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The Clubhouse is the application of sounds. In this app, you will not see anything like sharing images or videos, and the only way that users can communicate with each other is based on audio. When working with this app, keep in mind that all communications and calls are live. It means that you will not be able to re-access your previous voice calls and contacts.
You may be wondering if people can use third-party apps like screen recorder, call recorder, and so on. To record audio or video from calls, in this regard, we must say that in the initial versions of Clubhouse, these actions were not allowed at all. But, with the release of the Android version of Clubhouse, it is possible to record speeches for Users of this application. The Clubhouse is a social network like Instagram, Twitch, Pinterest, but many differences exist. The Clubhouse was initially released for both Android and iOS versions. But, due to the problems and disruptions seen in the Android version of Clubhouse, the parent company decided to suspend the Android versions of Clubhouse, which of course these problems. Sometime later, they removed it and put a link to download Android versions on Google Play.

Register and set up Clubhouse app for ios

Register and set up Clubhouse

for Clubhouse app for ios, I ndeed you have been active in at least one social network so far, and you are somewhat familiar with the working process of such applications. Clubhouse, like most messengers, requires registration and account opening and will ask for your phone number upon arrival. It does not matter if the phone number is in your name, but note that Clubhouse will message the phone number you entered to authenticate you, so the phone number needs to be available to you. After entering the code, it is time to select a username, which users choose a name for their account based on name, title, brand, job, and …

How to get Clubhouse for iOS?

How to get Clubhouse for iOS?

The capabilities of Clubhouse, especially the emphasis on voice communication, have made it a good platform for holding formal seminars and talks and even cordial group conversations, which is why we have started downloading Clubhouse app for iOS.
But what made Clubhouse so suddenly popular? Why do we hear the name Clubhouse everywhere? And how to download and use Clubhouse? Join us to download the Clubhouse app for iOS to acquaint you with some details and information about this service.

Download Clubhouse app for IOS

Download Clubhouse app for IOS

Clubhouse voice chat application is a social network consisting of talkback radio with House Party application. In this service, you can listen to conversations, interviews, and intergroup discussions of different people. The Clubhouse audio app was first released in April 2020. The app was released by Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth for iOS, and no one thought it would be so prevalent in such a short time. But what happened is that download of the Clubhouse app for iOS broke the record.
About 2.3 million downloads of the Clubhouse app for iOS took place in January 2021 alone. More interestingly, the website claims that 30% of downloads of the Clubhouse app have been since January 28th.
The Clubhouse app is a social network for online voice communications; we have almost no such thing so far. But the unique format of Clubhouse and its basis on live voice communication has caused us to face some new concepts and possibilities that we may not know what means.
If you want to join and work in this service, you should get acquainted with the primary and basic concepts of Clubhouse before entering it. Follow us to provide these tutorials in total.
As has been said many times during this speech, Clubhouse is a voice-based social network. It means that exchanging information and various discussions is possible only in voice, and conventional capabilities, i.e., sending text messages or making video calls, are not potential.
In the tutorial on making rooms in the Clubhouse on various topics, several voice chatrooms or rooms are discussed in detail in this social network. As you should know, these chatrooms are called rooms, and there are different types according to the wide range of subjects.

  List of the best Clubhouse rooms

The room in the Clubhouse is divided into two general categories, public and private. Private Romans, as their name implies, are private and are not allowed to enter freely. These rooms are usually used for business meetings or even friends and family conversations.
Public rooms, however, are created with higher capacities, online seminars, official interviews, conversations of celebrities, and the like, which have their own numerous and special fans. In each public room, however, we are facing categories of users. What are these categories, and what do they mean? Follow us to download the Clubhouse app for iOS.


The first time you become a room member in the Clubhouse, you enter it as a listener. You can only watch and listen to the discussions that take place in this room. In other words, listeners, like listeners, are a radio program that interferes in the talks and does not discuss how to proceed and is only a listener. Of course, the listeners can request to speak, which the facilitators can allow if they wish.


If you comment on the topic in question and want to speak in the room, you should participate in the discussion. The Roman manager then sees your request and decides whether to allow you to speak.
If you have received permission to participate in the discussion from the channel manager, you can turn on your microphone and express your opinion. After you have commented and finished your talk, the roommate will decide whether to keep your microphone or take it back from you.


The manager of each room is the founder of that room and can appoint other persons to the management of the room. The Clubhouse moderator is in charge of managing the room and the conversations that take place in it. The room moderator can invite the desired users to their room, allow the listeners to speak, turn the microphone status of the speakers on or off, or expel the user from the room. In other words, all decisions and control of the Clubhouse Room will be at the disposal of its moderator.
In another part of the query to download the Clubhouse app for iOS and Clubhouse tutorials, we will discuss another of the essential features of Clubhouse.

What is Club?

Clubs are groups based on the interests of individuals that can be joined. Each user in this service is allowed to create a maximum of two clubs, and of course, to establish these two, he must fill out some relevant forms and send them to the Clubhouse support team. This request is reviewed, and after a while, if there is no problem, it is approved by the club, and the applicant will be able to form the desired club.

What is an event in Clubhouse?

What is an event in Clubhouse?

Events or events are virtual programs other than Roman ones held from pre-determined dates and around specific topics. Usually, to create or create an event, you have to enter the date, time, and subject of the event and some other information using the calendar icon in the top menu of the Clubhouse.

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If you own a club, your club members will be notified of the event automatically. If you are a club member, you can send the event to others and join it if they wish.

What is Hallway in Clubhouse?

The hallway is the name of the home page of this voice messaging service. A page is similar to the Instagram Feed where the most important events take place, and the activities of various rooms and clubs are also specified. So do not be surprised to hear these lessons; the purpose is the application’s main page.

Clubhouse Membership Conditions

Using the Clubhouse and its rooms and audio conversations is not much different from listening to a live interactive podcast in partnership with the audience. Subscribe to this service before
It was only possible by invitation, but now both iPhone and Android users can sign up without an invitation.

When you join the club, you can choose your favorite topics such as technology, books, business, or anything else. The more information you give to this app about your interests, the more individual and group conversations it will offer you.

The chatroom is just like a conference call, but only a few people talk, and most people listen to the conversation. Also, like a phone call, the room closes when the conversation is over. Unlike Twitch, where videos played on the platform remain open, and people can go back and watch them again, live voice chats in chatrooms are cleared after the room closes. But users can record live chat.

How to send clubhouse invitations to others

in this part of article we talking ablut how we can send clubhouse invitation for other.

How can we invite different people to the Clubhouse?

To send an invitation from the top menu of this application, select the envelope option and send the invitation to the desired person. Currently, each person who joins the Clubhouse can send ten invitations, and if he has more activity in the Clubhouse, more invitations will be given to him. For more information, Click on Clubhouse invitation.

Clubhouse Profile

After joining the Clubhouse, you can create your profile and introduce yourself to other people in this way.
To do this, you need to choose a profile photo for yourself. All you have to do is select a profile picture from your mobile gallery or the camera at a glance. Of course, we also recommend reading the profile picture of the Clubhouse. Also, if you want to have a unique and special profile, Pinclubhouse is at your service.

You can also write a bio in the profile section of the Clubhouse, like some other social networks. You can use this section to describe yourself or your profession and abilities. This information is seen by others and can effectively get people to contact you or invite you to rooms and events. Of course, when writing a bio clubhouse, you should keep in mind that you can’t use different emojis and links.

if you want to download some profile in clubhouse, you can use clubhouse profile downloader in this website.

Clubhouse Rules

Although Clubhouse has provided a new and exciting space for users with exceptional facilities, it also applies strict rules about them, which we will mention below:

The Clubhouse app creates a Shadow profile for people who have never used the app before but are on the audience list of Clubhouse users. Private room conversations are also recorded.
If a user is identified as a malicious user, they will be deprived of all user and membership features, but the person who invited them will be fined.

  How to use Clubhouse: Getting Started with Clubhouse app

The Clubhouse program is very strict about call security. If you want to record a person’s voice on your phone, the app automatically instructs you to do so.
As we have said, the Clubhouse is very important for the security of the users; therefore, the only necessary access that it requests from the user is his mobile phone microphone, and he does not have access to other user’s information.

Learn how to download and use clubhouse on ios

Is the Clubhouse safe to use?

So, is Clubhouse safe? Like other previous applications, which have proliferated in response to increasing demand, Clubhouse faces many security and privacy challenges. Newer apps have more security and privacy concerns than mature apps. However, Clubhouse says it is very committed to data protection and user privacy and has identified areas to enhance data protection further. The company is also working with HackerOne to offer a bug bonus program, which rewards people who identify security vulnerabilities in the app to be fixed.

Compared to other popular social media applications, Clubhouse collects less information about its users. For example, it does not use iPhone location services and only estimates your location based on your IP address. As an audio-only application, it does not request access to your camera or photos.

As a medium, audio-only programs are likely to be available for a while. A meaningful way to stay safe when using your mobile phone is to protect yourself with antivirus software. Like Kaspersky, Internet Protection for Android blocks suspicious applications, websites, and files and uses machine learning to deal with new threats.
What does iPhone work with Clubhouse?

Currently, this app works on a version iOS 13 or higher, and also on all iPhones, including:
iPhone 5 / iPhone 5S / iPhone SE/ iPhone 6 / iPhone 6S / iPhone 7 / iPhone 7S /….

Finally, for some more information about Clubhouse, we recommend that you look at making money in Clubhouse, joining Clubhouse, Clubhouse on desktop, and Clubhouse on Mac.

The latest Clubhouse features on iOS

Some Clubhouse users have recently temporarily encountered a new feature in this application that will probably allow text chat between people. The ability to chat with users, apparently called “Backchannel”, finally allows people to have a private or group conversation.

clubhouse app for iOS

Text chat ability on Clubhouse iOS

Based on the tweets of several users on Twitter, the “BackChannel” feature is a tool for text chat between users. The Clubhouse has not yet officially mentioned this feature, and the page shown to some users was just a blank page. Therefore, it seems that this feature is in the development phase. All we know about this is what Clubhouse CEO Paul Davison mentioned earlier:
“I think there are a lot of people who use private messaging back channels. Many people want to deepen their friendships and do more. We should have the same ability.”

clubhouse app for iOS

Changing the Clubhouse iOS icon

The Clubhouse has also completely changed the logo and icon of the program in its latest update.

clubhouse app for iOS

Record room on iOS Clubhouse

First, open the phone’s Control Centre and select the Screen Recording tool.

clubhouse app for iOS

The tool may not be in this section, in which case open Settings and go to the Control Center.
Then enable the + sign next to the Screen Recording tool.

clubhouse app for iOS

After activating Screen Recording, enter the Clubhouse and open the desired room.

In this step in the Clubhouse, open the Control Center section and click on Screen Recording.

clubhouse app for iOS

Recording starts after 3 seconds.

To cut it off, tap the Screen Recording timer at the top of the screen and tap Stop.

clubhouse app for iOS

When you try to record a Clubhouse room, a warning appears and asks you to let others know.

Otherwise, you have violated the rules of this social network.

clubhouse app for iOS

You can also notify users that you are recording next to the room name.

clubhouse app for iOS

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