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Can You hide your followers on Instagram, and how to do this?

Who does not use Instagram? Nearly everyone uses Facebook, from your neighbor down the hall to your friend who lives hundreds of miles away. However, there are many more than that. Additionally, the people you follow on Instagram may cause unneeded drama. For instance, if you follow someone they don’t like, your friend can quarrel with you over it.

Privacy issues can also be major issues. Thanks to Instagram, what is private and what isn’t has become more chaotic. Instagram lets people see your relationships, interests, and what you enjoy. As a result, you need to tread cautiously.

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Strangely, other Instagram users could be able to exploit this information against you. Therefore, it’s preferable to keep your Privacy as private as possible.

Because of this, we’ll review several techniques to hide your Instagram followers!

Can you hide your Instagram followers?

How do you hide who you follow on Insta is a common query? Unfortunately, this is not something Instagram users can accomplish.

When someone clicks on your Instagram profile, they may still see how many people you follow and how many people follow you. To choose who sees what, you can adjust some additional factors.

How can you keep your Instagram followers private for business accounts?

On Instagram, you cannot hide your followers’ and followers’ lists, irrespective of your account. So, even for a corporate account, everyone on the network can still see how many followers it has.

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There are many things that Instagram has already released, but none compare to this. As a result, there is nothing you can do to solve this issue. More privacy-related features from Instagram have still not been added.

How can I hide my Instagram followers on private accounts?

Many people don’t give private social media accounts much thought. Everyone, except influencers and superstars, should keep their accounts private. Your images or posts could be used in various ways by others. People who don’t follow you on a private account cannot see your details.

However, if you choose a public profile, every one may see this. Your followers and following list are still viewable, even on a private account. But it’s just visible to people that follow you. The numbers are all the others can see. On the other hand, anyone can view both on a public account.

Because this is why social media sites exist, they want the number of followers to stay visible. The amount of followers a user has on their account determines how popular a social networking app is.

The number of followers has become an obsession for people. They return to the platform because of this. As a result, using the program to hide Instagram followers won’t be simple. Instagram has now made it possible to conceal likes. This was done in response to worries about users’ online safety. However, nothing more in this area has been done.

How to hide your Instagram followers from your current followers?

Sadly, you also cannot accomplish this! What can you genuinely limit, then? Don’t worry, and we’ll talk about this later.

The precise figures show your following and followers. They are constantly audible. No matter what account you have, the numbers cannot be concealed. It’s one of the things Instagram doesn’t compromise on. There might be a way to hide who you follow through.

But that does make sense. As previously said, social media is driven by numbers. If there were a simple way to hide the Following & Followers list on Instagram, it would be counterproductive to the company. You’d let everyone make their own assumptions. However, there are steps you can take to control who has access to what on your account.

Let’s check out what you can limit!

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How to limit visibility on Instagram to hide who you follow

Instagram may eventually provide users the option to hide followers. We don’t anticipate that happening very soon, though. You control how visible you are on the platform and what other users may see about you.

You have the following options for limiting who can see what on your Instagram account:

  1. Limit a user’s account access
  2. Enter private mode.
  3. Block or remove the user.

Let’s now examine each of them separately.

1. How can Instagram accounts be restricted?

Restricting a person’s access to your profile limits what they can see. When you limit someone, they are unable to get to know you. For example, a limited user cannot access stories or when you are active. The user is also unable to see whether you are online or whether you have read a message they have sent you. How to do it is as follows:

1: Open Instagram first.

2: To access your profile, click on the icon for it.

can i hide my following list on instagram

3: Select Settings, then select Privacy.

4: Access Connections

5: Then, select Restricted Accounts.

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6: Enter the name of the user whose access you want to limit and click “Restrict.”

Follow these steps if you ever wish to remove the restriction!

2. Use Instagram’s private mode to hide followers

You can conceal the Instagram users you follow by changing to a private profile. You are still unable to conceal the number of followers. But you have the option of hiding your follower and unfollower lists.

Here’s how to go about it:

1: Launch the Instagram app.

2: Tap on your profile in step two. In the top right corner of the screen, click the three horizontal lines.

3: Navigate to Settings.

can i hide my following list on instagram

4: Select Account Privacy and Privacy Settings.

Instagram settings

5: Choose Private Account here.

can i hide my following list on instagram

Anyone who wishes to follow you must ask your permission after you convert to a private account.

The decision to let them view your profile is then up to you.

3. How do I block Instagram followers?

If you don’t want particular people to read your profile, you can do the greatest thing to block them entirely.

However severe it may seem, blocking is the only way to keep followers on Instagram hidden from some users.

To conceal followers on Instagram, follow these instructions:

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1: select the account you want to block.

2: Access their profile page’s top-right three dots.

3: Select “Yes, I’m sure” after pressing Block.

can i hide my following list on instagram

How can I delete my Instagram followers?

Blocking someone is going too far. You can eliminate the user instead. Even that is simple! They won’t be informed when you take them away. Instead of this, people will only learn when they click on your profile. Additionally, they will require your consent to see your profile once more.

You cannot hide followers on Instagram by unfollowing them or making your profile private. They cannot view your actual following list; all they can see is the number of followers.

To do this, simply access your Followers list. Simply enter the login and click “Remove” next to the person’s name.

Click here to find the solution if you’ve lately attempted to follow someone but were unsuccessful.

FAQ: How to hide your Instagram followers

So far, we’ve covered the subject of hiding your Instagram followers. Let’s examine other skepticisms regarding this matter.

Can I hide my Instagram activity status?

Yes, you can, and we’ll explain how right away!

1: Open your profile first.

2: Select the three lines in the top right corner of your screen by clicking there.

3: Select Settings.

4: Slide activity status to the off position by tapping it.

By doing this, you’ll be able to browse Instagram without anyone knowing that you use the app.

Can I block a user on Insta without unfollowing them?

Instagram has unveiled a feature that allows you to cease updates from a certain user without removing or blocking them. You only need to mute them. Whenever you want to see their posts again, simply unmute them.

The nicest aspect of this tool is that the person you muted won’t be aware that they’ve been silenced.

Can I keep my contacts off of Instagram on my phone?

Although relatively easy to activate, this feature has nothing to do with Insta settings. Scroll to the programs section of your phone’s settings and look for Instagram.

The permission will then be eliminated from the program when you disable contact accessibility. Furthermore, your contact information won’t be used to locate you by anyone on your contacts list.

That’s all there is to hide your Instagram followers; Please share your comment with Pnclubhouse.

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