10 instagram story ideas for business accounts

Instagram stories may be a great tool for growing your account’s audience and engaging with users more personally. More than 500 million people use Insta Stories daily, according to Hootsuite. Those are very significant figures with a huge potential to raise audience engagement.

Because there are so many users, there is also a lot of competition, especially now that more companies are using Instagram Stories as part of their social media marketing plans. To make your business stand out on Instagram, you must think of the greatest Instagram Story ideas.

What does that imply for you, though? You have undoubtedly heard all the suggestions to use Instagram Stories for your business but rejected them all. Trying to comprehend and be successful with a new social media function can be intimidating. But if you have a few ideas up your sleeve, it’s not as difficult as it might appear.

Without further ado, let’s learn everything there is to know about Instagram Stories and how to use them to your business’s advantage. Stay with Pinclubhouse.

10 instagram story ideas for business accounts

10 Instagram story ideas for business accounts

Without a doubt, when using the site, you have already used or viewed Instagram Stories. Don’t worry if you’re just starting and have no idea what or where Instagram Stories is. The fundamentals will be covered in this blog.

Instagram Stories are highlighted at the top of the app. As it is what they see, this frequently results in people viewing their Instagram Stories first. Forbes reports that 58% of people are more interested in a brand after seeing it in a narrative. Having an Instagram Story plan for your company is crucial for this reason.

Instagram Stories are really interesting for many different reasons. The primary factor is that they vanish within 24 hours (unless you save them into your Instagram Highlights). Because these are brief videos or images that can only be viewed for a few seconds at a time, your followers won’t have to devote a lot of their time to them.

Additionally, Instagram has launched some tools inside Stories to increase engagement. You may, for instance, ask a question or give visitors the option to rate something. If you want to, you may even perform a karaoke narrative. To stand out, you must uniquely employ those Instagram Stories tools for your brand.

10 instagram story ideas for business accounts

Instagram Stories ideas

You may improve your Instagram Story strategy for your company by using the tips and ideas listed below.

  1. In the background

Did you get a noteworthy delivery? Have you changed your office’s décor? Are you a cafe employee? Are you and the group engaged in any exciting projects? Give your fans a glimpse into your daily activities.

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This conveys to followers that you are a person, and customers prefer to deal with individuals. Social media for businesses may sometimes be impersonal. Giving your audience a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your company’s operations will help you establish a stronger personal connection.

  1. Employee takeover

It is a good idea to involve individuals who are not typically in charge of the daily Instagram material to keep things interesting. Why not take advantage of the intriguing information that your staff may have to share?

An employee takeover is a terrific way to demonstrate that actual people back a brand. Everybody has a unique personality, and various people will be able to connect with them.

So exactly does one go about taking over the staff? You give employees full power over the brand’s Instagram Stories for a single day. It is exactly what it sounds like. They can describe their typical day at work, give a tour of the workplace, discuss their current projects, and express how they feel about working for the organization.

At Pinclubhouse, staff takeovers have been conducted. Charlie, one of our content makers, discussed his day, including his difficulties with his dogs and his love of music. Lizzie, another one of our content producers, enjoys posting pictures of her shared workstation outside the office with, of course, a cup of coffee. Your limit is only the sky. Utilizing the question sticker elicits responses and allows for ratings. Be innovative.

  1. Inform your audience.

You can instruct your followers on any topic using Instagram Stories. According to Forbes, 57% of customers follow brands to find out about new products.

Depending on your company, you may contribute a useful marketing tool, a snippet of code, or a hairstyle tutorial. There are countless alternatives.

Using Instagram’s quiz tool, you can check your audience’s comprehension later. We utilize it to quiz our social media followers on their knowledge. The better questions are the more intriguing ones!

Instagram question box

  1. Launch a series.

Starting a series on your Instagram Stories might be worthwhile if you want to provide your audience with consistent content they can count on.

Depending on your industry, there is a wide variety of series you might start. You may write evaluations of cosmetics, how-to articles, team quotations of the week, and so forth.

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Since one of our former team members was Estonian, we developed a series called GB vs. EST in which British team members sample Estonian food and vice versa. It not only gave us a good reason to consume a lot of food, but it also revealed a little bit about ourselves to our fans.

Since it’s difficult to import Estonian food routinely, ours doesn’t follow a schedule, but it’s enjoyable. A series is undoubtedly something to take into account.

instagram stories

  1. Share events

You presumably participate in events as a business occasionally. You either sponsor an event, have a booth at an event, or recently attended a conference to learn more. Well, it’s all worthwhile to share.

You can post Boomerangs, images and videos of the venue, photos with attendees, content about your team and your booth (if you have one), and any new information you learn there. Always mention the venue and use the event’s hashtag to reach more people.

  1. Show your workplace

By displaying your workspace, you may give your audience a general understanding of the setting in which everything occurs. Your supporters will be curious about the location of the magic. Additionally, how your workplace is set up reveals a lot about you. Do you prefer a messy workstation or one that is organized?

It’s also something to share with your audience if you’re working from home, in a cafe, or somewhere warm (I wish) near a pool. Sharing is being kind.

To make the Stories more interactive, you can always add amusing captions, establish polls, and DM your followers with inquiries.

  1. Share new blog posts

Have you recently produced a fantastic blog post or article that you can’t wait to share with your audience? Share the post on your Instagram Story to generate some attention.

To highlight the post’s content and entice more people to read it, you can include a brief excerpt on a graphic or a 15-second video that you upload to your Instagram Story. To make a post more visually appealing, we typically provide a brief graphic with the post’s title and a relevant image.

You can make a template to share your new blog posts & articles using a variety of tools.

Fantastic website Canva offers a ton of free Instagram Stories layouts. Alternatively, you can start from scratch on the platform to customize it to represent your company better. We advise using your brand’s colors and typefaces to make it stand out on every post.

  1. Favorites on the team

If your team plays a significant role in building your brand, you should let your audience know who they are. Everyone on your team has unique views and thoughts that others may be able to relate to.

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You could share the team’s favorite things in a weekly Instagram Story series. Each week might have a different topic to keep things fresh. You may, for instance, divulge your crew’s favorite novels, pizzerias, vacation spots, and so forth. Select items that reflect the ideals and personality of your brand.

Several team favorites, including novels, have been discussed. Of course, there are situations when you may discover that certain individuals, like Sarah in our case, lack an answer. This does not imply that you should refrain from posting. Simply said, this is an opportunity for you to add some fun if it fits with your brand style. How you want to represent your brand is entirely up to you.

  1. Wallpapers

Using wallpapers is a wonderful technique to attract people to share your material on their stories.

If you’re skilled in graphic design, make some branded wallpapers that you can share with others. People will likely share the wallpapers with others if they enjoy them sufficiently.

Why not take some pictures that would look beautiful as phone wallpaper if you are an excellent photographer?

You need to know what your audience wants as their phone background, and they must be visually appealing. Yes, you should still make an effort to match the wallpapers to your brand, but try not to overthink them. Make content that will appeal to your audience.

As an illustration, Zoella’s brand account frequently posts fresh wallpapers. You can share wallpapers for special occasions and events like Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, and Love Your Pet Day.

Always include your username at the bottom to help spread the word about your brand. So that everyone has easy access to them whenever they want, save them all in a highlight.

  1. Q&A

Give your fans the chance to question you. Set aside 30 minutes to respond to as many questions as possible using the question sticker.

This might be a monthly feature. It could be the CEO one month, the marketing manager the next, the product designer, or anybody.

Instagram question box

This is a fantastic chance to show off your knowledge and interact with your audience personally rather than just as a brand. You can take advantage of that with the help of this strategy.

Instagram Stories material needs to be interesting to keep viewers’ attention. You must forge that individual relationship. Try one of these ten suggestions, then let us know how it goes for you.

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