How to find someone on Instagram without their username?

Instagram has become so popular that practically everyone you know uses it. Getting their Instagram might be a wonderful place to start, whether you want to reconnect with a close friend or simply want to learn more about your neighbors.

However, in most cases, we just have a name, an address, or a phone number to begin with. So, if someone doesn’t use their names on Insta (which is very popular, right? ), can you discover them without their username? Read more on how to find someone’s Instagram with their phone number. But if you want to know more about finding someone with their username, stay with us in this post.

9 best ways to find Instagram users by username

You can discover individuals on Instagram without knowing their usernames. And there are numerous ways to do it with just a few pieces of information about that person, such as a name, an email, or a mobile number. We suggest you read how to find someone’s IP address on Instagram.

1. Look up the person’s real name.

Searching for someone on Instagram by their real name is the simplest and most effective method. It’ll provide you with a list of all the available social media accounts.

How to find someone on Instagram without their username?

2. Use BeenVerified to search 55+ social networks.

How to find someone on Instagram without their username?

If you’re searching for someone on Instagram but don’t know their name, you can conduct a profile search using a third-party service.

And BeenVerified is the perfect search engine for you. BeenVerified lets you search profiles on 55+ social platforms with only a name, an email, or a phone number, thanks to a massive database holding billions of entries and plenty of social media data. Also, click on how to get a disabled Instagram account back to know more about a disabled account. After pressing the button, you’ll see all available profiles in less than a minute.

  • To begin, visit the BeenVerified.
  • SEARCH after entering the name, email, or phone number.
  • How to find someone on Instagram without their username?
  • BeenVerified will provide a report containing all available online profiles related to this name, number, or email in minutes.
  • How to find someone on Instagram without their username?

3. Look over the photos

First way: Use a personal search engine to find the photo.

If you have access to that person’s photos or profile pictures on other platforms (such as WhatsApp or Facebook), a reverse image search will likely lead you to them.

Social Catfish is the most efficient approach to Search for someone based on their images. It’s a versatile platform that can collect information from various sources, like social media, dating services, and public data.

  • Go to the Google Image Search page on Social Catfish.
  • Click Search after uploading a picture.
  • How to find someone on Instagram without their username?
  • Wait for the user information to be scanned by Social Catfish. You’ll see matching photographs on social media platforms, sites, archives, and more once you’ve finished.
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How to find someone on Instagram without their username?

Second way: Use Google/Yandex to look up the photo.

You can also use major search engines to find the photos. It might be possible to pull certain related accounts from other platforms in some circumstances. This may not provide as much information as people’s search engines, but it’s worth a shot.

How to find someone on Instagram without their username?

Also, keep in mind that we recommend just two engines for picture searches: Google and Yandex. And, think it or not, Yandex is rather strong at picture reversal. If you’re having trouble with Google, you should try Yandex. It may occasionally surprise you. If you want to know more about increasing followers, click on how to get a lot of Instagram followers.

4. Use Spokeo to track your digital footprints.

How to find someone on Instagram without their username?

The aims and resources of people’s search engines differ. If BeenVerified didn’t work for you, try Spokeo. Spokeo is an incredible tool for discovering someone online because it aggregates data from over 120 social networks. Simply type in a username or a mobile number to learn about someone’s identity, social profiles, web platform, etc.

  • Visit Spokeo’s search page.
  • Hit Search Now after entering the username or phone number.
  • How to find someone on Instagram without their username?
  • You’ll receive a report including information on the phone number.

How to find someone on Instagram without their username?

5. Sync your list of contacts

As the most popular photo-sharing network, Instagram does not have the same limits as dating applications.

By syncing your contacts list, they urge you to find individuals you know, making users more “engaged.” You may use this function to search for people on Instagram.

On Instagram, here’s how to accomplish it:

  • To begin, add the mobile number to your contacts on your phone.
  • Open your profile page on Instagram. In the top right corner, tap the Settings icon.

How to find someone on Instagram without their username?

  • Choose people to discover. (Instagram may require you to grant Contacts access.) You could see your list of contacts by tapping Allow Access.)

How to find someone on Instagram without their username?

6. Seek out Instagram recommendations.

You can try your luck with the suggested users if you don’t want to share your contacts on Insta. Some users have reported seeing their relatives members on the list, so have a look and see if you can discover the person you’re looking for.

The Suggested For You section will appear on your homepage feed, possibly on the first or second article (or on the Activities page).

How to find someone on Instagram without their username?

7. Seek out common acquaintances.

Finding individuals on Instagram is a widespread and straightforward trick. You can locate indications in that shared friend’s followers and following list if you’re certain you also know someone who is on Instagram. Spend some time cross-referencing the accounts to see if you could locate the target.

How to find someone on Instagram without their username?

8. Look for mutual followers/followers.

How to find someone on Instagram without their username?

Mutual followers might help you find anyone on Insta, even if you don’t know their username.

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Please allow me to elaborate. Let’s pretend you’re looking for someone named x. Assume you’re following y, who is best friend with x; there’s a good probability they’re both following each other.

  • To verify this, go to x’s profile and look under their bio for the “Followed by”
  • If y is following x, there will be a statement beneath x’s profile that states, “Followed by y.”
  • If the “Followed by” list becomes too long (for example, y and 20 others), click to expand it and scroll to locate more mutuals.

Here’s how to find someone through mutual followers, step by step:

  • Look through a friend’s account of the people you’re looking for.
  • Look at their list of followers.
  • On their followers/following list, look up the name of the person you’re looking for.
  • You’ll usually be able to locate the person you’re looking for by browsing one of their close friends’ profiles.
  • It’s because they are almost certainly following one another.
  • When you don’t know someone’s username, the “Followed by” tool comes in handy.

This is especially true if you’re following one of their friends and have access to their list of followers.

Finding them will be more difficult if the person you’re looking for doesn’t put their name on their account.

If that’s the case, you’ll need to go through their friend’s followers/following list till you discover their profile image.

You’ll have to visit many profiles if the person doesn’t have a profile pic or didn’t provide their name.

Examine their feed for images of themselves and the number of mutuals out from the “Followed by” option.

The more people who show up in the “Followed by” feature, the more likely they are related to you. Also, read how to find your violations on Instagram.

9. Examine their close friend’s likes.

The final option is to look up the person of the person you’re looking for on Facebook.

If the preceding approaches have failed to locate the person, you should try this method.

If you have access to the Instagram account of a close friend of someone you’re looking for, you might be able to track them down through likes.

The concept is simple: the person you’re looking for is likely to follow already one or more of their close friends on Instagram.

You’ll be able to find them through likes if you can find one of their close friends’ Instagram.

Here’s how to go about it:

Go to one of the person’s close friends’ profiles.

View all their recent post likes (tap on liked by x and x others).

Look up the person’s identity you see here on the list of likes.

Because the user may not have liked all of their friend’s postings, this method involves more effort.

You’ll have to search through several posts to discover them. It also greatly hinges on the person’s name.

If the person did not provide their real surname on their account, you could detect them by looking at their profile photo or posts (if their account is public).

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If somebody just has an Insta account and no Facebook or Twitter account, this can be useful. Lastly, when all else fails, one might inquire about the individual’s username.

How would you find out a person’s name without asking them?

Looking through internet listings or public records is one approach to finding someone without asking them for their name. Most people’s contact information is quite straightforward if you know where to look. On the other hand, some people go to tremendous lengths to ensure their private information is safe, making it more difficult to locate them. Read more about finding your comments by clicking on how to find your comment on Instagram. If everything else fails, you might always seek assistance from a mutual friend.


It can be difficult to locate someone if you don’t know their Instagram account. However, if you follow the five methods outlined in this article, you should be able to locate the individual you want. After all, it all boils down to the following:

  • Considering one of the person’s Instagram friends
  • Looking up their complete name
  • Taking a look at mutual followers/followers

You can find almost anyone on Insta without having their username once you’ve completed these requirements.


How can I find someone who only has a first name?

Discovering anyone with a first name is dependent on the amount of information accessible about that individual. Using a public list or website may be the best alternative if the person appears to get a common last name. Other procedures must be utilized if the user has an unusual last name or if no info about their last name is available. Searching for the person on social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn is one option.

How can I discover someone who only has a first name and a country?

There are several options for doing so. A public documents database is one option. You may look up people’s names and cities in these databases. A social networking site like Facebook or Twitter is another option. On their profile page, many users provide their complete names and city. Finally, you might try contacting the person’s friends or family to see whether they have any information about how to contact them.

How can I find someone’s Instagram account?

There are several ways to locate someone’s Instagram account. One option is to conduct a direct search on the platform for the person’s name. Another option is to use a website or app that compiles data from several social media platforms.

What is the best way to find a person using a search engine?

Google is the finest search engine for finding people. You may look up an article, social media accounts, and other info about someone by typing their name into Google. Google also provides a ” Google Plus service,” which lets you connect with individuals you know and learn more about them.

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