why instagram reels not showing

One of the most well-known social media platforms is Instagram. The platform, which offers some engagement features, is used by millions of individuals. Reels are Instagram’s most well-liked feature. When TikTok was outlawed in India, Instagram introduced reels.

Reels employs the same idea as TikTok. Users can produce a quick video using a range of effects, music, transitions, & other elements. The app needs to provide a wide range of new features and enhancements to compete with Instagram creators.

However, reels being a new feature and Instagram’s recent improvements have led to certain issues. As a result, many users no longer have proper access to Instagram reels. If your Instagram reels aren’t operating properly, this article can help. Stay with Pinclubhouse.

why instagram reels not showing

Why are Instagram reels not showing? Fix Instagram Reels Issue 2022

Instagram is one of the social media networks with the quickest growth, with an estimated one billion active users monthly. Instagram used TikTok’s suspension as an opportunity to launch a competitor. Reels were later introduced on Instagram as a result of this. Also, take a look at getting followers on Instagram. Users can enhance a short video clip using the app’s music collection and other creative capabilities. In addition, the Instagram Reel movies allowed for longer viewing times than the standard Instagram Storytime.

Despite being one of the most widely used apps with various features, many users complain that Instagram Reels don’t function properly or don’t show up. Being unable to access the most recent features and keep up with trends can be frustrating. Also, read how to write an Instagram bio in bold.

Reels may not be visible on Instagram for some reason. Here are some more widespread solutions that may help you, given the wide variety of causes.

The Instagram app requires an update.

If you can’t view Reels, you should update your Insta application first. You must install the compatible app version if you just updated the operating system on your smartphone.

You can upgrade your Instagram app by going to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Search for the Instagram app to find it. If an update is required for Instagram, the Update button appears. Check to see if the Insta Reels issue has been resolved after downloading it.

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Logout and Re-login

If updating the Insta app on your device still does not enable Reels, try logging out of your account and then signing back in. Click the bottom right corner of your profile image to log out of Instagram.

When your profile appears, click the menu button in the upper right corner.

The sidebar on the right has a “Settings” option at the bottom.

On the “Settings” page, scroll down. The option to log out is located at the bottom. Also, tap on the top 10 Instagram followers in the world.

Logout and Re-login

Your account has been shut off at this time. When you’re finished, use your username and password to log into your Instagram account. Check to see if Reels is now accessible through the app.

Search for reels on Instagram in many sections.

There are many sites on Instagram where reels can be seen. Study the sections below for all the ways you may engage with Reels and follow them on Instagram.

Search for reels on Instagram in many sections.



Look for the Reels tab. You may access Reels from individuals worldwide by tapping the Reels option in the bottom center of the Instagram app. The play button will be located in the center of the square icon. When you select the Reels tab on Instagram, you can browse public Reels films from users there. Reels are accessible through a person’s profile. To determine whether Reels has been activated on a user’s account, you may search for a person’s Reels video on their profile. On the profile page of an Instagram account belonging to a well-known company or person, look for the Reels gallery. When you browse someone’s Reels gallery, you may see all their Reels videos in a single section.

Then select “New Post.” If you want to start making Reels videos right immediately, use the Instagram app. The plus symbol is located in the top left corner. Click it. The ‘New Post’ screen inside Instagram should display. If Reels has been activated for your account, you will notice a “Reels” tab at the bottom of the page. Starting a Reels video capture will be possible from the app’s camera module. Also, read more about losing followers on Instagram.

Go to the camera screen by swiping. Select Instagram to see if you can create Reels videos instead of going to the “New Post” screen. Swipe left then right on the app’s home screen. The reels option can be found by scrolling down.

Search for reels on Instagram in many sections.2

Reel videos can be found on Instagram’s Explore screen. Some well-liked Reel videos may appear in the Explore section of the Instagram app, along with other publicly shared images and videos. Check to check if this is the case by opening the Instagram app. At the bottom, click the search icon. On this screen, a portrait video is indicated by the Reels icon. To discover it, scroll through this screen.

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Remove App Cache

The more you use an app, the more data it will save in a cache. Your device’s memory will be reduced as you build up more cache. This can result in programming mistakes. These flaws may prevent the Instagram reel from operating. Therefore, you ought to erase your cache. There are three ways to clean the cache in the Instagram app. Also, we suggest your read the best unfollowers app for Instagram.

  • based on settings
  • Access the Settings page.
  • Simply select Apps & Notifications.
  • Instagram can be chosen from the list of apps.
  • Then select Storage & cache.
  • Click Clear Cache to finish. Click Clear Storage after that.

third-party programs

  • You can download any cleanup program from the PlayStore.
  • Next, select “Clean App Caches.”
  • You’ll be able to clear the cache on Instagram.

putting in Instagram once more

After uninstalling the Instagram app, all of the data, including the cache, will be erased.

Then you can download it again from the PlayStore.

Await the release of Instagram Reels in your country.

Only select nations can access specific Instagram features. By 2020, the Instagram reel would only be accessible in 50 nations. If Reels aren’t available in your country, you’ll likely have to wait for Insta Reels to launch there. However, there are two ways to view Reels:

  • A VPN can be used to access Instagram.
  • You can also relocate your app store if you choose.
  • These techniques’ efficacy cannot be guaranteed. You can nevertheless give them a try.

Await the release of Instagram Reels in your country.

Join the Instagram Beta program.

If you’re still unable to see Reels inside the Instagram app, you can choose to install the Beta version of Instagram. Download the beta version of Instagram. Afterward, when it is updated to its beta version, Reels might be brought back. Enrolling in the beta program, you can test an app’s new features at or before its official release. Additionally, a server upgrade that was just completed for an app can be active.

Instagram’s beta program is currently only accessible on Android devices. Launch the Google Play Store application on Android to download the Instagram Beta app. After that, you may find the Instagram app. After Instagram has loaded in the Play Store, scroll down the page. Tap the “Join” button in the “Join the beta” section. There will be a confirmation screen. You might need to tap the “Join” button in the pop-up dialog box to proceed.

Google will now sign you up for Instagram’s beta program. It can take a few minutes before you can update Instagram’s most recent beta version.

  • Tap the “Update” button on the Instagram screen of the Play Store app to install the most recent Instagram Beta on your device.
  • After installing the update, launch the Instagram app. Verify if Reels are accessible to you.
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Inquire with Instagram Support

After attempting every suggestion in this post, you only have one choice if you still have problems with Instagram Reels. It will be easier for Instagram to comprehend your situation if you directly submit your problem to them.

  • In the app’s Settings area, select Help if you have problems with Instagram.
  • Pick “Report a problem” from the menu on the screen.
  • Write an error message that explains what’s wrong with the program and displays it on the following screen.
  • You can upload a screenshot of the problem using the “Gallery” or “Take Screenshot” options.
  • After you’ve typed what you want to say, touch the “Submit” button to file your complaint.

Examine your internet connection.

If you’re having trouble using the Insta reels on the app, your poor internet connection might be to blame. You may experience problems if there is a problem with your internet. If so, you should experiment with turning Airplane mode on and off. Furthermore, ensure you are in a location with the greater network coverage.

You should probably attempt joining any other Wi-Fi network if that doesn’t work. If that was ineffective, proceed to the next section of this essay.

Examine your internet connection.

Install the Instagram app again

The Instagram app should be reinstalled as your very next course of action. Following the instructions below will allow you to reinstall Instagram if clearing the app’s cache doesn’t work.

  • To uninstall the Instagram app, tap & hold the icon. Then, tap the Delete symbol.
  • Open the Play Store or the App Store if you’re using an Android device (if using an iOS device).
  • Find and download Instagram from this page.
  • Now launch the Insta app on your phone or tablet and log in.
  • Check to see if Insta reels are operational

System Firmware Updates

You may frequently experience the problem as a result of outdated system software. To see if that resolves the issue or not, you should try updating the system firmware. To do so, adhere to the instructions below:

Using Android

  • Your Android device’s Settings app should be opened.
  • Look for Software Update here, then launch it.
  • Updates can be found here. The issue should be resolved when you download and install all your computer’s updates.

On iOS

  • Your iPhone or iPad should now be in the Settings app.
  • Tap General here, followed by Software Update.
  • Install the most recent version, then see if Instagram Reels is still giving you problems.

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