How to found Clubhouse rooms near me?

Found Clubhouse rooms near me; One of the unique features of Clubhouse is that it detects rooms near you. To find out how to find Clubhouse rooms near me, read more at the Pinclubhouse.

How to found Clubhouse rooms near me?

The Clubhouse is an app for engaging in conversations and interviews on various topics. This application was released in April 2020. The creators of this app are Paul Davidson and Rohan Set.

This application is so far available for both Android and iPhone operating systems. You also don’t need an invitation anymore, and you can easily join it. But if you still don’t know how to use Clubhouse, click on it.

What topics are covered in the Clubhouse?!

After installing the app, you will be provided with a page full of various topics for discussion and following. The topics covered in this application are as diverse as Instagram and other social networks. You should choose the theme based on your interests to be offered rooms with the same theme.

Is it possible to save rooms at Clubhouse?

Once a room is set up, people join or leave the group. Therefore, every person enters the room and leaves whenever they want. Another point is that recording audio is against the rules of the Clubhouse.

Therefore, if you want to record voice in the Clubhouse, a warning message will be displayed for you.

If a speaker in the room complains about publishing his/her voice, your account and knowledge will be closed. This law is for the audience’s comfort and freedom of expression without any fear. But again, Pinclubhouse has prepared an article for you to record a room in Clubhouse easily. Click on the record Clubhouse rooms for more information.

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clubhouse room near me

Clubhouse text chat

Recently, text chat has been added to the Clubhouse. To send a private or direct message to someone, you must log in to the Hallway home page and then, as shown in the image above, touch the arrow icon to enter the private message section.

When you enter this part, to create a new conversation, touch the pencil icon in the right corner of the image and select the person you want to send him a private message to.

You can select multiple contacts instead of one and create a group in this part. But still, note that your profile picture plays an essential role in the Clubhouse. Click on the Clubhouse profile maker to create an attractive, high-quality profile. Also, click on the Clubhouse profile downloader to download other people’s full-size profiles for free.

In the chats section, you will see the Requests icon. Whenever a user isn’t your follower sends you a message, their message is displayed in this section.

It is good to know that it isn’t possible to delete a message in the Clubhouse. You can’t delete a single message or the entire chat. So it is better to be careful when creating a conversation and sending a message.

Also, in the Direct Clubhouse section, you can only send text messages, and you can’t send photos and videos.

Clubhouse features and capabilities

The new Clubhouse application has unique features and capabilities that many users are unfamiliar with. If you also like to join this app or know more about its capabilities, follow me in the rest of the article. Also, read the article on Clubhouse bio funny examples.

Rooms in the Clubhouse

As you know, Clubhouse is a live voice-based social app. There are many voice chat rooms in this social network with various topics.

The rooms are divided into public and private.

Private rooms are for chatting with family, friends, and acquaintances. But there is no limit to the number of public rooms that can accommodate a larger audience.

Public room users are divided into three categories: moderators, speakers, and listeners. In any room or room that you join, you are the only listener at first, and if you want to participate in the conversation, as we said, you have to use the “Raise hand” option.

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The room moderator then sees your request and decides whether to allow you to speak. If the moderator allows you to participate in the discussion, you should turn on your microphone and then comment on the topic under discussion. Also, read about how to mute on Clubhouse.

The moderator of each room in the Clubhouse, like other social networks, is the manager of that room. The manager of each room has a series of advantages over the others, which are as follows:

  • Appoint another person or persons to the management of the room.
  • The moderator can allow the listener to speak.
  • The Clubhouse moderator can invite users to his/her room.
  • Turn on or off the microphone of the speaker
  • Expel errant users from the room.

Find Clubhouse rooms near me.

Since this program is made as to the room structure, after registering in the Clubhouse, the most important thing is to find a suitable room to increase knowledge or even entertainment to your liking. Don’t worry about your taste because this app has all the talking models—topics such as games, friendships, poetry, stories, history, etc. Follow the steps below to find the room you want.

  • First, open the app. Then select the Search icon at the top of the screen, the browser icon, and tap on it.
  • Now, you can search for rooms, Clubs, and other users. Select to browse among people users and to browse between clubs.
  • Now write the topic you want to display the suggestions, then choose from the suggestions of the room you want and join it.
  • You can follow the room to know all its notifications if you find the room.

To find rooms near you, you must activate your location in the Clubhouse and continue the steps described above. You can easily find the rooms near you.

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clubhouse room near me

Why should we use Clubhouse?

  • Would you like to talk about your favorite topics with others?!
  • Want to know what others say about their knowledge and experiences?
  • Don’t have the chance to create a post or study to participate in social networks?


The Clubhouse is the perfect solution to all these questions. But if you don’t talk much, what is the advantage of this app? You can use the ideas, experiences, and opinions of others.

Easily enter a room and listen to the conversations and opinions of others and see the world from the perspective of others!

If you have a question about a particular topic and can’t find an answer to it, you can quickly get an answer by creating a room in the Clubhouse and asking questions from others.

Can we make money at the Clubhouse?

Yes. One of the new features of Clubhouse is the ability to pay. The remarkable thing is that the Clubhouse doesn’t take any percentage of the money sent to it. Click on make money on Clubhouse for more information.


In this article, we talked about finding Clubhouse rooms near me. We also discussed the capabilities of Clubhouse and text chat in Clubhouse. We hope this article was helpful to you. We suggest you read the contents of Change Clubhouse Username Twice, Clubhouse PC, and Clubhouse Linux.


How to make the Clubhouse profile?

Creating a profile in the Clubhouse is like any other social network. You can choose a picture from your gallery or take a new photo by using the app camera.

You can also write a bio to introduce yourself and your services and products. Note that the first three dangers of your widow are displayed in other rooms.

How to found Clubhouse rooms near me?

You must enable the location access option in Clubhouse so that Clubhouse can access your location. Then your search like normal rooms and the nearest rooms are suggested to you.

Is it possible to block in the Clubhouse?

Unfortunately, this feature has not been added to Clubhouse users so far.

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