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Instagram is an ideal place to promote your product or service. Meanwhile, the bio is the first thing that hooks your followers.

But do you know what your Instagram bio should look like and how many characters you can add to it? Let us tell you that! Instagram bio is limited to 150 characters, and technically you can’t exceed it. We know it’s pretty short, but it allows you to be more creative and stand out from the rest. If you want to know how to do a joint post on Instagram, click here.

In this write-up, we’ll talk about the bio character limit, how you can bypass this limit and everything that comes in between. So, let’s get started!

Instagram Bio Character Limit

Instagram allows you to add only 150 characters to your bio. Does it mean that you can add straight 150 letters in the bio? No.

Certain other things influence the Instagram bio character count. So, let’s have an in-depth look at how Instagram calculates the characters of your bio!

How Does Instagram Calculate Characters?

To understand how Instagram calculates characters, we first have to know the exact meaning of this word – “character.” A “character” consists of everything, including numbers, punctuation, emojis, and words.

Note that one emoji consists of two characters, and some are even equal to 3. Although the emojis look great, these take a lot of space in your bio. If you want to maximize the use of 150 characters in your bio, then make sure to use fewer emojis. If you want to get information about how to get a verified Instagram, read this post.

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Hence, Instagram will count letters and punctuation, numbers, and, most importantly, emojis.

What Should You Add in an Instagram Bio?

You have very little space to introduce yourself in an Instagram bio. Therefore, you have to think smartly and try your best to write a killer bio within 150 characters limit.

If you are making a personal account, your bio should contain basic information about yourself. It includes your name, brief introduction, location, and age.

Sometimes, the influencers only add their name in the bio and still get a lot of engagement. Why so? Because they are already famous and many people know them. In contrast, you need to take bio very seriously if you are starting.

For instance, if you make an account to promote a particular product or service, the process will be slightly different. You should add a link to your website that can provide complete information to the users about your brand or business.

You can also experiment using different bios if you don’t find it hectic to change bio now and then. For create instagram reels 60 seconds, see this post.

Tip: Check out the bio of other people in your field. It will help you to get some perspective and better craft your ideas.

3 Tips To Make Instagram Bio Longer

Although there is no technique to bypass the Instagram bio character limit, specific steps can help you deliver more information about yourself or your brand without crossing the bio limit.

#1: Use Story Highlights

Using story highlights is one of the best ways to extend your bio. Stories remain visible for 24 hours, but story highlight is their archived version, and these have a longer life than stories. Also, you have complete control over them, so you can divide them into different categories to create convenience for your audience.

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Many businesses use story highlights and add links to their product pages and brand information. The story highlights appear below your bio, and you can easily incorporate external links into them.

#2: Use Posts

You will be pleased to know that Instagram posts have a high character limit, and you can use even 2,200 characters in posts. Hence, you can create brand awareness in your posts without any hindrance.

Another helpful method is whenever you update your bio or links, then make a post to direct your audience towards them.

#3: Make Use of Links

The easiest way to talk about your story or brand is to incorporate links in your bio. You can leave the link to your “About Us” page in your bio. So, those followers interested in knowing more about you will have no trouble doing that.

Besides, you can use a Linktree, a short link containing the list of multiple other links. You can name these links further to create convenience for your audience.


The Instagram bio character limit may sound annoying at first. However, it also allows you to convey your brand voice to your audience creatively; as they say, less is more.

We hope you will get some valuable insights from this guide. We have discussed tools that can help you count Instagram characters and three easy ways to convey more in your bio by using fewer words. For more information about How do l see who viewed my videos on Instagram, see this article.

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