see who viewed my videos on Instagram

Whether you use a personal or business account, Instagram is a potent tool for reaching people. Here you can see how to find influencers. If you’re using Instagram to grow your company or audience, you need to optimize your performance on the platform, which means collecting data. One of the most critical data is how many people see your posts and watch your videos. Here you can find how to put 60 second reels on instagram story.

Checking the initial popularity of a video is easy. For example, you can see how popular a video is on Instagram just by checking views/views or following a video on Instagram.

who viewed my videos on Instagram

You can then compare those views to other uploaded videos to gauge how well it’s working with your audience.

How to check plays/views in Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels lets you see how often your videos have been played or viewed by default. Views are now known as “Plays” when it comes to Reels. Checking the number of plays on one of your reels is pretty simple.

Go to the profile pane by clicking the profile icon at the bottom right.

Select the video you want to check the number of views.

Scroll down to see how many “likes” it has. To see how many games it has, tap “##” where “#” represents a number.

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The number of “### plays” (previous views) indicates how many times the Reels video has been viewed for at least 3 seconds. It is important to note that video loops also count. A person can watch the video multiple times. Your views are also counted in the number of games.

Note: You cannot find view counts for videos uploaded before November 19, 2015.

How to check the views of an Instagram story

see who view your video

Apart from Reels, you can upload videos as Instagram Stories. Your followers can see stories for 24 hours. After that, they will automatically disappear and be sent to your archive. For Stories, the term “Views” is still used – not “Plays” as in Reels.

To check your IG Story video views, follow these steps:

On the Home screen, tap the Story section in the upper left corner.

See where your IG Story is playing and tap the “Activity” icon in the lower left corner.

You can see an “eye” icon showing the number of hits. To see who viewed your IG story, check the “Viewers” section at the bottom half of the page.

The advantage of posting a video through your Instagram story is that you can see the whole number of views and who viewed it. Please note that Replays do not count as views, and viewing yourself does not count as views.

How to Check Your Video Views in an Instagram Business Account

who viewed my videos on Instagram

To get serious about your Instagram account, you need to convert to or create an Instagram business profile. This action gives you a more comprehensive range of analytical tools than a regular account, including Instagram Insights. You can see the numeral of views your IG video has earned.

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How to check your video views on an Instagram business account

To take your Instagram account seriously, you must convert or create an Instagram business profile. This gives you a more comprehensive range of analytical tools than a regular account, including Instagram Insights. You can see how many views your IG video has garnered from there. Also you can find how to see blocked accounts on Instagram here.

How to find your metric

who viewed my videos on Instagram

Finding your criteria is simple:

Hit on the “Profile” icon located in the lower right section.

Select the video you want to watch.

Tap “View Insights” below the video. The Insights page will load, where you can see your video’s data and check its views.

The number of views is the most basic measure of your video’s popularity. As mentioned, Instagram views are recorded after three seconds of viewing time, which helps determine how well a video performs. If you’re spending time and money creating good quality content, you need to know if it’s good content. Instagram Insights metrics allow you to determine how successful your content is. It also provides influence, reach, and followers.

In conclusion, seeing the number of views/plays of your Instagram video is a valuable tool, especially for those who do it professionally or promote their business. It is also helpful to see who viewed your IG video, but this only works for Instagram reels. If you want do business professionaly in Instagram see how to do a joint post on Instagram.

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