convert a business account to a private account on Instagram

One of the essential things in using a social network like Instagram is the lack of access by unknown people to the photos and videos on the Instagram page. For this purpose, you can make your Instagram account private. Now we want to know how to make the Instagram account private. In the end, you will get to know how to make your Instagram page private on Fa Mag host.

You may have created several Instagram pages for different purposes, and you want to keep the information on one of the pages private and exclusive to certain people. Therefore, you need to make that page private. Stay with us if you want to know how to use your Instagram account. Refer to how to do a joint post on instagram.

Types of Instagram accounts

Three types of accounts can be created on Instagram:

Personal Account

Business Account

Influencer (Creator Account)

Instagram business page

A type of page specific to businesses and, therefore, represents more information than regular privatise is called.

Steps to privatise Instagram page

Locking the Instagram page is considered a privacy page security. Privacy on an Instagram account is simple and takes less than 1 minute.

Note: The settings of the created user account are set to public by default.

After creating an Instagram account, to lock the Instagram page, follow the steps below:

In the first step, open the Instagram application. Login to your account.

Go to your profile through the dummy icon in the lower right corner of the application.

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convert a business account to a private account

Three from the menu on the top right of the screen, click on the three-line symbol and select the settings option.

convert a business account to a private account

  1. In the next step, select the privacy option from the window to activate the privacy content option in the Account privacy section.

Note: If this option is blue, you can have a private page. Refer to How to find blocked accounts on Instagram.

convert a business account to a private account

  1. A message will appear and announce that by making the Instagram page private, only the people you approve will have access to your photos, videos and stories. These changes will not affect your followers. Click the ok button to confirm.

convert a business account to a private account

Your Instagram account has been privatised. From now on, only page followers will have the cess to your posts. Refer to the best unfollowers apps for Instagram.

Note: The images you see are related to the latest Instagram update, and if the environment you see in the Instagram app is different, update your Instagram app.

Tips on making your Instagram account private

Note that private Instagram pages can be personal only through the Instagram application (Android or iOS).

After making your Instagram account private, only those who have followed your page can see your posts, and people who have not followed your page do not have access to your posts.

After the Instagram account becomes private, any user who wants to see your posts must be approved by you.

Business accounts cannot be private. Therefore, we must first take it out of the business model for business performance.

If you have Instagram, Suppose your Instagram account is connected to other social networks, and your posts are published on other social networks. In that case,  social networks, in addition to the privacy settings of the Instagram page.

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Remember that after making your Instagram page private, your page followers still have access to your Instagram account information. The Refer to connect instagram to the Facebook page.

The benefits of making your Instagram page private

You can control who can see the content of pages, such as pages, videos and stories.

You can hide your sensitive personal activities.

Prevent unknown people from accessing your information by making your Instagram account private.

You can prevent the theft of your personal information by private sizing and privatising ram accounts.

Making your Instagram account private will not limit the use of the Instagram feature creating your account. Refer to start a business instagram account.

Disadvantages of a private Instagram page

One of the best features of Instagram to increase views of Instagram posts is the Explore section.

When your Instagram page is private, if someone sends your post in Direct to someone who is not your follower, this post will not be shown to them.

By privatising the page, you will lose the features that Instagram has set for business pages, such as displaying the statistics of posts.

If your private page photos have hashtags, your photos will be hidden from the public.

When you make your page private during the advertising, contacts cannot see your posts until they follow you.

A private profile eliminates the ability to interact with new customers.

In public pages, page information, including posts, can be accessed by others. If they want to follow the public page, they are automatically added to the list of page followers by selecting the following option. But on private pages, this does not happen until the person approves the other party’s follow request.

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Suppose you are one of those who do not like the information on your Instagram page to be accessible to everyone. In that case, you can limit the access of others to your Instagram account by privatising your Instagram account. If you have questions about locking your Instagram account, ask in the comments section.

Instagram business page

When you are using Instagram, you may come across pages. In addition to the usual buttons that can be seen on all Instagram pages, the call and routing and email buttons are also located on top of them.

These pages were personal at first. And then, according to the decision of the page owner, they have turned into business mode.

There are many different reasons why people use social media, like Instagram.

If the goal is to make money, adding a series of features to the list of Instagram capabilities is necessary to manage customer behaviour better and increase sales.

The Instagram business account is recommended to businesses due to providing more tools and facilities for analysis, advertising, etc.

Disadvantages of Instagram business page

Disadvantages of the Instagram business page include the following:

When your account becomes a business account, you must pay a fee to Instagram to advertise your products and services.

Commercialising the Instagram account changes the appearance of the user profile. For this reason, some page followers or people who enter the page may leave your page after viewing the commercial account or advertising posts.

A business account cannot be private in any way. And its information can be seen by any user.

Instagram business accounts are less visible on the Explore page than regular personal accounts.

The possibility of connecting the page to several Facebook accounts is unavailable.

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