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Do you suspect someone watching your Instagram stories in secret? Even so, is that possible? Indeed, it is. Instagram, fortunately, allows you to view who has viewed your Instagram story. However, not everyone who saw your stories may be visible to you, particularly if they used unapproved or third-party apps.

This guide explains many methods for finding out who saw your Instagram story. You’ll discover how to keep your stories a secret from particular individuals. Stay with Pinclubhouse.

Who sees my Instagram story in 2022?

Before reading this post, take a look at the poll on Instagram. In the “Activity” card on Instagram Stories, you can see who has viewed the content you’ve uploaded. If you manage a business account, you can see how users respond to your content. When your Instagram story is posted to your profile or even 24 hours after it has ended, you can see who has viewed it.

  • To access your tale or stories, click on the Your Story circle in the top-right corner of the Insta homepage feed.
  • Alternatively, go to your Instagram account and tap the emblem or picture representing your profile.
  • In the story activity section, in the bottom left corner of your screen, tap the profile pictures. To display the “Activity” card, slide up from the bottom of your screen. Viewers of your story should appear on your view list.

Viewership and view count for different stories can (and often do) vary. Select each tale you uploaded to see how many people have seen it. Instagram captures replays of your narrative. As a result, the number of story views may exceed the number of viewers. Also, read swipe up on Instagram.

Let’s say your article has 25 views, but only 16 persons are shown as viewers. This is a result of some accounts viewing your story more than once.

If someone loved your tale, a red heart emoji would appear in the lower right corner of their profile photo.

If no one has read your article, a message saying “No one has seen this yet” will appear on the screen.

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Insta Professional & Business accounts have a significantly upgraded and different story activity dashboard. You may get additional details about your narrative activities on the “Insight” tab.

On the narrative activity dashboard, click on the histogram or chart icon in the top-right corner. A list of your story’s important insights, including profiles, impressions, content interactions, etc., will be provided. These story insights’ data can increase engagement and expand your company. Also, click on delete search history.

Can Someone View Your Instagram Story Secretly?

Yes, anyone can view your story anonymously, but not using the official Instagram app. Instagram stories can be viewed on third-party websites and apps without the account owner’s knowledge. The popular website InstaStories is used to access and download Instagram users’ public profile stories covertly.

All you need to access someone’s Instagram stories on these platforms is their username. You may use the sites without even having an Instagram account, which is frequently free.

Reminder: Unsafe third-party services may want you to connect your Instagram profile to their apps. They occasionally are ineffective and unreliable. Unless necessary, avoid disclosing your Instagram login information to outside parties.

You should be aware that neither Instagram nor third-party solutions allow you to see expired or deleted stories. Instagram stories lose their validity 24 hours after being uploaded.

The stories of Instagram users with private profiles cannot now be seen anonymously, not even with third-party technologies. There is nowhere for readers to hide, so they can always check who has read their story. Similarly, to see someone’s status, you must follow their private account. We suggest you read remove followers on Instagram.

How to Verify Instagram Story Views 24 Hours Later

After 24 hours, Instagram removes content from your story. You can no longer access removed or expired stories from your profile or homepage. Your followers and general public users can no longer access the content.

Instagram Story Views

After your story has been deleted from your profile, Instagram gives you another 24 hours to see who has seen it. In conclusion, 48 hours after posting an Instagram story, you may discover who viewed it.

Select Archive from the hamburger menu by opening your Instagram profile and tapping the icon.

Choose Stories archive by tapping the drop-down menu icon at the top of the page.

On the “Stories Archive” page, you can browse a collection of previous (and no longer valid) stories you’ve put on your profile.

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Swipe up on any item in the list to see the latest 48 hours’ worth of viewers by selecting the item. Alternately, you can tap the profile icon(s) in the bottom left. Also opened by doing so is the tale activity card.

Instagram may just disclose a story’s total number of views without providing the viewers’ identities. That typically occurs when a story has recently passed its 24-hour expiration date. The problem could be fixed by closing and opening the Instagram app again.

Wait a few minutes and check again if you still can’t see the usernames of people who have viewed your article.

Manage the Instagram Story Views

You can control who can access your Instagram Stories in various ways. You can either set your profile to private, build a list of “Close Friends,” or choose only to show certain people certain stories.

Set Instagram to Private

When you keep your Instagram page private, only the individuals who are following you may see and share your posts and stories. To make your profile private on Android and iPhone devices, follow these steps:

  • To access your profile page on Instagram, tap your profile photo in the lower right corner of the app.
  • Select Settings by tapping the hamburger menu symbol in the top right corner.
  • Click Privacy.
  • To continue, turn on Private Account & press Switch to Private.
  • You can receive a request to evaluate your followers. We advise you to go through the list and cross off any individuals you don’t want to see in your story.
  • Then, next to the usernames you wish to delete from the list, touch the Remove button on the Review Followers screen.

Instagram Story Views

Make a List of Your Close Friends

You can share stories with a small group of people by making a Close Friends list. Only those on the list will be able to see your tale. You can add as many people as you like to your list of Close Friends is the nicest feature.

People on the list will know they are there but cannot view other list members. You are the only one with access to that data. Here’s how to make a list of Close Friends and communicate with those on it.

Select Close Friends from the hamburger menu by opening your Instagram profile and tapping the icon. To add someone to your Close Friends list, tap the Add button next to them. You can also select Remove to remove someone from the list.

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The profile pictures of those you add to the list will have a green badge. You can quickly discover the individuals you wish to add using the search box. Enter their username in the search field, then tap Add to add them to your Close Friends list.

People who aren’t following you & people you don’t follow can be added to your Close Friends list.

Instagram Story Views

To return to the previous page, click on the x icon in the top-left corner.

When someone is added to or removed from your Close Friends list, Instagram doesn’t let them know. People on the list will see a green ring around your profile pic when you share stories with your Close Friends. That indicates to them that they are among your Close Friends.

Instagram Stories can be hidden from certain people.

Like WhatsApp, Facebook, and other well-known social networking networks, Instagram enables you to conceal your stories from certain Instagram users. Here’s how to accomplish it:

  • Select the menu symbol on your Instagram profile, then press Settings.
  • Click Privacy.
  • Choose a story.
  • Click on Hide Story.
  • Tap Done after choosing the users from whom you want to hide your tale.

Remember that restricted users cannot view your live videos if your stories are hidden. These are the three most efficient ways to gatekeep your Instagram stories. When Instagram adds more privacy features for stories in the future, we’ll update this post.

Why can’t I see who viewed my Instagram story?

Tap on the profile images in the lower left to see the usernames of everyone who has seen your tale. Please note that the number of story views includes all of your tale’s replays. If the same user has watched your story more than once, you can see a higher number of views than usernames.

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Who saw my Instagram story?

Open your tale and swipe up on the screen to see who has viewed it. You can check the number of viewers and their Instagram usernames for each picture or video in your tale.

How can I know who sees my story?

You can see how many people have watched each image or video in your article in the bottom left corner. Tap on the profile images in the lower left to see all of the usernames of those who have visited your article.

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