How to do polls on Instagram?

For the longest time, Instagram Stories has included a poll on Instagram, offering a fun way to connect with the followers on the platform. However, the polls component has been barebones, with only two response possibilities available. Insta has finally given the app’s polls function a major makeover. With the most recent update, the firm added a slew of new capabilities to Instagram’s chat tool, including generating polls in chatrooms. The Stories section now has access to the updated poll on Instagram. With that in mind, let’s look at how to make polls on Insta for iOS and Android.

How to do polls on Instagram? On Instagram, make polls (2022)

Before reading this post, click on swipe up on Instagram. Swipe right on the home screen to access Instagram’s story creation interface. Then, in the upper corner of the screen, tap the sticker icon to take a picture/record a video. To make a new poll on Instagram, go to the sticker tab and tap “Poll.”
With the most recent version, you are no longer restricted to two replies and can create many possibilities. Tap “Done” in the top right corner once you’ve added the required option. Then, to add the poll to your Story, tap the “Your story” button. Your viewers can vote in your poll by tapping on the appropriate option. Also, read more about download Instagram stories on pc.

In Instagram Stories, check & share Instagram poll results.

• Simply open Instagram with the poll on Instagram and swipe up to see and post your Instagram poll results as just a side Story. Tap “Share results” from the pop-up menu to create a new Story with the results.

• Using the story creation interface, you can add more text, stickers, and other elements to your Story. When happy with the Instagram poll results, tap the “Your story” button to share them.

In the DMs, create Instagram polls 2022 (Android & iOS)

Before we go over how to make & share polls in Insta chats, it’s important to note that polls are only accessible in group chats, not individual DMs.

Let’s take a closer look at how it works, shall we?

• Open any Insta group chat and select the sticker icon in the bottom-right corner. To make a new poll on Instagram in DMs, tap “Poll” from the pop-up that appears.

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• Now, you’ll see text boxes where you can type in your poll question & choices to go with it. After adding all the relevant options, click the “Create Poll” button to share the poll. Anyone in the group discussion can vote after the poll is published by tapping the “Vote” button. You can also vote on it.

• A pop-up window will appear with poll options. To vote in the poll, select your preferred option and click the “Submit” button. It’s worth noting that you can vote for multiple choices, and anyone in the discussion can add additional poll on Instagram.

• Everything you have to do now is clicking on the poll choice to see the Instagram poll results. You’ll see a list of people who voted for or against a particular option.

Alternative to Instagram Polls: Polls Go If you would like to make anonymous polls for Insta, you could use Polls Go, a third-party service. To get responses, you can create polls & share a link to them in Stories or DMs. Also, click on download pictures on Instagram to know more.

The following is how it works:

• To make a new poll on Polls Go, go to the website, give it a name, and click “Get Started.” To start a new poll on Instagram, go to the next page and tap “Add your question.”

• Fill in the text boxes with the question and responses. When you’re finished, tap “Done adding questions” and copy the link from the next page’s “Copy link” button.

• Ask followers to vote by pasting the link into the group chat. Because the answer is anonymous, no one will know what you voted for.

How to do polls on Instagram

Poll on Instagram ideas

How to do polls on Instagram

You could use Instagram polls 2022 to ensure people have a unique way. To get you started, here are some poll on Instagram ideas:

Which option do you prefer?

You could use Insta Polls to create ‘Would You Rather’ polls to find out what your audience thinks. For example, you could ask, “Would you prefer to travel to the past or the future?” with past and future as the two options.

Which one is your favorite?

As the name implies, you may utilize Instagram’s polls function to ask your followers about their preferences. For example, you might ask, “What is your favorite weather?” in an Instagram poll 2022 and include the seasons in the poll.

How to do polls on Instagram

Research into the market

If you’re a business owner, Instagram polls can be used to gauge interest in upcoming products. It’s as easy as making a new poll, listing the products you want to launch, and asking your followers to vote for their favorite.

4 Reasons to Use Instagram Poll 2022 for Your Business

In early October, Instagram launched its bespoke surveying tool after introducing numerous popular polling features on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. You may use stickers to make a customized survey while publishing an Instagram story, and every follower who taps on your video could vote in the poll. When your poll is completed, you may read their responses, including their names. Read more about how to find Instagram drafts.
Major corporations are swiftly latching on to Instagram’s new function, which was first used by social media influencers. Because Instagram stories are becoming more popular, the business will likely issue more improvements and make the product more appealing to advertisers.
Like other social networking surveys, Instagram polling is a popular marketing strategy for connecting with, engaging, and growing your following. So go ahead and ask!
You can only compare two alternatives in your poll, unlike on Facebook or Twitter, such as “Which is your favorite Thanksgiving dessert: pumpkin or apple pie?”
Instagram’s default responses are “yes” or “no,” but these can be customized with up to 22 characters of text. Make the accompanying image or video attractive, but don’t let it distract your attention from the survey. The photo or video should, ideally, be connected to your poll. Your audience will respond best to humorous, light-hearted questions. Avoid contentious themes or queries your audience could find difficult to respond to.

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1. Inquire about (nearly) anything

Surveys should be informative, entertaining, and interactive. Inquire over which of your products your consumers appreciate or utilize the most. Instagram polls can also help you determine whether your clients are confused about your product or company approach. Feedback may indicate whether your followers are searching for instructional videos or that they are having trouble navigating your company’s website.

Because polling may assist every type of business, the possibilities are unlimited. The feedback you get from your followers can help you select what to write about in your next blog article or on social media.

2. Find out what attracts your customers.

People, especially on social media, enjoy expressing themselves. Your engagement may be low if you stopped random people on the street & asked them to fill out a survey. However, if you post the same poll on Instagram feed, you will likely get a flood of responses.
Conduct a live survey instead of stalking your consumers to learn about their hobbies and passions. If you notice that your followers are enthusiastic about sports, charities, or home improvements, start publishing content that mirrors what they want to see more of to boost engagement.

How to do polls on Instagram

3. Attract the attention of your audience

Customers want to have their voices heard. You can create a personal connection with your brand & your customers if they sense you are listening to them.

Once your polls have gained traction with your audience, try posting and marketing a survey weekly. Start a hashtag trending with #SaturdaySurvey.

Once your polls have gained traction with your audience, try posting and marketing a survey weekly. Start a hashtag trending with #SaturdaySurvey.

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You may utilize Instagram posts to notify your fans of an approaching poll, encouraging them to watch your Story. Customers can easily click away from your material, but surveys are an efficient approach to keep them interested and engaged in your brand. After the poll is completed, you can share the survey results on Instagram with a comment like, “According to yesterday’s survey, our fans prefer our blueberry pie ice cream flavor above our butterscotch.” Do you share my sentiments? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!”

4. Expand your horizons.

Not among your polls have to be about a specific brand. Whenever your polls need some variation, try expanding out into complimentary themes. For example, if you work in automobile sales, inquire about your followers’ favorite road trip destinations. Holidays are also a great time to conduct a quick yet engaging survey. You may inquire about your followers’ favorite Thanksgiving foods or what they’re grateful for (bonus points if you can relate it to your brand).

Large cultural events, like the Super Bowl, can also generate a lot of interest in a poll. Post an article asking your followers to vote for their favorite team to win. You may engage people who would otherwise be uninterested in your company by asking questions about various topics.


Is it possible to make Instagram polls in private DMs?

No, for the time being, Instagram’s official polls sticker is only available in group chats. You can, however, create custom polls using web pages like Polls Go or Opinion Step and then share the link in DMs. Another way is to add a three-person group chat and then delete the third participant.

Are polls on Instagram multi-choice?

On Instagram polls, you may vote for numerous selections. Furthermore, anyone can currently add alternatives to the poll.

Is it true that Instagram polls are anonymous?

No, Instagram polls aren’t private, and everybody in the group could see the Instagram poll results and who you voted for.

Instagram Polls allow you to poll your friends and followers.

Until now, Insta was one of the only social networking apps that didn’t have a versatile poll option. However, it has finally redesigned the polls feature on Instagram Stories and expanded it to include group DMs. The move came just a few months after Snapchat introduced the ability to create polls within the app.


While it’s encouraging to see Instagram attempting to improve its polling function, it still needs to work on adding features like anonymous polls and choice limits, to name a few. For the time being, we’ll have to wait and see if the Meta-owned company plans to add polls feature on Instagram Stories. What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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