Clubhouse vs. Zoom; Which one is better to use?

The Clubhouse, as an emerging phenomenon in the world of social media, soon began to compete with popular social networks such as Zoom. But what is the difference between Clubhouse and Zoom? Is Clubhouse like zoom but without video? Follow us to scrutiny the differences in detail with the features of each app.

Clubhouse vs. Zoom; Which one is better to use?

To know which one is better to use now, we must first introduce each one completely and examine the features of each platform. We start with the definition of the Clubhouse.


What is the Clubhouse?

The purpose of creating Clubhouse is only in-app conversations (voice calls). As you know, Clubhouses include famous users such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, creator and CEO of Facebook, singers, famous actors, and more.

Unlike other online virtual network platforms such as Zoom, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and other media, Clubhouse users cannot share any images or videos on this platform. The only image that you can share is your Profile picture. We suggest using the Clubhouse profile maker to make an attractive profile and the Clubhouse profile downloader to get the user’s profile picture in full-size for free. It is also impossible to save or listen to sounds on the Clubhouse platform. For this reason, users should follow the conversations live.


Users can either create their own room or join other people’s rooms to start conversations. Initially, there was a limit of the present user’s number in the room, but now there is no limitation to the number of users in a room. Also, in Rooms, a limited number can speak, and other users must be listeners, but users can request a conversation if needed. Also, read the article Clubhouse bio examples.

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If you are interested in chatting with popular characters like Elon Musk, you can choose and follow the topics or people you want in the Clubhouse menu so that the Clubhouse will send you a notification if these people create a room.


Main features of Clubhouse:

• Possibility to participate in meetings and hold audio conferences
• Handle the other tasks while attending meetings
• Join different rooms with your favorite topic
• Possibility of text chat
• Joining in different clubs (people with the same interests)
• Make a new room without any restrictions
• Notify of when other rooms start on the calendar
• Join chat rooms as a speaker or listener
• Ability to ask the room moderator to speak and comment on any discussion
• Due to the slow internet speed, it is possible to use Clubhouse.
• It is completely free.

What is the Zoom app?


Zoom is a video conferencing tool that connects many users simultaneously. Zoom is used for the following:
• Holding virtual meetings;
• Webinars and online classes;
• Virtual meetings with relatives and friends;
• Holding birthday parties or other celebrations.

There are two different types of the Zoom App. Zoom Meeting is offered in two free and advanced versions. In Zoom Meeting, it is possible to hold interactive meetings with a large audience. The session host can also move participants to breakout rooms to participate in smaller groups. In short, the Zoom app is an excellent tool for online video meetings or discussion sessions.

The next version is Zoom Webinar, which is similar to a lecture hall or meeting room and suitable for people with a large audience. In Zoom Webinar, the possibility of interaction is less.

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Typically, only one person speaks to the audience during a live webinar. In this type of zoom, there is a group of board members. The host has the ability to mute the microphones of all meeting participants. Only hosts and board members can turn their microphones on or off.

You must subscribe to use this service, as it will only be available if you have an advanced subscription.


Main features of Zoom app:

• Ability to hold one-on-one meetings
• Video group conferencing
• Ability to share the screen (Screenshare)
• Send a private text chat
• Set a virtual background
• send file
• Interact with others

After getting acquainted with this program, we realized that:

• The Zoom app could be used on any device that has a camera, including mobile phones, tablets, and iPads;
• Zoom Webinar is another zoom service that is similar to a lecture hall or meeting room and is suitable for those who have a large audience;
• In Zoom, you can share your entire screen, a window, specific apps, or your iPhone or iPad screen;
• You do not need to have an account to log in to the zoom session;
• Another unique zoom feature is the ability to set a virtual background; For example, if you do not want everyone to see your home or workplace, you can change the background to something else;
• Finally, it should be noted that the Zoom platform is free. With this plan, you can host up to 100 participants in a 40-minute session.

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Is Clubhouse like the Zoom app?

Based on the above description, we can say that they are similar in some ways. Like when you want to hold a meeting without sharing a video. But on the Zoom platform, video sessions are not open to the public by default. In contrast, access to the Clubhouse chat room is allowed for any user (not a limited number of specific users) who can find them.

Microsoft’s virtual dais school is also limited, so we hope it can provide a platform for people who have something important or exciting to say. Another interesting advantage of Clubhouse is that you do not need to look at the screen constantly to communicate and talk, unlike other video calling programs.


Conclusion of Clubhouse vs. Zoom

This article examined the Clubhouse app and Zoom in detail to decide which app is better to use. In fact, we cannot clearly determine which app is better because each has its own features. For example, in the Zoom platform, you can hold a video meeting, but in the Clubhouse, it is only possible to hold an audio meeting. So you can choose which one is better to use depending on your preference and type of use. We hope this helps you make your decision. Please share your comments and suggestions about Clubhouse vs. Zoom with us.

FAQs of Clubhouse vs. Zoom

Is Clubhouse like the Zoom platform?

Not completely. Generally, holding a meeting in the Clubhouse is like the Zoom platform but without sharing video. Of course, there are still differences that we explained in the article above.

Are Clubhouse and Zoom both free to use?

The Clubhouse is free, but Zoom has restrictions. See the article above for more details.

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