3 methods to save Clubhouse room

The Clubhouse app is built on voice communication, as described in the page What is Clubhouse. But, in a clubhouse, is it feasible for users to capture audio? In this article, we will examine the possibility how to save Clubhouse room and its ways.

Ability to record Room in the Clubhouse (save Clubhouse room)

Despite the fact that this application’s fever has spread widely, few individuals are aware of it or willing to join it to observe how it performs.

Listening to conversations in the Clubhouse is only possible to live, and it is not yet possible to share these conversations in the clubhouse space, and the audience can not if they are not present in the live chat. Have access to that dialog.

Users and room administrators, on the other hand, can record these talks with everyone in the group’s consent, and people can share these conversations in other virtual places like YouTube, Instagram, and…

It is worth mentioning that Clubhouse is aware of the sound recording that you do in different ways. If you do not have the permission of all members and complaints, they will deal with your account, and the person who took you to the Clubhouse has invited you out of reach. In the following, we will teach you how to record audio and save Clubhouse room in this application in three different ways.

Audio recording methods in the Clubhouse

save Clubhouse room

As we mentioned in the previous section, according to the rules of the Clubhouse, to record sound in the Clubhouse, you need the permission of all the speakers of the Clubhouse, and if you do not follow this rule, you will be dealt with. You have two options for recording sound in a clubhouse:

Record sound via Screen Recorder

In this section, we will explain this method to you step by step.

1. Record audio via iPhone record screen

This feature is available for all iPhones and the new generation of Android phones, and it also has advantages and disadvantages.

In addition to recording audio, you can also record room pictures and profile pictures of people talking in the room. The disadvantage of this method is the high volume of the recorded file. Then, by following the rules, you can save Clubhouse room.

Record sound with a screen record

save Clubhouse room

Steps to turn on screen recording on iPhone

The iOS app has given you the ability to record images on the phone from version 12 onwards and to turn on this feature, follow these steps.

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1. Enter your phone’s Settings.
2. Enter the Control Center settings.
3. In this section, look for the phrase Screen Recording.
4. You can add this feature to your iPhone menu by tapping the option that is in the plus shape.
5. By holding the option, which is in the form of three parallel lines, you can change and adjust the position of this feature in the menu according to your needs. It can help you to save Clubhouse room.

save Clubhouse room

Clubhouse audio recording on iPhone

save Clubhouse room

It will transfer this feature to the top menu of your iPhone, which you can see by swiping down the screen.

By turning on this feature, a box will appear at the top of your screen in which the Clubhouse warns you that to record these sounds, and you must have the permission of all the people talking in the Room.

You can easily record Clubhouse conversations and listen to them whenever you want or share them on other social networks.

You can turn on the microphone by holding down the recorder button, but if you turn on this microphone, the file will not be saved on your phone after recording. It is for clubhouse security reasons. So, you can save Clubhouse room.

Steps to turn on the ability to record audio and video on Android phones

This feature will be visible on Android phones by swiping down the screen and opening the Control Center menu; I should note that this feature may not be available on all Android phones.

If your mobile phone does not have such a feature, by going to Google Play (Google Play) and searching for the phrase (Screen Recorder), you can select one of the introduced applications and use it to record your phone screen and record clubhouse sound.

Audio recording application

save Clubhouse room

Steps of audio and video recording on Android phones

Step 1: Log in to the Clubhouse app and then go to your desired Room.

Step 2: Open your Control Center menu and then select the recording option.

You can easily record Clubhouse conversations and listen to them whenever you want or share them on other social networks.

Clubhouse sound recording on Android to save Clubhouse room

Other ways to record sound in a clubhouse and to save Clubhouse room. Here are some other ways to record sound in a clubhouse:

1. Use another phone

It may reduce the recorded sound quality, so set the sound quality to the best to compensate for the low quality.

In this method, you only need a phone that can record audio; Put any available Phone next to the one you are in the Clubhouse with and start recording.

The most significant advantage of this method is that the Clubhouse will not notice at the moment that you are recording audio. But, if you publish conversations, the Clubhouse may interrogate you.

2. Use the recorder

If you have any other device that can record audio, you can use it and record audio without any problems.

Note that in this case, the quality of the recorded sound may decrease; As a result, set the sound quality in the Clubhouse to the maximum so that you can compensate it this way.

Is my voice being recorded in the Clubhouse?

save Clubhouse room

To be honest, yes, it is possible to speak carefully and cautiously when speaking in romans because it is almost certain that members are recording your voice.

It is one of the major problems of this application that users are upset about and hope that this problem will be solved and they will feel more secure when using this application.

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Does the clubhouse record our voice?

Clubhouse temporarily records all room conversations. If someone reports a violation, they can check the available audio to discover the facts and suspend them if users break the rules.

The number of downloads of this application globally has exceeded 10 million people, but this number of downloads was only for iPhone users. With the release of the Android version, the number of downloads has increased a lot.

It can be considered a great success for the Clubhouse social network, but users will also need more control and follow-up.

save Clubhouse room

Some people are surprised that their conversations are temporarily stored in the Clubhouse and are worried that it will compromise their privacy. But if you think a little more logically, it is necessary to keep these weights temporarily.

Due to the number of active users in the Clubhouse, the possibility of false talk in the rooms increases, and the Clubhouse can not monitor all the available rooms at the same time. Therefore, if he receives a violation report, he can listen to the conversations again and find the offenders.

How long are conversations stored in the Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse has stated that it will only save conversations related to each Room until the end. The Clubhouse will delete all data stored after the Room is completed without any reports of abuse.

Even if a breach is reported to the Clubhouse, it will be deleted after reviewing the recorded conversation. So you do not need to worry about your privacy being compromised by the Clubhouse app and recording sound in the Clubhouse.

Also, if your microphone is muted, this app will not record your voice in any way without permission. It means that it can record only in-room conversations, and background and surround sounds will not be recorded at all.

save Clubhouse room

Solve the problem of the microphone not working in the Clubhouse

Recently, several clubhouse users have reported issues with their phone’s microphone not working.

If this problem occurs, there are several ways to solve it, and in the following, I will tell you the solutions to the issue of the Clubhouse microphone not working.

save Clubhouse room

1. Close all applications

If your phone’s microphone is running in other applications, Clubhouse will not have access to your microphone, and you will not be able to talk to others.

As a result, the first solution is to close all open applications in the background.

2. Activate the Clubhouse microphone in the phone settings

Another thing that may have caused you to have problems with the microphone not working in the Clubhouse is this application’s lack of access to your phone’s microphone.

To solve this problem, go to your phone’s settings, search for the Clubhouse application’s name, and then turn on the Microphone option to allow the Clubhouse to access your microphone.

Go to a clubhouse and build a room where you can test your microphone. If a gray circle turns on and off, your profile picture around your microphone will work properly, and if that doesn’t exist, come with me to the next step.

3. Restart the mobile phone

save Clubhouse room

In some cases, your phone may have minor technical problems running the program, which can be fixed by turning the phone on and off.
Turn your phone off and on, and then try using your microphone again in the Clubhouse.

4. Reinstall the program

In some cases, the Clubhouse server may have problems, and you can fix the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling the program. Then remove the Clubhouse app from your phone and then reinstall it.

5. Use headphones to record sound in the Clubhouse.

If you are still having this problem, you have no choice but to use headphones and handsfree. These problems are generally related to the network structure and servers of applications and will be fixed in updates, and until then, the only solution is to use handsfree.

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You will not need an invitation to reinstall the Clubhouse program, and only the code will be sent to you by the Clubhouse to re-enter.

In this article, we examined the methods of recording sound in the Clubhouse, the problems related to connecting the microphone in the Clubhouse, and the problems of entering the Clubhouse. I hope this article helped you; What methods do you use to record sound in a clubhouse? Please share your comments and suggestions with us.

at the and, if you like to join on clubhouse, you need to have an invention from another member of Clubhouse.

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In this video: save clubhouse rooms

The Clubhouse has introduced a new feature for users to record and replay the discussion of the rooms.

Clubhouse users on Android and iOS can use the Replay feature to record the audio content of the rooms so that they can hear it replay later. If users miss a room, they can access its discussion with this feature. This feature is available to users. Moderators of any room can enable or disable the Replay feature.

Until now, users could only listen to the conversation of the rooms online, and playback was not possible. If users were not in a room, they would lose its content in the past. Now Clubhouse is trying to fix this problem by introducing this feature. So that the hosts can record the content of these meetings, it is also possible to download the recorded content so that the hosts can share the recorded and downloaded content with other users.

save Clubhouse room

Suppose you are one of these people and not an iPhone or iPad user. In that case, we suggest that you follow the two articles, Clubhouse PC and Clubhouse Linux, so that as soon as the official versions of these two are released, you will be informed about them. You can easily access their download link.

save Clubhouse room

Ability to prepare a 30-second clip in the Clubhouse

In addition, it is possible to make a 30-second clip of the recorded content. Users can also listen to recorded content at 1.5 to 2 times the speed. Moderators can find out who has listened to the recorded content. They can also see how many people were present in the room live and listened to the recorded content.

This feature is for people who cannot listen to the content of the rooms online; It is useful and can attract more users to this platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to solve the problem of the microphone not working in the Clubhouse?

Close all applications – Activate the Clubhouse microphone in the phone settings – Restart the mobile phone – Reinstall the application.

How long are conversations stored in the Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse has stated that it will only save conversations related to each room until the end and that it will delete all data stored in the Clubhouse after the Room is completed without any reports of abuse.

What is the clubhouse rule for sound recording, and how is it?

The Clubhouse is aware of the recording of the sound that you do in different ways. If you do not have the permission of all members and complaints, it will deal with your account and the person who invited you to Clubhouse, which Is out of reach, and it does not save Clubhouse room(s).

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