Introducing the IDs of famous people on clubhouse

In this article, we introduce you to IDs of Celebrities, and rooms To Follow On The Clubhouse App in 2022. If you want to follow your favourite celebrity, stay with Pinclubhouse.

Introducing the IDs of famous people on the Clubhouse

The Clubhouse may be young on social media, but it has already been downloaded more than 10 million times globally since its inception in April 2020. Now, life before the live voice-only App seems like a remote memory. I wonder what did we actually do with our nights before joining their rooms?

We are happy to help you advance this structure if your solution isn’t concealed in this article.

Am I hoping to hear Lindsay Lohan talking to Perez Hilton or Elon Musk voice about Mars life? In 2021, nothing like a Clubhouse talk got a movement on Twitter. So today, I will share the ids of famous people to follow on Clubhouse with you.

The App was founded by Rohan Seth and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Paul Davison. Although even in the beta version, it has allowed satisfying lock-down lethargy by substituting Instagram’s deep-dives with favourable talks and meetings. Listeners can join in and out of the rooms created by guests, hosts, speakers, and celebrities on Clubhouse.

However, the App is ideal for those who are exceptionally stylish.

Case in point: Milan-based brand The Attico moved to Clubhouse on Feb 23, where the inventors Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio examined their unisex capsule range, Life at Big—and users could attend to their couch.

How to Use Clubhouse App?

Begin with the New android version of the Clubhouse. If you have not received an invitation, it’s ok, because you don’t need it anymore. It would be best to invite people once you’re in and read the article Clubhouse app invite.

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When you join, you will be encouraged to follow someone or topics and steal through a list of any rooms open to you, based on your choices. The rooms you see may be on the App for celebrities from your network. Plus, when you have interactions that might interest you, you can set up the App to submit updates. If you want to know more about how to use Clubhouse, click on it.

famouse people on clubhouse
Following Famous People On Clubhouse

Since you signed up on Clubhouse with your number, the App’s algorithm can connect you with other people in your contact list, and you can select to follow them on the App. This App will also create suggestions based on your attractions, topics, and people you’ve followed. When you reach someone you want, click the “follow” icon, and you’re right to go. Also, read how to mute on Clubhouse.

Clubhouse resumes enticing a slew of high-profile Clubhouse celebrity usernames from different recreation fields, including movie, stand-up comedy, music, the battle rap scene, entrepreneurship, and more. Let’s look at Clubhouse profile maker to make an attractive profile picture. Also, to download others profiles click on Clubhouse profile downloader.

List of top influencers & Clubhouse celebrity usernames

There is a List of Celebrities to Follow On Clubhouse live voice-based App.

Famous people on Clubhouse: Elon musk

As Elon Musk brings over every unique App from the Tesla CEO, its account instantly increases. With Musk joining a discussion about life on Mars, outdoor aliens, and more, the site has almost hit out of overuse.

Elon Musk announced that he would soon join the Clubhouse with Kanye West.

Famous people on Clubhouse: Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is no outsider to hashing Clubhouse discussions alongside Will.I.Am. and other enterprise rappers. Khalifa tweeted, “my brain sounds like clubhouse all day, so I’m glad they made an app for it” in 2020.

Famous people on Clubhouse: Malcolm Gladwell

He is a competent writer and thinker. He has a Clubhouse account and the recent book “Think Again” by Adam Grant, which he just studied. The book examines new ways of finding new opportunities and reinventing everyday thinking.

Famous people on Clubhouse: Ashton Kutcher

He was one of the first celebrities to assume Clubhouse when it started in 2020. Since then, he has been very committed to the platform.

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Known to handle any issue, he might speak of his unique Chicago Bears or about his Hollywood career over two decades.

famouse people on clubhouse

Famous people on Clubhouse: Oprah Winfrey

She is the queen of all platforms. She has supported Clubhouse alongside her longtime best buddy, Gayle King. She would speak about anything under the light that could increase the quality of life, gratitude to her years of talk-show knowledge and significant invaluable influence.

Famous people on Clubhouse: Tiffany Haddish

She is a famous comic and actress and is one of the most regular Clubhouse users. She has always been a dynamic character who isn’t scared to say what’s on her mind. She sparked anger in earlier 2021 when she was charged with cyberbullying doctors.

Famous people on Clubhouse: Chris Rock

A multi-talented performer, he was one of the first celebrities to join Clubhouse. He isn’t scared to tell his mind about current happenings, the unpredictable amusement enterprise, rugged stand-up range, and more.

Famous people on Clubhouse: Drake

He, also identified as Aubrey Graham from Degrassi. He has caught Eminem as the second-best-selling hip-hop artist of all time. When he first joined Clubhouse, he wasted no time mocking his friend YK Osiris in a second contest hosted by Boi-1da.

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Famous people on Clubhouse: Meek Mill

Since entering the App, he apologises for his multiple CH rants and raves. Mill has obtained backlash for discussing Nicki Minaj and calling in a “Philly clubhouse” room, in addition to the DJ above Akademiks discussion.

Famous Clubhouse room: Creative Executive Officers

This Club is for artists and entrepreneurs and Creative Executive Officers. This room is a guide to the enterprise of creation. The bulk of this Club’s meetings is about industry guidance, entrepreneurship, teaching, and companies.

Famous Clubhouse room: Marketing Club

This Club is a room for students to examine marketing, advertising, and Instagram. Marketers, designers, and professionals certified for validated make-up of the district.

Famous Clubhouse room: Movie Club

This Club is like a book room but concentrates on film. In this room, members watch a classic or new movie per week and study the themes of the scenes and the intentions behind them. Truman, Gattaca, Show, Fight Club, Primer, Soul, Shame, and TENET are some of the last movies they’ve watched.

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Famous Clubhouse room: Too Broke For Therapy

Trey Causley founded this room and Broke For Therapy with psychologists, yoga teachers, life coaches, and social employees in this room. Users who need help are positively motivated to reach and connect with a true skilled.

Famous Clubhouse room: Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the best Club for cryptocurrency. They have Bitcoin experts in their ranks. This room is committed to open and close conversations about Bitcoin culture, technology, markets, and the ecosystem.

famouse people on clubhouse

Famous Clubhouse room: Tech Talks

This room isn’t your ordinary and usual tech culture. It gathers people from different cultures, disciplines, and departments. Their primary purpose is to gather people to debate the good, the bad, the technical, and the trade elements of technology.

Famous Clubhouse room: NYU Girls Roasting Tech Guys

The moderators of this room arranged their money into roasting and devotion rather than technology; they wouldn’t finance in your enterprise because they are cash-strapped. Those who create dull rises will be burned. Read the article, bio for Clubhouse for girls if you like it.

How Many People Use Clubhouse?

According to the recent meeting of Paul Davidson, Clubhouse now has more than 10 million users. The Clubhouse will have 2 million members in 2021, which is very special. Behind Messenger, Facebook, Discord and WhatsApp Clubhouse is the fifth most famous App.

According to Fortune, people downloaded the Clubhouse 2 million times in 2021. And, according to the Appfigures report, 40 per cent of all Clubhouse downloads have happened on Jan 30. The Clubhouse is available in 155 countries (For all iOS and Android users). In North America, the App is starting to achieve favour. In Japan, Germany, Turkey, and Slovakia, Clubhouse is the most downloaded App.

Can Anyone Join to Clubhouse?

Yes. Now it is possible for all android and iPhone users globally. You can join it without any invitation.


The audio live chat room app is rapidly acquiring favour. And it’s evolving a VC darling based on its fast growth in valuations. Whether Clubhouse becomes mainstream or fades away, it stays to be seen. However, Clubhouse is now surpassing TikTok as the “next social media.” Also, read how to make money on Clubhouse and Clubhouse usernam. So it’ll be entertaining to see what Clubhouse’s future bears. Please share your comment with us.

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