How can I block someone on Clubhouse?

Block user on Clubhouse; How to block and unblock in Clubhouse? In the continuation of this article, you will be taught how to block and unblock in Clubhouse with Pinclubhouse.

How can I block someone on Clubhouse?

block user on clubhouse
The Clubhouse is indeed in its infancy, but this doesn’t mean that trolls and nerve-wracking users won’t be present in this social platform, and we won’t see the old problems that we had in text-based social networks here. To be more precise, there is no guarantee that the people who become members of the Clubhouse will be well-behaved and respected and that all of them will abide by the rules of this social network.

The controversy that erupts in Clubhouse rooms can be so heated that people go out of their way to insult each other. We conclude that we need to block user on Clubhouse. If you are a new user and still don’t know how to use Clubhouse, click on it. This article in Pinclubhouse will teach you to block users on Clubhouse. Stay with us.

Block user on Clubhouse

If someone on the Clubhouse platform violates your privacy, insults you, or sends you inappropriate content, you can primarily report the action to the Clubhouse manager. If you report someone, Clubhouse will warn this user primarily depending on how far he/she has extended his/her leg from his/her area. Secondly, you can limit your communication with such a person to no longer face his/her messages.

In the continuation of this article (block user on Clubhouse), we will first answer some key questions and explain the block training in detail. See also for information on how to make money on Clubhouse.

What Happens When You Block a User on Clubhouse?

When you block someone in the clubhouse, they will be unable to join any room for you, or you are the speaker and moderator on it.

Also, the clubhouse hides all rooms on your feed that are relevant to account that you blocked it.

What is blocking and unblocking in the Clubhouse and how to block users on Clubhouse?

block user on clubhouse
What happens if we block user on Clubhouse? Blocking in the Clubhouse (block user on Clubhouse) means that the blocked user can no longer be present in the room you created or in the room you are the Moderator or Speaker. On the other hand, if he has not blocked you, you can enter the user’s blocked rooms and listen to what he/she has to say. However, this application automatically puts the blocked person’s rooms in the feed selection.

Another critical point is that no message or notification will be sent to you if both of you enter a room as a listener. (It looks like you both followed the same Instagram page.) Now, if you’re worried about whether someone you blocked will know, so you’re wrong. Because the application doesn’t give this warning to blocked people, now if you have a room, they will be able to enter it and listen to you speak as a Speaker or Moderator.

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How do we know who we have blocked on Clubhouse?

block user on clubhouse
It’s a good idea to list all the people we have blocked in the Clubhouse. Under such circumstances, we can add to our contact list those we think may reconnect with them.

But unfortunately, it isn’t possible to see all the people you have blocked at a glance. You can only know if you have blocked a user on clubhouse is to open their profile and tap on the option at the top right.

Can a CH account be deleted entirely?

Sometime blocking a user may not be enough. As mentioned above, they can’t listen to you in a room. But at the same time, if he hasn’t blocked you, you can hear him talking in the rooms. But what if we don’t want this? For example, if we really don’t want to ever see one again in this application, under such circumstances, can we completely expel them from the Clubhouse and do we have such access?

Really, you don’t have access to it, but you can help Clubhouse admins block these profiles completely. It is possible by reporting in the Clubhouse. You can do this during a live session. By default, the Clubhouse app records meeting content. These recorded contents are reviewed by admins when necessary. If one of the users violates the rules of the Clubhouse and is reported by others, they will block his/her account forever. To report, you can touch “Report” an Incident as shown below.

block user on clubhouse

It is important to note that if you report someone after a live chat session, other Clubhouse admins can’t use the temporarily recorded files (as they will be deleted according to the rules, and access will be lost). The account will not be blocked due to a lack of evidence. Therefore, it is essential to report during the meeting.

Clubhouse block training

Like almost all other social networks, Clubhouse has guidelines to follow when working with the app. If you see someone violating these guidelines, you can report the user/account to Clubhouse. In addition, as mentioned, you can easily block them. In this case, you will no longer contact the Clubhouse admins.

It is recommended that you block a user who says something you didn’t like or insults you or anyone else. The point is, if you only report them, it will take a few days for the Clubhouse to review the report and take action. On the other hand, blocking is a faster process to get rid of obscenities and trolls. They will no longer listen to you, and the app will send you a notification whenever you enter a room where they are speakers. Follow the steps below to block user on Clubhouse.

Steps to block user on Clubhouse:

Step 1: First, on the Main Page in the upper left corner, tap on the Search icon. Just like the figure below:

block user on clubhouse

Step 2: Touch the box that says Fund People and Clubs. As shown below:

block user on clubhouse

Step 3: Now, enter the username you want to block in the box. The search is done by default among people. If you want to search for Clubs, tap Clubs from one of the two options in the search box, as shown below. After entering the name in the search results, find the person you want to block. To do this, you can use the specifications of his/her Clubhouse bio.

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block user on clubhouse

Step 4: On the user profile page, tap on the three dots option in the upper right corner. Just like the image below:

block user on clubhouse

Step 5: A pop-up window will open at the bottom of the screen. At the bottom of the window, the username of the person you want to block is written, and below it is the two options Block and Reports an Incident. You must tap on the Block option to block user on Clubhouse.

block user on clubhouse

Step 6: Another pop-up window will open, telling you, “This won’t be able to enter the room you are talking to, and you will be alerted to the rooms you are talking to.” If you are sure you want to block, tap Block again. Just like the image below:

block user on clubhouse

Congratulations; You were able to block user on Clubhouse. Now what to do to unblock in the Clubhouse? In this case, search again for the name of the person you know blocked, and this time in the upper right corner, touch the red phrase that says Blocked.

How to block user on Clubhouse room?

You can click on the relevant user’s Clubhouse profile picture and follow steps five and six I described above.

block user on clubhouse

Why do some profiles have a Shield mark?

This sign means that other users have already blocked this person, and you aren’t the first to do so. This sign is to warn you if you really want to block the account or if you want to let them speak freely in the room again.

What is the Clubhouse, and why is it so popular?

Of course, you have heard the name of this application so far. But if you are not seriously familiar with this application and its functions, stay with us from here to the end by blocking in the Clubhouse. As you should know, most of the applications we used before were services based on text and text exchange. Of course, all these services also provided the ability to send voice messages or voice and video calls in the following steps.

For example, Telegram activated the ability to send voice from the beginning, the ability to make voice and video calls were gradually added to these messengers. Finally, now we are dealing with Telegram Weiss Chat.

block user on clubhouse

Now consider an app that has started precisely the end of this discussion and has provided you with the ability to make voice calls in the first place. The Clubhouse relies solely on the ability to voice two or more people and even rooms for several thousand people. Some rooms in the Clubhouse may be attractive to you, and you may want to record them. You should know that Clubhouse doesn’t have this feature if you are currently a Clubhouse user. Want to know how to do this? Tap, Record Clubhouse room.

Previously, Clubhouse attendance was only available for iPhone users, but now it is available for all Android and iPhone users. You can quickly join this app and send invitations to anyone you like to be in your room.

You must create an account when you join. You can follow the instructions of the application in the first step. In this app, many people earn money, and as you do, you can only communicate with others through voice. But there is another way to communicate and advertise through profile photos. To have an attractive profile, I suggest you click on Clubhouse profile make. Also, to download other people’s profiles in full size and in the shortest time, tap the Clubhouse profile downloader. Upon initial arrival, you can introduce your interests to Clubhouse from the categories that the application offers you. Based on this, Clubhouse offers you some rooms related to your interests.

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block user on clubhouse

The rooms are a space for multi-person conversations with many members. You can enter these rooms and listen to the conversation as a listener, or wherever you feel the need to speak, raise your hand to announce this request to the conversation moderator. If this person wishes, you will be allowed to speak.

Of course, you can also create your room and ask friends and various people to join and chat. The room can be public or private. If it is private, only the people you are looking for can join.

If you set up the room yourself, you can manage to let others talk or not let anyone in the room talk at all. So based on what I wrote to you, you got acquainted with the primary function of Clubhouse.

How to unblock an account on Clubhouse app?

If you are blocked some users on clubhouse, and now you want to unblock them, you can go through below steps:

  1.  found user profiles by searching their id
  2. tap on three dots on his profile
  3. tap on unblocking the user

Download clubhouse profile with online tools:

if you want to download some users on clubhouse App, you can use this pinclubhouse tool: click here

to use this tool:

1- go to clubhouse profile downloader

2- insert clubhouse id you want download profile

3- tap on download button

4- wait for profile.


If we block users on Clubhouse, will they notice?

No. Clubhouse will send no notifications or messages on this subject to the other user. Likewise, the other won’t notice by unblocking in the Clubhouse.

Can we block the person who sent us the invitation?

You can block any user in the Clubhouse, even someone who has sent you an invitation link. Of course, if you block them, your profile will still indicate who invited you to this social network.

Can we join a room with the person we blocked?

If you are both a listener, you can join a room. But if the person you blocked is one of the Speakers or Moderators of a room, you won’t be able to join that room. Likewise, if you are in a room other than speakers or observers, the blocked users can’t be added to that room.

Why do some users have a shield mark in their profile?

If you see a black shield sign in your profile with a white exclamation mark, it means that many of the people you are following, and those who are following you have blocked that person. The Clubhouse calls this feature the Shared Block List. Because these two tokens are not displayed to all users and are activated based on the people you interact with.


This article (block user on Clubhouse) talked about blocking a user on Clubhouse in Pinclubhouse. We hope you don’t have to do this, but be sure to use this method if someone bothers you. Please share your comment with us.

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