how to start room in clubhouse?

Creating a room in the Clubhouse is one of the concerns of people who are new to this application; In this article, I want to tell you from zero to one hundred tutorials on creating a room in the Clubhouse.

What is a room?

What is a room

If you have never used the Clubhouse app, read more How to start Clubhouse can help you gain complete and comprehensive knowledge of this app. But if you are familiar with the Clubhouse app, it is not harmful to learn more about its features and facilities like Room. But before we explain how to create a room in the clubhouse, it is better to answer the question, what exactly is a room?

Rooms, which are the central part of the Clubhouse app, are spaces where you can talk and communicate with different people. Communication in these Rooms is just voice communication; Although chat typing has recently been added to this application, the basis of this type of application and its group conversations is based on voice messaging.

Learning to make a room in the Clubhouse; How to build a club?

How to build a club

If you are careful, the most popular social networks we use today are based on text messages. For example, applications such as Telegram or WhatsApp were initially text-based. However, over time it became possible to make voice and video calls and send Weiss or media.

But recently, an app called Clubhouse has been made available to users based on live audio, in which some people start a live chat in a room, and others can listen to it. Of course, it will not be possible for you to enter any room, and we will discuss this further in the following.

In this article, we will introduce you to the Clubhouse application and provide you with a tutorial on making a room in the Clubhouse. To know more about this new application, stay tuned to Pinclubhouse!

Learn how to start clubhouse room and introduce it

In the past, the Pinclubhouse team used articles to teach How to use Clubhouse, and now we’re going to submit you to make Room in Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is an application that may become very popular in the not too distant future.

The question that may come to your mind in the first place is what is the Clubhouse app, and what can it do? This app helps people to be able to convey their words to others.

These people can be anyone; From famous people like Elon Musk to people who specialize in some fields. Even some exciting or knowledgeable people can be the speakers of these Rooms and provide helpful information.

For example, Elon Musk was present in one of these chat rooms, making this application more widespread. In addition to Elon Musk, the wealthiest people globally, such as Mark Zuckerberg and Oprah Winfrey, have participated in the platform house game.

On the other hand, leaders of tech companies have taken an interest in the Clubhouse app and created accounts in it, including Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover, and many other investors and executives.

The Clubhouse is now available for iPhone and Android, and you can join it without any invitation. Of course, you can use the invitation to invite your friends to the Clubhouse.

For more information about being invited to the clubhouse, click on invite to Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse is also a new app that is just being developed, and it is expected to grow over time and show other capabilities. If you are also an Android user, tap on Clubhouse on Android for more information.

You may be wondering why the developers did not first implement the beta version of Clubhouse on Android? The answer to this question is that the number of Android users was more than iPhone users worldwide, and the developers were trying to increase their scale slowly.

As a result, start Clubhouse room with Android could disrupt Clubhouse servers. As a result, many bugs are observed in this platform, and it can not succeed. It is made available to others only in the iOS version in the early stages.

Although Clubhouse is not available on the desktop, you can also use it on the iPad; However, this application is not optimized for iPadOS. So you can use this program in a small window or view it in double magnification.

  How to use Clubhouse software?

It seems that the bright future ahead of this program is developing. In the rest of this article, we will discuss Clubhouse history, how to create a Clubhouse account, how to use it, and how to create a room in the Clubhouse. Stay with us.

look at Clubhouse history

Clubhouse history

The social network was launched in March 2020 in the United States. The Clubhouse was initially just a tiny community, made up mostly of venture capitalists.

But after a short time, many startups and investors start Clubhouse room in this network and discussed various topics in it. Of course, the presence of celebrities such as Bill Gates or Elon Musk had a tremendous impact on the growth and development of this network.

Anderson Horowitz initially invested $ 12 million in the network and quickly grew to about $ 100 million, of which the Clubhouse had only 1,500 users at the time.

How to create a clubhouse account

In this section, we want to teach you how to create a Clubhouse account. In the first step of creating a clubhouse account, you have to download this application from the iPhone App Store or Google Play.

After installation and in the next step, how to build a room clubhouse, you can use the personal invitation in this app. Without it, you can easily register and log in.

If you are invited, it will send a link like to you to log in. Once logged in, you can link your Twitter account to Clubhouse or even upload your Twitter profile picture to the platform. The service also helps you connect with your audience so you can find people easily. If you do not have much information about the Clubhouse username, click on it.

Don’t forget to verify your email address with the service so that you can use it as a way to reconnect in the event of a problem. Once invited and logged in, you will view live broadcast rooms and participate in live public broadcasts.

In general, live shows are divided into two categories;

1- Public live that all people can participate in.
2- Private live in which not all people are allowed to participate and must apply to attend. To participate in private live, you need to follow the person.

Additionally, you can add details such as your location so that the Clubhouse can show you chat rooms based on your interests and location. Fortunately, membership in this application is possible for all parts of the world.

Clubhouse application interface and how to use it

After how to create a clubhouse account, it’s time to use it. When you log in to the app, you will see the login hall. The Hallway is the page where you will see online and active chat rooms.

Clubhouse application interface and how to use it

You will see a top menu at the top of the page that looks like the image above. There are several options from left to right. The first icon on the left is the Member Search feature, where different people can be searched by username, name, or keywords in their profile.

Then there is the envelope icon that is intended for sending the invitation. The third option is the calendar icon, which lists upcoming events. The notification section also includes a bell-like icon through which notifications can be viewed. Finally, you will see the profile icon in which you put your profile picture and bio.

Clubhouse notification settings.

If you go to the profile section and click on the gear icon, you can go to the Clubhouse notification settings. There you will see a page like the one above.

In the “Frequency” section, you set the frequency of the display of notifications. If the “Include Trending Rooms” option is enabled, you will receive notifications about popular rooms. The “Pause Notifications” option must also be used to stop notifications.

In the following, you will encounter more settings of the application. In the “What’s New” section, a list of the latest app updates is displayed. You can get help from the “FAQ / Contact us” section to access frequently asked questions and contact the Clubhouse.

Also, use “Report Incident” to report problems. Clubhouse room rules and Guidelines are in the Community Guidelines section. On the other hand, the terms of use of the services and privacy policies are listed in the “Terms of Services” and “Privacy Policy” sections, respectively.

Now that you are familiar with creating a Clubhouse account and its user interface, it is time to learn how to create a room in the Clubhouse. We have prepared the following step-by-step guide for building a club in the Clubhouse program. Do not miss the continuation of this speech!

How to make a room clubhouse

Before we start learning how to start clubhouse and start Clubhouse room, I should say that learning how to start Clubhouse room allows you to have a voice chat with a group of friends or other people.

Club rooms are a great way to connect with people you already know or meet and chat with new people from all over the world. It is also the best way to earn money. If you want to know more, click on Make money on Clubhouse. In the following, we will teach you how to make a Room in the clubhouse visually.

  Chat app Clubhouse

The first essential thing for Make money on Clubhouse is followers. If you want to know what a follower is or how to get it, touch Clubhouse followers.

For everyone to find you quickly in the Clubhouse, you have to write a good bio. If you do not know, tap on the Clubhouse bio.

There are two ways to build a room clubhouse;

  1. Build a room on the spur of the moment.
  2. Or schedule a room on another date.

If you use the first method, the improvised way, you can not share the Clubhouse room link, but it is possible to share the link room if you use the second method.

In the first step of learning how to make a Room in the clubhouse, open the Clubhouse application, whose icon is a picture of a person, on your phone.

build a Clubhouse room

Then select the Start a Room option, which is a green icon. In this step of how to build a Clubhouse room three options are shown.

Clubhouse room options

In this part of building a room in the Clubhouse program, you can choose your room type:

– By selecting the Open option, you have created a public room, and all Clubhouse users can enter your Room. Use this if you want to host a great conversation or event.

– Social option creates a club for you that only people you follow can participate in. The social Room is the best option for launching smaller voice chats. If you want to start a voice chat with your friends, you can use this. Also, if you want to add more people to your Room, select another person as the administrator to add his friends to the chat.

– The last icon, called Closed, only allows you to add friends by invitation. At this stage of building a clubhouse closed room, you should invite people to your Room by selecting this item. However, you can change the mode to Social or Open whenever you want.

type of room on clubhouse

In this part of building a club in the Clubhouse app, tap Add a Topic to change the Room’s name. This option is optional; But by choosing a topic, Room discussion becomes clear to individuals—Select Set Topic to save the case.

choose peopel for clubhouse

If you selected the closed option, touch the green Choose people icon to navigate your contact list. There, choose the people you want to invite to your Room. Note, however, that this option is not shown for the other two.

Finally, select the Let’s Go option to build your Room. If you choose the closed option, notifications will be sent to those you invite, and they will notice your invitation. But in the continuation of teaching how to start Clubhouse room, pay attention to the following points:

start clubhouse room

• If you want to invite new people while holding the Room, select the + option and select that person.
• If you want to finish the Room, click on the three dots at the top right of the page and select End Room.
• If you want to select a person as the moderator or manager, tap that person’s profile and decide to Make a Moderator.
So far, we have explained how to make a room in the clubhouse on an improvised basis. Alternatively, you can schedule or set a date for your Room.

schedule Room on clubhouse

For this part of building a club in the Clubhouse app, you must click on the calendar icon. There you will see the upcoming events, and you can also see the scheduling option.

schedule Room on clubhouse

Tap the calendar icon with the plus icon in the upper right corner.
Then select the event name in the box above.
This name is displayed both in the calendar and as the room’s name.

Then in the Add a Co-host or Guest section, you can specify managers and guests. Next, fill in the start date, start time, and Clubhouse room description, and select Publish.

publish room on clubhouse

To share the room link, select the share option that shows you on the screen. You can then share it with your friends on Twitter. You can even copy the link manually and send it to the people you want.

clubhouse room start

You can also select Add to Cal to add the event to the calendar and choose one of the Google Calendar or Apple Calendar options.

Calendar options on clubhouse

Beyond that, to view or edit the rooms you have planned, tap the calendar icon in the entrance hall, and at the top, select the Upcoming for You option, and then select the My Events option.

Events option on clubhouse

In the last step of the club room building tutorial, open the Clubhouse and select the Start a Room option before starting the Room.

Then tap to build your Room.
For knowing how to moderate the clubhouse room, read the rest of the article.

Types of people present in the Room of Clubhouse

After creating a room in the Clubhouse, people will enter your Room, which is three categories.

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Moderators: The moderator is the person who created the Room and manages the Room. The manager can control other people as well.

The administrators of each Room can also invite different people to their Room, allow the audience in Room to speak, turn the speaker microphone on or off, or remove someone from the Room.

Speakers: Speakers are those who are allowed to speak in Room and discuss in a room. To be a speaker in a room, everyone must apply to speak, and the room manager must approve their request.

Listeners: Listeners, as their name implies, are just listeners. When you first enter a Roman, you are a listener. You can become a spokesperson by tapping Raise Hand if the administrator approves.

Is it possible to create several rooms at the same time?

Now that you know how to create a Clubhouse room, you may wonder if it is possible to create multiple rooms simultaneously.

The answer to this question is no. As long as you are in a room, you cannot create a new room or enter a new room. If you enter another room despite being in one Room, you will automatically leave the previous Room.

Just as it is not possible to make telephone calls to two people simultaneously, it is not possible to be present in two different rooms of the clubhouse at the same time.

Making a room in the clubhouse on a scheduled basis

Making a room in the clubhouse on a scheduled basis

To create Clubhouse room lists on a scheduled basis, enter the Clubhouse app and touch the calendar icon at the top of your screen. Then select My Events from the section marked in the image.

Now selecting the Add Calendar option will open a form for you to fill out. First, choose a name for your Room (Event Name) and then choose the people you want to invite to the Room by touching the Add a Co-host or guest option. To get the idea of choosing a name, you can get help from Clubhouse room name ideas.

Clubhouse Room Schedule

Then select the Date and Time for your Room and write a brief description of your Room in the Description section. Finally, or touch the Publish option to publish your room schedule.

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Reset Your Room regularly

People will come and depart from your room regularly. Tap on “All Rooms” at the top of the screen to see how many users are currently in your room. You’ll see your face as the room’s moderator, the next person’s face, a plus symbol, and a number in the bottom left.

Start Clubhouse Room

If this number continues to rise, you should reintroduce yourself and describe what’s going on in the room, known as a room reset.

Depending on how many individuals enter the room, do a reset every 10 or 15 minutes.

Add a New Moderator

You can add at least one more moderator to your room. If you have to leave the room for a phone call or are kicked out and you are the sole moderator, the room will stop, and you will not be able to recreate it. However, if another moderator is present and you have to leave, the room will keep without you.

To add another moderator, select Make a Moderator from the profile of someone who is currently on stage.

Start Clubhouse Room

That person will be promoted right away, and a small green sign will display next to their name.

Start Clubhouse Room

When you promote individuals to the moderator, inform them that you’ll be in charge of bringing folks up on stage.


Can we create two rooms in the clubhouse at the same time?

No, When you are in one Room, you must leave the previous Room to create a new room or join another room.

What is a room?

Rooms, which are the central part of the Clubhouse application, are spaces where you can talk and communicate with different people. Communication in these rooms is just voice communication, and you can not type your words.

How do we get into other people’s rooms?

If you want to enter a closed room, you must be invited to it. To enter social rom, you must follow the person who created Room so that you can participate in the social Room he made. But you do not need to do anything special to enter open rooms, and you can quickly enter these rooms.

This article explained how to create a Clubhouse room and talked about Clubhouse rooms ideas, which we hope will be helpful for you. Have you ever formed a Clubhouse room? Do you use this social network at all?

If you have any questions about creating a room in the clubhouse, you can ask them in the comments section so that we can answer your question as soon as possible.

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