How to do the swipe up on instagram

With over 1 billion active users, Insta is among the most famous social platforms on the planet. In addition, over 500 million daily active people watch Instagram Stories daily. Instagram Stories are an excellent method for brands & influencers to produce and share content, increase brand awareness, and generate more sales and leads. That is if you really have the Swipe Up feature.
People on Instagram with more than 10,000 followers can utilize the Swipe Up feature to include a link their followers could access by swiping up while viewing their stories. This is a major thing on a site where you’re limited to a particular clickable link in your account. Instead of traveling to the bio screen to click a link, brands and influencers may use the Swipe Up feature to promote specific items, content, or signup pages that followers can reach immediately from Instagram Stories. You can also modify the link from Story to Story if desired. For brands & Instagram influencers, the Swipe Up function is a game-changer. This article will show you how to obtain the Insta Swipe Up function and use it properly. We’ll even show you how to get 10,000 followers if you don’t currently have them.

The Swipe Up function on Instagram can help you increase traffic, conversions, and client loyalty. Excited? Let’s get this party started!

Swipe Up on Instagram: How to Use It and Get It Without 10K Followers

Before reading this post, take a look at How to download Instagram stories on pc. Swipe Up is a function that Insta wants to keep private. As a result, there are some limitations on who can obtain one. To access this valued feature, you must have an Instagram Business Profile with at least 10,000 followers or a verified account. That means that if you’re a public figure who has gone thru the expense of becoming verified on Instagram, you can use the Insta Swipe Up feature even if you don’t have ten thousand followers.
But how do you put it to use once you have it?

How to do the swipe up on instagram

How to Make an Instagram Story Swipe Up Link?

It’s a three-step process to add a Swipe Up link to your Story. Read more about How to download pictures on Instagram.

Step 1: Create an Instagram Story.
Begin your Instagram Story the same way you would any other, by uploading a photo or video or doing so directly in the Apk.
Step 2: Select the Link Button from the drop-down menu.
There at the top of the screen, tap the link icon.
You’ll be sent to a new screen where you can paste your URL.
Tap Done (iOS) or maybe the checkmark after typing in the URL (Android).
The image or video should now be linked, and the hyperlink sign on the top right side of the screen should be white. Also, read more about How to Delete Comments on Instagram.

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Ensure you’re using a relevant link to your content for the greatest results. Don’t simply direct your followers to your site and leave them to their devices. Isn’t it true that you would like them to take action? You must make it extremely simple for them.

Step 3: Include a Call-to-Action (CTA).
It’s time to add a call-to-action after you’ve uploaded your link. Let the followers know they could swipe up and take action. Most creators add a GIF or text that says “swipe up.”

Your call-to-action must be appealing to the eye. This is where GIFs come in handy. You’re missing out if you haven’t begun using GIFs in your marketing yet.

Simply upload your tale as usual after adding your call to action.
If you don’t have 10,000 followers, try this trick.
So, what if you don’t have a following of 10,000 people? You can take advantage of IGTV!

Instagram TV is an app that allows you to share lengthier videos. The videos must be at least one minute and can be up to 15 minutes long if uploaded from a mobile device or 60 minutes through a computer browser. Simply download the IGTV app, click the right-hand corner’s settings icon, and select Create Channel. Read more about how to enable 60-second reels on Instagram.

How to do the swipe up on instagram

If you’re currently logged in to Insta, simply click Continue, as Your channel will be created as a result. Next, please make a video advertising whatever you want to attract traffic on Instagram. Make a call-to-action to encourage users to tap on the headline link in the top left corner.

After editing your video, submit it to IGTV by going to your channel and selecting the clip you just finished editing. Before clicking Next to submit a video title and description, you’ll be able to preview the video & add a cover photo. Keep your title to a minimum. It should be a call-to-action that encourages them to click on it. Then include the URL of anything you want to send attention to in your description and submit your video to IGTV.

Return to Instagram after you’ve posted your IGTV video and make an Instagram Story as a teaser for your IGTV video. Add a call-to-action to the Story that instructs viewers to swipe up. Then, before clicking Done, select the link icon in the upper and add your IGTV video as the call-to-action. Read more about How to earn money on Instagram.

The audience can scroll vertically for your IGTV clip & follow the button in the top left of the IGTV video to direct them to anywhere you want them to go once your Story is published. It’s a touch complicated, but if you don’t have a registered business profile or 10,000 followers, you’ll need to take extra precautions.

Swipe Up The best Practices on Instagram

You can now add the Swipe Up ability to your Instagram in a few different ways. You may enhance your Instagram engagement by following these Insta Swipe Up best practices.

Create a teaser and share it on your main feed.

Some people are uninterested in Instagram Stories. Make a post about your Story & share it on the main feed to ensure your followers don’t miss it. Because Stories are only available 24 hours until you save them to a highlight, publishing a preview or teaser on the main feed can pique people’s interest and create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out). Also, click on how to find your comment on Instagram to learn more about finding previous comments on Insta.

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Please make a note of your Story and save it as a highlight.

Highlights are also useful for increasing traffic. Highlights don’t vanish after 24 hours; they linger around. As a result, your followers can access your narrative and respond to your calls to action, increasing engagement, conversions, & sales. Highlights appear right above your regular material on your profile:
You may also use your Highlight cover photos to express yourself. This tutorial will show you how to make your Instagram Highlight covers.

How to do the swipe up on instagram

Make Interactive your Story

Engaging material is interactive. This could entail holding an Instagram contest or a Q&A—anything that encourages your followers to interact with and share your material. When you provide your follower’s chances to interact with and engage with your brand, they’re more inclined to return to your Stories for more opportunities to connect.

Swipe up to donate to The Bail Project & enter to win a 30-minute Zoom call with Abbi & Ilana in this example from Abbi Jacobsen & Ilana Glazer:

How to Increase Engagement on Instagram Using the Swipe Up Feature

Let’s talk about how you can use Instagram Swipe Up to market your brand now that you have learned how to attract more followers to connect with your content.

How to do the swipe up on instagram

Promote your blog posts and some other content on social media.

Create a graphic to advertise a recent blog post/article, then publish it on Instagram Stories. Make sure you’ve got the right Instagram Post dimensions to design stunning images that fit perfectly. To boost brand recognition & increase brand awareness, your visuals should be related to the blog article you’re advertising. You should also utilize colors and fonts that reflect your brand.

Here’s a tweet from @diversifyvanlife as an example:
They’ve utilized a colorful “swipe up” GIF and an eye-catching screenshot of the article to send their followers to a story they know would connect with their target audience.

Product Promotion

Swipe Up on Instagram is very useful for promoting your products. Because Insta is a visual network, you’ll want to use high-quality photographs of your products and direct connections to product-specific pages.

Here’s a tweet from @fatgirlflow as an example:
The photograph of a single object is professional and high-quality, and the post contains easy-to-read text and a GIF that says “lovelovelove.” When you click the Swipe Up button, you’ll be directed to a page dedicated to that product.

Pro Tip: You can even utilize Insta Shopping to link your products to your Instagram account, allowing viewers of your Instagram Stories to make purchases without ever leaving the app.

Events Should Be Promoted

Do you desire a large turnout for a virtual event you’re hosting? To get viewers to register, you could use Swipe Up function. Simply create a Story with your event images and a link to the registration page for the event.

Here’s another @diversifyvanlife example:
They posted a series of stories about the event, including one with a “swipe up to register” CTA that directs users to the event registration page.

How to do the swipe up on instagram

Landing Pages should be promoted.

You want your message to be noticed, irrespective of where you link. When convincing people to take action, landing pages come in handy. Landing pages are primarily transactional. This means they exist to persuade users to act, such as joining up for something or purchasing something.

Here’s an example of a @techladies Instagram Story advertising a signup page:
This is a simple post, but the color and emoji make it stand out. Furthermore, the brilliant and vibrant “swipe up” GIF is difficult to overlook.

Videos Should Be Promoted

Have you just added new video material to your YouTube, IGTV, Facebook, or website? By sharing the links on your Stories, you can enhance the number of people who see that content. Here’s an example of a new film from Northwestern University on their Northwestern Prison Education:
The Swipe Up link directs users to the NPEP website, where they can immediately watch the video.
By generating a graphic or video on Insta, adding a link, and publishing, you can easily cross-promote your content from those other social platforms & marketing channels to your Instagram.

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Podcast Episodes Should Be Promoted

Nowadays, everyone enjoys listening to podcasts. If you’re a podcaster, you should certainly start using Instagram Stories to direct people to new episodes of your show.

Chalene Johnson is the undisputed queen of this. Every day, she provides the link to a new podcast (primarily business-related, but she also covers wellness) on her Instagram Stories:
Chalene usually talks about the substance of the day’s podcast with video or audio, but now and then, she just throws in a photo and calls it good. One of the advantages of having a strong brand is that Chalene could publish a black screen with a link and have most of her followers swipe up without any context.

Lead magnets should be promoted.

Lead magnets are a terrific way to get people to sign up for your email list if you want to build them. Swipe Up links to your lead magnet landing page or signup page can be used to promote your lead magnets on Instagram Stories.

Instagram Story advertising also allows you to include a signup form directly on the Swipe, rather than directing people to a landing page of the site.

How to do the swipe up on instagram

Swipe Up on Instagram to Increase Traffic and Engagement

Instagram influencers that use the Swipe Up feature to share their material, advertise affiliate links, share promotions, and more find it to be a very useful and beneficial tool. You can even use Shoppable Stickers in your Instagram posts to boost eCommerce conversions!


Insta Swipe Up is a feature you’ll adore no matter what you’re attempting to advertise. And, thanks to the IGTV hack we mentioned, you can still use Instagram’s Swipe Up feature while gaining more followers and approaching the crucial 10,000 mark. We also offer a guide on How to recover deleted messages from Instagram. Please share your comment with us.


What is the Instagram Swipe Up feature?

Insta Swipe Up is a feature you’ll adore no matter what you’re attempting to advertise. And, thanks to the IGTV hack we mentioned, you can still use Instagram’s Swipe Up feature while gaining more followers and approaching the crucial 10,000 mark. Swipe Up is available to Instagram users who have more than 10,000 followers. They can use this to add a link to their tales that their followers can access by simply swiping up when viewing them. This Instagram function is really useful because Instagram only allows you to have one clickable link in your bio. Swipe Up can promote specific products, articles, or signup pages that your followers can access directly from Instagram Stories.

How can I get the Instagram Swipe Up feature?

Swipe Up is technically only accessible to users with a verified account or an Instagram Business Account with at least 10,000 followers. The good news is that there is another option if you don’t have many followers. Alternatively, you can utilize the IGTV (Instagram TV) app. After that, you must post your video to IGTV and make a teaser Instagram Story that connects to your IGTV video.

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