New features will be added to the Clubhouse

Clubhouse Audio Social Network can record and reply directly (replay) conversations and download 30-second clips to share on this platform or other sites.

According to ISNA, Clubhouse announced that the app would also offer an improved search feature that helps people find live and scheduled sound rooms, users, and clubs based on specific interests. Slowly

New features are being introduced to help content creators in the Clubhouse expand their audience, just as competitors from more extensive technologies such as Facebook and Twitter have introduced competing social audio capabilities.

“It’s tough for content producers to grow right now,” Paul Davison, creator and CEO of Clubhouse, said in an interview. Whenever you need to create a great moment or a good quote, you can share it extensively with a link that guides people on joining the club.

According to Reuters, Clubhouse announced that the ability to record conversations and direct responses to it has been tested and will be available to some content producers in a few weeks. But the power to share short clips began on Thursday.

  Android app Clubhouse

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