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It might be really comforting to be able to edit & prepare your Insta posts in advance. Although Instagram doesn’t have a built-in scheduling feature, you can edit and save your posts as drafts to prepare them for posting later. This article will explain how to save, view, & remove Instagram drafts of your photographs and videos. So let’s get started without further ado.

Note that Instagram drafts are currently an app-only feature. Therefore, even though you may publish to Instagram from a PC, the web app does not allow you to create or view Instagram drafts. Stay with Pinclubhouse to learn more about the delete draft on Instagram.

How to delete, view and save Instagram drafts 2022

Before reading this post, click on how to clear Instagram cache ios. On Instagram, saving drafts is a really simple procedure. You may use any phone to save your image or video as an Instagram draft by following the instructions below because the app’s user interface is comparable on both Android and iPhone.

  1. Open Instagram on your iPhone or Android device. Select post from the drop-down menu when you tap the Plus button in the top right corner. You can also share your picture or video straight from the Gallery app on your phone.
  2. After choosing the image or video you want to save as a draft, hit the Forward arrow in the top right corner of the screen to change your post as necessary. When finished, press the Forward arrow once more to move on.
  3. Enter all the post information on the New Post page, including the caption, location, and so forth. To return to the editing page, hit the Back arrow in the top left corner. You can choose to save the post as a draft or delete it after tapping the Back arrow once more. Select the option to save a draft.
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I’m done now. Instagram has saved your post in drafts. Also, read the poll on Instagram. Understanding that the Save draft option will only appear if you’ve altered your post is crucial.

how to delete draft on instagram

How to View & Post Your Instagram Saved Drafts

Until you share or delete them, your drafts stay on your device. It’s just as simple to access your Instagram drafts anytime if you want to view or publish them. Find out how by reading on.

  1. Launch Instagram on your mobile device. To choose a post from the list, tap the Plus icon.
  2. Directly next to Gallery, you will see a Drafts option. To access your drafts, tap on them.
  3. After choosing the one you want to update or post, hit the Forward arrow to continue. Click and hold any Insta draft to select numerous drafts at once if you want to make a carousel post.
  4. From there, you may publish the post as usual by going to the post-sharing page. Your post won’t show up in Drafts after it is published. Also, tap on the swipe up on Instagram.

How to Delete Instagram Drafts

You might wish to delete some of your drafts if you’ve saved too many to reduce clutter. To erase the saved Instagram drafts you’ve created, follow these steps.

  1. Open Instagram and choose a post by tapping the Plus icon. Click the Drafts tab to view the pictures and videos you’ve saved.
  2. Select Manage from the menu at the bottom. Now choose the drafts you want to delete by tapping the Pencil symbol in the upper right corner.
  3. When prompted, choose Discard after tapping the appropriate checkmark at the top.
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That’s pretty much it. You will lose any saved pictures or videos.

how to delete draft on instagram

How long do post drafts last on Instagram?

Drafts of stories are saved for seven days before being lost. So there’s still more technique to control the flow of your Stories creation and post at the best moments to increase interaction. Although it might not be a significant change, Instagram managers working to optimize the app may find it useful.

How to delete drafts on Instagram android?

To save your photos for later upload, select “Save Draft.” “In the Instagram app, hit the little Instagram icon, then select Library to view posts you’ve saved as drafts. Click and read the delete search history. Posts will show below Drafts at the bottom of the screen, according to the Instagram Help Page.

How to delete drafts on Instagram iPhone

At the top, tap. Press Post. Below the post or video, select Drafts, then select the draft you want to publish.

Can’t find reels Instagram 2022?

how to delete draft on instagram

Open the “Reels” option via several access points for Android users to fix Instagram Reels that aren’t working.

  • Check out the most recent version of Instagram. This is what? Inform Ad.
  • Update your smartphone.
  • Delete Your Data Cache.
  • Reinstall Instagram after uninstalling it.
  • Please contact “Instagram Support.”
  • Then sign back in.

How to delete a draft video on Instagram?

  1. In the underside corner of the screen, tap “Me” as the first step.
  2. Select “Drafts.”
  3. On the draft you want to delete, swipe from right to left until the word “Delete” appears on the page’s right side.
  4. Select “Delete.”
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Can anyone view my Instagram drafts?

No. Before being published, your drafts are private.

Are Insta drafts saved on my device?

On your phone, drafts are kept as cached data. Consequently, they won’t show up on the phone’s gallery app. However, all your saved Instagram content will be permanently deleted if you uninstall the app and then reinstall it.

How do I delete drafts on Instagram 2022?

To delete a draft post you’ve saved:

  • At the top, tap.
  • Tap Manage to the right of Drafts.
  • For iPhone or Android, tap Edit in the top right corner.
  • Choose the drafts you want to exclude, then press Done at the bottom of the screen on an iPhone or an Android device.
  • To delete posts, tap Discard (Android) or Discard (iPhone).

How do I manage drafts on Instagram?

If you have saved drafts, you’ll see a “Drafts” section at the top of your Library above “Recents.” Tap “Manage” to the right of “Drafts.” 4. A new screen with your drafts will open. Tap “Edit.”

Drafts through broadcasts

Instagram has changed from being a photo-sharing website by frequently adding new features and making enhancements. However, the software still lacks a few essential features. One of them is the capability to schedule posts natively. A possible solution to this issue is to save your Instagram photographs and videos as drafts.

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