How to download Instagram stories on pc?

Every social networking or messenger app under Facebook’s umbrella now appears to include a Snapchat-style story function. In August 2016, Instagram introduced Insta-stories, which has since become the greatest option on the platform. Continuing the article, we will talk about downloading Instagram stories on PC.

How to download Instagram stories on pc?

Before reading this post, take a look at How to download pictures on Instagram. What if you want your post to be visible for more than 24 hours? What if it’s a humorous video or meme that you feel compelled to save and share later? There are various reasons to download Insta Stories (apart from creepy stalking), and happily, there are several ways to do it.

1. Make use of a website that allows you to download files.

Before you go ahead and download the third-party apps (some of which are costly), see if you can acquire the Insta Stories you need from a download source. This technique is typically easier and doesn’t require an Insta sign-in, although it may prevent you from downloading Stories if your account is private, for example. Read more about How to edit a story on Instagram.

How to download Instagram stories on pc

You can use a variety of websites to complete the task. Toolzu are one of them, and it doesn’t require any login. Story Saver is another option. You can try a few sites like this; however, they often lack the capabilities of third-party programs.

Continue reading if you want more specific control over how you download Instagram Stories.

2. 4k Stogram

How to download Instagram stories on pc

4K Stogram is among the most well-equipped cross-platform programs for anything related to Instagram right now. It’s worth noting that you’ll need to upgrade to 4K Stogram’s premium version if users can download Stories.

To use 4K Stogram to download stories, you must first log in to your Instagram profile through the software. Also, read more about How to Delete Comments on Instagram. Sign in by clicking the profile symbol in the upper corner of the app.

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Afterward, go to “Tools -> Preferences” and customize everything to your liking, including your zip file, how your saved Insta content is arranged, and so on.

Then, in 4K Stogram’s main box, type the profile name from which you wish to download Stories, select the Settings icon next to “Download,” and select “Download Stories.” You can also select a specific period range for which you want to download content. Read more about how to enable 60-second reels on Instagram.

To begin the download, click the orange “Download” button.

3. Save the entire website to your computer

I both used Chrome and Firefox for this demonstration. Chrome works with photos but struggles with videos, whereas Firefox has no issues.

• Go to Instagram and find the story you want to capture.
• Right-click on either side of the rectangle containing the tale (not on the video or picture but any space around it). You’ll get a context menu as a result of this.
• Choose “Save As” or “Save Page As” from the menu (if you’re using Firefox).
• The “Save as” screen will appear. You can choose where you wish to save the website from here. You can call it whatever you want, although I recommend keeping the “HTML” extension. At the bottom of the screen, make sure you pick “Web Page, Complete” as the save as type.
• Launch the file explorer (or any application you use as a file browser). Go to the location wherever you saved the Stories web page and open it. When you save a complete page, it creates a resource folder that keeps assets such as photos and scripts. Read more about How to earn money on Instagram.
The file should be named after the website page and have the suffix “_files” appended. For example, if your saved website is called “Stories • Instagram,” the resource folder is called “Stories • Instagram files.” Go to the resources folder and open it.
• A list of files making the web page appear correctly can be found in the resource folder. The photographs are what we’re interested in. I recommend sorting the files here by kind and seeing them as large or extra-large icons. You’ll be able to see a thumbnail of the image from the story you’re looking for.

• Once you’ve located the image, delete the web page and anything else in the resources folder. The most significant downside of this procedure is that it is both wasteful and time-consuming. The advantage is that you only need a basic web browser and no addons. Also, click on how to find your comment on Instagram to learn more about finding previous comments on Insta.

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4. Downloading with Chrono Download Manager

The Chrono scheduler is a multi-purpose Chromium-based web browser addon. It substitutes the default downloader with one that may be fully customized. It includes a sniffer that can locate and download images, videos, links, & files from a web page.

How to download Instagram stories on pc

Chrono’s sniffer makes it much easier to download stories. You can also get tale videos in a variety of formats and sizes. You can download a user’s stories in bulk with Chrono, so you don’t have to do it one at a time.

• Open the stories you wish to download in your browser. Allow the stories to run until they are nearly finished, but hit the Instagram stories “Close” button before the last one finishes, or Chrono sniffer would lose the list of tales.

• On your browser, click the Chrono extension icon. Click the sniffer icon in the upper corner of the list if it shows the download list.

• The Chrono sniffer has four primary sections: video, picture, document, and other, separated by tabs. We’re concentrating on the first two sections because Instagram stories are likelier to have been the first two. The Chrono sniffer may have returned with an extensive list of links under the video area. Simply look at the “Remarks” section of the list to see which ones are the stories. “Stories • Instagram” is a common tagline for stories.

• My only criticism of the Chrono sniffer is that it lacks thumbnails for videos, making it difficult to discern which is which based on the links. You’ll have to rely on your intuition, trial and error, or simply download all the videos and remove the ones you don’t want.

Some of these movies may appear the same; however, they may differ in quality, variations, and size. Because Instagram adjusts the quality to the user’s Internet speed, this is the case. You can choose and tick each link from the list you want to download or select everything.

• It’s simple to discern the photos you want to download from those you don’t. Just make sure “Preview” is selected. The phrase “Stories • Instagram” will appear next to Instagram story photographs. This heading can be used to sort them. After that, you can select whatever photographs you want to download.

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Why couldn’t I save my Instagram stories?

Make sure the “Archive” feature is turned on.
First, make sure the “Archive” feature is turned on. Otherwise, this isn’t going to work. Unfortunately, if this button was not already switched on, your old Instagram Story videos and photos were not saved.

How do you copy someone’s story on Instagram?

• In Feed, tap below photo or video.
• To add a post or video to your story, tap Add.
• Select Send To from the drop-down menu.
• Then tap Done after tapping Share beside Your Story.


There are a variety of methods for stealing the story of your dreams. I’d be lying if I said these were the most effective approaches. Perhaps you enjoy creating your own Stories? If that’s the case, learn How to embed a link in an Instagram story. We also offer a guide about How to recover deleted messages from Instagram.


Is it possible to save Instagram stories?

Tap the bottom right of the picture or video you want to save (iPhone) or (Android). Save Photo/Video (iPhone) or Save (iPad) (Android). (Only for iPhone) To save a single photo or video, press Save Photo/Video; to save your entire story as a single video, tap Save Story.

How can I download Instagram stories on my computer in 2022?

• Get the Story Saver extension from the Google Chrome store and install it.
• Choose the story you wish to watch and download it from Instagram.
• Click the Tale Saver symbol in your extension’s toolbar while watching the story, and also story will be saved to your desktop.

How do you download Instagram stories from the Web?

• Select your story’s thumbnail (it will be at the top of your Feed).
• Tap the tiny button on the screen to select Copy Link.
• Copy the URL and go to the iGram website.
• Copy the URL and paste it into the iGram area.

How do you save someone else’s Instagram story on your iPhone?

Choose the story you want to keep and hit Save Photo/Video from the three dots in the bottom right.

Why can’t I repost someone’s story on Instagram?

The fact that you aren’t tagged in someone else’s story is the key reason why you can’t post it. In other words, you can only reshare a Story if you were tagged in by the person who shared it. When you’re tagged, you’ll get an email letting you know that someone referenced you in their story.

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