delete your second Instagram Page? A complete guide

Have you ever opened a second Instagram account? If you did, Instagram would be connected to the account. You can move between your first and second Instagram accounts by going to your profile and touching on your username in the top navigation bar. Choose the account you wish to switch to next. You can unlink your second account by logging out of the first one.

However, the account won’t be erased after you log out. Instead, it will simply become unlinked from Instagram, and if you wish to re-link it, you must log back in. But what if you wish to deactivate your connected Instagram account permanently?

You’ll discover how to delete the Instagram account link in this instruction. Stay with Pinclubhouse to know more about the delete the secondary Instagram account.

How to delete your second Instagram Page? A complete guide

Look at the Poll on Instagram before reading this post. To delete the Instagram account link, visit the “Remove Your Account” page in Instagram’s Help Center.

After logging into the Instagram account, you wish to remove, fill out the form after tapping “Delete Your Account.”

Your Instagram account cannot be deleted within the app.

This is because Instagram does not yet have a feature for it.

Consequently, you must visit the Instagram Help Center to delete the Instagram account link. You must locate the form with the link to delete your Instagram account in the Instagram Help Center.

This can be done on a desktop computer or a mobile device.

Here’s a 3-step process for delete Instagram account link:

  1. To delete your account, go to that page.
  2. “Delete Your Account” can be tapped.
  3. Fill out the form to “Delete your account.”
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1. Go to the “Delete Your Account” page.

delete your second Instagram Page

To begin with, go to the Instagram Help Center’s “Delete Your Account” page.

Only browsers can access the Instagram Help Center.

Open your device’s browser.

Then conduct a Google search for “delete Instagram account.”

Tap on the top search result after conducting a Google search for “delete Instagram account.”

Instead, use this URL to “Delete Your Account page:

You’ll find some frequently asked questions on the “Delete Your Account” page of the Instagram Help Center.

Three often-asked questions are: How can I see or examine the data on Instagram? The same goes for “How do I temporarily delete my Instagram account?” “How can I temporarily shut down my Instagram account?”

Tap on the first question to learn how to disable your Instagram account temporarily.

On the other hand, click on the third question if you want a copy of your Instagram data.

Select “How do I delete my Instagram account” since you want to delete your Instagram account linked from your device.

Learn how to access the form to remove your associated Instagram account by moving on to the following step. Also, read more about swipe up on Instagram.

2. Tap “Delete Your Account.

delete your second Instagram Page


You’ll receive a lengthy explanation on how to deactivate your Insta account permanently after tapping on the “How do I delete my Instagram account” headline.

You are told in the response that deleting your Instagram

account will permanently remove all of your followers, likes, comments, videos, photographs, and profile.

To request the permanent deletion of your account, scroll down until you see that section.

You may find a step-by-step tutorial for deleting your Instagram account under the headline “To request the permanent deletion of your account.”

The “Delete Your Account link” can be found in the first step.

To access the “Delete your account” tab, tap “Delete Your Account.”

When you click “Delete Your Account,” Instagram’s login page will appear.

Log in to the Profile page you want to remove from the Login screen.

The username and password for the Instagram account you want to delete must be entered.

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If not, you risk deleting the incorrect Instagram account.

After that, click “Log in” to access your Instagram account.

Continue to the following step to discover how to use a form to delete your associated Instagram account. Also, click on delete search history.

3. Complete the “Delete your account” form.

delete your second Instagram Page

After entering the related Instagram account, you will reach the “Delete your account” page.

There is a dropdown box and a password field on the

“Delete your account” page.

First, select “Why do you want to delete x?” from the dropdown menu, where x is the Login for your account.

Tap the dropdown box, then choose why you want to delete your account.

Retype your password in the password area after that.

To permanently deactivate your associated Instagram account, tap

“Delete x” (where x is your account’s username).

Make sure the Instagram account you wish to delete is the one with the username shown.

If it’s not, sign out of Instagram and sign in to the account, you wish to remove.

How to delete multiple Instagram accounts in 2021?

delete your second Instagram Page

Here’s how to uninstall the Instagram app and delete a specific account. Tap the hamburger button in your profile, followed by Settings and Multi-Account Login. Tap Remove in the pop-up box after deselecting the account you want to remove.

Remove one of the multiple Instagram accounts.

  • Tap on your profile in the lower right to open your profile.
  • Select Settings by tapping the top right corner.
  • Select “Multi-account login.”
  • A tap indicates the account you want to delete.
  • Hit “Remove.”


The last thing you should do is delete your Instagram account.

Your profile, followers, likes, comments, videos, and images will all be permanently wiped.

Make sure to ask for a copy of your data if you’re determined to delete your Instagram account. You will then access your photographs, comments, profile data, and other content in one location. However, you can erase your Instagram account without saving your data if you don’t have any photos. Also, we suggest you take a look at removing followers on Instagram. If you have more questions about delete a secondary Instagram account, share them with Pinclubhous.

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How do I delete my second Instagram account permanently?

Using the browser on your smartphone or computer, go to the “Delete Account page.” You will be requested to log into Instagram on the web if you aren’t already. Your Instagram account cannot be deleted from the app. From the dropdown menu, select a choice.

How do I get Instagram to delete an inactive 2020 account?

How do I request that Instagram delete a dormant account? If you want to get in touch with Instagram, you may either do so through the Instagram app or by sending an email. You can use someone else’s Instagram account to report any concerns if you don’t have access to your Instagram account through the app.

Where is the delete your account on Instagram?

Log in to your Instagram account using a computer or mobile device browser. On the Delete, Your Account page.

(, choose a response from the dropdown menu next to “Why are you deleting your account.”


How do you delete your Instagram account?

Log out of both accounts on Instagram by visiting the settings page. With only one click on the Instagram home screen, both accounts are shown and available for usage. At the bottom of the screen, tap the Edit button. You can remove any adjacent checkmarks by tapping the x icon next to the account you want to delete.


Will Instagram delete my account if I deactivate it?

Until you sign in and reactivate your account, it will be temporarily inaccessible to the public. Instead of completely deleting an Instagram account, which requires sending Instagram a request, it is simpler to disable the account temporarily.


Does Instagram delete your account after 30 days?

Your account will be completely deleted after 30 days, along with your friends’ Snaps, Chats, and Stories. Your username won’t be accessible anymore. … The username and password for the account you want to delete should be entered. Replicate the procedure by selecting Login.

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