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You can save someone else’s Instagram post using the save post tool on Instagram. Because you can’t stop certain Instagram users from saving your posts, the feature can be helpful but also feel like a privacy violation.

If someone likes something you’ve posted on Instagram, they can save it, allowing them to revisit it whenever they like. To remove your post from their list of saved posts, they can also unsave it. That also applies to you. If you wish to, you can save someone else’s Instagram.

You might want to learn who saved your Instagram post, whether you’re a well-known person, a company, or an everyday Instagram user with a respectable following.

But can you pull it off? Stay with Pinclubhouse to know more about how to see who saved your Instagram pictures.

How to see who saved your Instagram post 2022? Is it possible?

Before reading this post, click on get followers on Instagram. No, is the response. For the same reason, that other Instagram users cannot see that you have saved their posts, you cannot see who has saved your Instagram post. Only the number of individuals who have saved your Instagram post is shown.

You cannot view that number if you go into your own Instagram account. You can only do this if you utilize a creator’s or business’ Instagram account.

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If you have a business Instagram account, you can check how many people have bookmarked your posts. Instagram itself offers two different sorts of accounts. One of them is a private account. An expert account is the second one. The business & creator accounts fall under the professional category. Also, read the top 10 Instagram followers in the world.

If you have a creator or business account, you may check Instagram’s insight tool to see how many people have bookmarked your post. The insight tool is incredibly helpful if you want to discover which posts people enjoy and want to bookmark. It gives you a marketing advantage, in other terms.

You won’t be notified when someone saves your Instagram post. Users of Instagram are free to save whatever kind of post they desire anonymously without worrying about their privacy being compromised.

However, if you want to know who saved it, it could provide a problem for the poster. The insight feature can be used to solve the issue.

How to change your Instagram account from personal to business so you can see how many people have saved your post

There is no other method to check the number of individuals who saved your post than to transfer from a private to a professional account.

Open the Instagram app to begin. Utilize your account to log in. At the top, click the hamburger icon. Then select Settings from the list at the bottom.

Click Account. Select Change to Professional Account after that.

You can select either a creator or business account on Instagram. Any professional Instagram account is an option. They summarize the changes that occur when using a professional account along the process. Select Continue. Also, take a look at getting followers on Instagram.

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I’ll use a business account as an example in this piece. You have a variety of account category options. You can hide this; however, it will default appear on your Instagram account.

saves your pics on instagram

To change to a business/creator account, press confirms now. Review the contact information. If you move to a business account, you can also include your location in the bio. Click Next.

saves your pics on instagram

You can now see how many people saved your Instagram post because your Instagram account has been changed to a professional account. Click on how to write your Instagram bio in bold.

See who saved your Instagram pictures app

Users of Instagram are unable to see who has saved their posts. The privacy of those who have saved your post may be violated. You can only see how many people have saved your post because of this.

View the number of saves by opening your Instagram post. To learn the number, click the View insight button. Aside from that, you can also view the number of likes, comments, story shares, profile visits, and reach your post has received.

That’s a fantastic approach to keeping track of your Instagram promotion, especially if you are operating your online business through a business account. Also, read more about losing followers on Instagram.

How to see Instagram posts you’ve saved

You can view the saved posts on your profile if you have saved someone else’s Instagram posts and wish to see a list of them. The only person who can see the list is you.

saves your pics on instagram

Activate your profile to do that. Pick the hamburger menu option. Choose Saved.

The Instagram posts you have saved will be displayed. Then select one.

Your saved post will be visible here. By hitting the save button one more, you can delete it from your saved list. Also, read the best unfollowers app for Instagram.

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How to see who saved your Instagram post new update

Only by asking your followers in a Story will you be able to learn who has saved your post. Go to Settings > Account > Switch to Business Account or Creator Account > View insights to see how many people saved it.

Apps to see who saved your Instagram post free

You can save Instagram images and videos directly to your Android device’s memory with the FastSave software (also known as InstaSave). It operates fundamentally. All you have to do is open Instagram and turn on InstaSave from the main menu.


Why are you unable to view who has saved your Instagram post?

Since Instagram does not have a tool enabling you to do so, you cannot see who has saved your post. Although the exact reason is unknown, privacy protection is probably a factor.

You can block someone to stop them from saving your posts, viewing your profile, or contacting you on Instagram if you’re the one who worries about privacy whenever you post something on Instagram.

What happens if you save another user’s Instagram post?

Instagram won’t let the user know you simply saved their post, and they won’t be informed either. If they use a creator or business account, they can only see how many individuals used the earlier options to save their posts.

You can’t see who specifically saved your post on Instagram. Although it may be disheartening, saving someone else’s Instagram photos also gives you privacy.

However, you may utilize the techniques mentioned above to learn more about the viewers of your Instagram profile and discover which posts have been most popular with them.

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