best Instagram story downloader

In the last few years, Instagram has become the most popular social network among social network users. People use this app to share all the details of their lives, like the food they cook, their pets, their travels, etc. Moreover, doing these things became very easy with the help of a feature called Stories. This built-in feature makes your image disappear automatically one day after it’s published. The auto-delete part has advantages and disadvantages because sometimes, the whole day is not enough to watch all the new content and news from your friends and favourite bloggers. Due to time constraints, you might misvaluablertant information, valuable data or announcement of exciting events. In this case, you can download or save some stories from other users to view later. In this article, we have introduced 5 of the best programs for downloading Instagram stories.

best Instagram story downloader

FastSave app

FastSave program is one of the most popular and best programs for downloading content and stories from Instagram. This program has been downloaded over 10 million times and has hugely positive user feedback.

With this program, you can not only view friends’ photos, videos, and stories but also download them to your smartphone’s memory.

The app is a bit like Instagram in terms of user interface. This app is a collection of photos and stories of people from your subscription list currently available for viewing. You choose the files you want to save.

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To manage all the downloaded files, FastSave offers you a dashboard and the ability to create a complete slideshow. If you keep your photos private and don’t want anyone to know about your little hobby, make a secret folder in FastSave. No one will see it even when viewing your gallery. Refer to creating a business Instagram account.


You know all its innovations and changes if you are an active Instagram user. Following the story feature, the service introduced IGTV functionality. This feature is a small video host on your smartphone.

This app allows you to save stories and full IGTV videos. The app supports all modern Instagram updates. Refer to Does Instagram notify when screenshot a story?

The working method is precisely like sharing videos and photos. But instead of sharing it on other networks, you share it in this software.

The steps to do the work are as follows:

Click on the three dots icon.

From the opened menu, you select the sharing option (Share to).

Then you select the Insaver software from the opened list. With this, the content you want will start downloading automatically. Refer to How to edit a story on Instagram.

best Instagram story downloader

Story saver and video downloader for Instagram (IG)

The IG application is another application used to download any content from Instagram. Posts, videos, snapshots, live broadcasts and exciting stories can now be saved on your smartphone and referred to whenever you like. Refer to those who see my Instagram story.

You can use the IG application not only to download content but also to resend it. In addition to images and videos, this application also stores Instagram tags, text, and more.

Story Saver for Instagram

Story Saver is a simple and convenient application with a friendly user interface. The story Saver app helps you quickly and easily save stories from Instagram to view later or use them on your profile. This service offers another solution if you don’t want to use your profile to access the content. Refer to How to see who viewed your Instagram story after 24 hours.

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In Story Saver, you can search for a user whose stories or publications interest you. With the help of this service, you can download any content from his profile to your smartphone or put it on your Instagram page. You need to specify the author or source from where you are sharing this content.

This is important, so you don’t get in trouble for using someone else’s video or photo, as it is intellectual property. The Story Saver app can even replace your main Instagram app, especially if you need to download and save content constantly.

Story Saver Plus (+StorySaver)

The developers provide Story Saver (+StorySaver) as a service to simplify the life of regular users. With this program, you get many opportunities to download files and stories from the popular Instagram service and use them anywhere.

In addition, the program does not reduce the quality of photos and videos when downloading. It is also worth noting that the StorySaver+ program is constantly updated, and new features are added to it that you may find interesting.

One of the exciting features of the program is that you can view and download the stories of different users anonymously. They cannot know that you have downloaded their report. Likewise, this app allows you to download stories, videos, photos, live broadcasts, and IGTV streaming videos. Inside this program is a gallery to view all the content you have downloaded from the Internet.

The story service (Stories) on Instagram was created not to download shared photos and videos to reduce the load on smartphones and servers. The fewer data stored in the public domain, the faster the application.

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If you don’t have time to watch stories, you have a problem, or if you want to save something essential for yourself from someone else, the Story Savers programs that we have introduced in this article or that exist on the web are beneficial. You help.

It is not difficult to do; download at least one of the programs and do everything according to the instructions provided by the program.

Quick save application

Quick save application is the best application for downloading Instagram posts and stories. This program has a very high download speed, making it easy for you to share videos and photos. This app’s simple and practical appearance has made it have many fans.

Since Quick save has excellent speed, you can download your videos and photos without worry. Due to its high speed, the Quick save application can be among the best download programs from Instagram.

Inst download application

Inst download application is another best application for downloading Instagram posts and stories. This app is straightforward to use and can easily download photos and videos. If you are looking for a program to download your Instagram videos and pictures, the Inst download application is the best choice. Refer to 10 Instagrammstory ideas for business accounts.

Where can you download Instagram story download apps?

Google Play

How to download Instagram stories?

Using Instagram downloader applications

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