How To Fix Instagram Music Not Available In Your Region

How To Fix Instagram Music Not Available In Your Region

How To Fix Instagram Music Not Available In Your Region? Have you encountered this error? Instagram music is not available.

This problem exists for everyone all over the world.

It was not long ago that Instagram released its music feature, which you can use to attack music and soundtracks on Instagram stories.

When you tap on a story’s music, you can listen to it and either comment on it or share it with your story.

Believe it or not, not everyone can use this feature on Instagram right now. If you live where it’s not yet available, you’ll get a message telling you it’s not yet available in your area.

When you are faced with this time and again, it can be very annoying.

The biggest reason for this is that Instagram Music only owns the rights to songs in countries that currently want them, meaning that if you live a little off the map, it might not reach you. to be yet still.

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It would also cost a lot of money for Instagram to buy licenses for all the music in every region, meaning many regions will still be missed.

There is a way around this though – by using a VPN for Instagram.

How To Fix Instagram Music Not Available In Your Region

How to access Instagram music if it is limited

Let’s take a look at the simple four-step process to access Instagram music, even if you live in a restricted area.

Get a fast VPN

Use NordVPN, or choose your favourite VPN from our list here.

 Delete Instagram

Yes, that’s right. Completely remove Instagram from your smartphone.

Download the VPN app

Download the VPN app of your choice and choose a country/region server that supports Instagram Music — we recommend the United States.

Reinstall Instagram

Reinstall Instagram on your phone and enjoy access to Instagram music!

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Why VPN? Fix Instagram Music Not Available In Your Region

Now you need to know why you need to use a VPN to access Instagram music. Well, since Instagram is not licensed to provide music in every region, there are geo-restrictions to reach it.

Currently, Instagram only has licensed rights in Germany, France, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

This means that if you live in any of these locations, your IP address can access Instagram Music.

If you don’t, you can choose a VPN, which will give you an IP address in each of these zones. As long as you choose one of these locations, you can access it.


How to use a VPN

Using a VPN to access Instagram music is very simple. We’ve briefly talked about the easy four-step process that can get you access, so now let’s break down the steps in more detail:

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Select VPN

If you choose the best VPN, you have completed the most important step of the process.

There are many companies out there that aren’t worth your time and money, which is why we recommend NordVPN (it’s the number one VPN) or choosing one of our top-rated VPN companies.

Let’s quickly review what you need to know about choosing the right VPN:

Must be able to cross geographic blocks.

When you’re creating your Instagram story, a reliable, high-speed network is your best bet against any lag or buffering.

IP addresses are located in regions and countries where you can access Instagram Music.

The need to have high-quality mobile apps that can be used on a variety of different platforms accommodates Instagram.

Delete Instagram

This is another integral step in the process – make sure you uninstall Instagram on your smartphone before downloading the VPN app.


This is because Instagram automatically determines your IP address every time you access it. find Instagram influencers.

Download your favourite VPN and choose a server

Download the VPN of your choice and select the plan you want to sign up for.

Once you’ve filled out your profile and logged in, you’ll be given a few location options to choose from.

You can enter your desired country or region and search for it, or scroll through the list of options to find what you’re looking for.

Remember, the location you choose must be a location where Instagram Music is accessible. Click on the location of your choice and the VPN will connect you to it. put 60-second reels on Instagram.

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Reinstall Instagram

Now that your location is shown as the country or region of your choice, you can download your Instagram app again and connect to Instagram Music right away.

When you want to add a new story to your Instagram story, you’ll now notice that there’s an option to add music on the bottom left of the screen.

This means you can now choose any song you want to add to your Instagram story, and you can also listen to other users’ music on their Instagram stories.

Final thoughts

As you can see, changing Instagram location is very easy and fast if you choose a high-quality VPN that works at a high level.

A VPN can help you with many things, including helping you bypass geo-restrictions on various features, including Instagram Music.

This means that no matter where you are in the world, you can still enjoy adding music to your Instagram story and enjoying the music that others put on their stories.

However, remember that not all VPNs have the same features.

This means you need to do your research and make sure the VPN you settle on has what you need – otherwise, you’re just wasting your time. see blocked accounts on Instagram.

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