, or choose an already-posted image or video from your Gallery.
  • Choose the sticker icon in the top right corner.

Adding GIFs from a channel with the Giphy brand.

Anyone can open Instagram Stories and search for the GIF Sticker they want using the GIF Sticker. For instance, if I search “Excited,” many GIFs become available for my selection.

Here are a few examples of how this works:

  1. It implies that your audience or any random person can look up your stickers online (Hello, Team Ellen). The potential numbers are staggering because it’s Instagram Giphy.

Let’s look at the image up top as an illustration. Typically, Ellen’s team has a sticker overlay for “Swipe Up,” but I assume they needed to post something quickly and searched for and chose a sticker under the search for SwipeUp.

  1. You can also look for and use your GIF Stickers for branding.
  2. Additionally, you can provide your audience with specific hashtags or search terms so they can locate your GIF content on

For instance, if you are “Target,” you might advise your Instagram followers to go bonkers with their Target Valentine’s Day Stickers. Oh, and they appear on searches, too!

Since they know their customers will love to share the Target love on Instagram, Target has perfectly optimized their GIF selection for Valentine’s Day.

The Target GIFs are branded, yes, but they’re also a lot of fun, and some of them work well for any post in general (also known as GIF Stickers for “relationship goals”).

Even if it isn’t always heavily branded, it is always highly targeted with an eye toward ROI while still entertaining the target audience. They are extending more reasons for their Target and Instagram-obsessed audience to adore them.

I could continue to discuss this potential, but let’s get started on how to apply for a branded Giphy Channel:

I’m requesting a Giphy Branded Channel.

Three easy steps are required to apply for a Giphy Branded Channel.

Establish a standard Giphy Channel as I described above.

To your channel, add some GIFs. You should add a few GIF Stickers (transparent-background GIFs) as well.

Apply to become a Giphy Branded Channel.

How to add your own stickers to Instagram android?

To return to the opened apps on your phone and access Instagram, double-tap the home button, swipe, or use another method. Your awesome sticker should appear in the window labeled “add sticker” in the lower left corner. Then you can put it wherever you like in the narrative.

How to add a custom sticker to Instagram story

  • Get your brand or artist account on Giphy.
  • You can apply for a Brand/Artist account on GIPHY after you’ve posted at least 5 GIFs.
  • Utilize Procreate to create the animated GIF sticker.
  • Upload Your GIF Sticker to Giphy.
  • Include your GIF sticker in your Instagram story.

Best ways to add stickers on your Instagram Story


GIFs and GIF Stickers can be excellent branding tools for responding to comments and engaging in a social media conversation, even though they are only sometimes directly related to returns or sales.

They can also be great at producing content that your audience can use to share your brand story and connect with it. I’m excited about the potential of that.

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