How To Use Dual Instagram On Phone

Today, most people do business with social apps and platforms. You don’t have to be there all the time doing your job for them. You can do this with your smartphone and social media specifically designed for businesses.

Many apps are designed for marketing or your business, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others.

However, Instagram, which was created for entertainment purposes, has now changed and as you know, it has become one of the leading apps you can use to manage your business.

Brand owners, marketers, local businesses, and even large corporations use this popular app to showcase their products and services, find Instagram influencers, attract more audiences, create bio for Clubhouse, and get news about their competitors.

That’s why some users want two Instagram apps on their phone to make business easier! Something like WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business!

But the question is, can we have Instagram applications on one phone? Are there any secure applications we can use to run our business?

In this article, we want to learn how to have two Instagram applications on one device. We share excellent tips to help you install two Instagram apps on your phone and run your business efficiently.

Please do not waste time and address our issue.

How to install two Instagram applications on one phone?

We have instructions for Android and iPhone devices to create and install two Instagram apps on their phones to make their business and account management more accessible.

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For example, if you want to see blocked accounts on Instagram, you might want to use an account other than your main account. Are you curious?

Let’s have two Instagram apps on your phone! First, let’s start with Android devices.

How to have two Instagram applications on one Android phone?

There are many options when you have two Instagram apps on your phone. You can download Instagram Lite or other similar Instagram apps.

Note that Instagram Lite is safer if you want to install other Instagram apps. But here, we want to add another healthier way.

We want to use one Launcher to have two Instagram apps on your Android device. And the Launcher we chose is the “Smart Launcher.” Merely go to Google Play Store to download this app.

So please follow the same steps as we will mention.

  1. Please go to your phone’s home screen to see the basic settings.
  2. Tap the Add icon, select an icon from the list, and tap OK. Drag and drop into the folder to add the icon to the folder.

Smart Launcher is easy to use and helps you create as many shortcuts as possible on the home screen for better access and smoother work.

Here you will be taught how to have two Instagram apps on your phone and have better access to your account. For example, you can now easily create joint Instagram post.

How to have two Instagram applications on one iPhone?

For iOS users, the Shortcut must be on your device. Another way is to download it from the App Store. After downloading Shortcut, follow the steps below.

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To have two Instagram apps on one iPhone device, you must:

  1. After downloading Shortcut, run the program.
  2. Tap on your iPhone or iPad in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. An empty, untitled shortcut will appear in the editor.
  4. Tap Shortcut Name, enter Business Instagram or any other name you like, then select Done. You can use Siri for help.
  5. Tap Add Action; you will see a list of action categories. Please select the desired Instagram app and account, for example, B. Select your Instagram business account from the list and add it to your Shortcut.
  6. When you’re done, tap Done. And the Shortcut appears in Shortcuts.
  7. Add the second Instagram application to your device’s home screen for better access.

You can even style or customize it to your taste.

This may sound complicated, but don’t worry! It’s easier than it sounds.


Here we have discussed how you can have 2 Instagram apps for Android and iPhone users on your mobile. So, if you use Instagram too much and want to access it once again, you can use the mentioned method. he succeeded? Put 60 second reels on Instagram now!

Having two Instagram apps on one phone can be great for business owners and Instagram marketers who want to use their accounts simultaneously.

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