How to fit photos on Instagram?

This post explains how to Instagram the entire photo. If you have a complete portrait (9:16) or landscape (16:9) image or video, you can use this method to fit the entire image inside your Instagram post.

How to fit photos on Instagram?

On Instagram, portrait posts have a maximum aspect ratio of 4:5. (four pixels wide for every five pixels tall). Instagram’s restriction limits the amount of extremely tall photographs in the feed, which take up a lot of vertical space. Although it’s fantastic that Instagram restricts users from posting enormous, obnoxious photos, the 4:5 ratio makes sharing a generation photo or video captured with your phone difficult. Click on How to recover deleted messages from Instagram.

How to fit photos on Instagram?

If your image is longer than the 4:5 aspect ratio and you want to fit it all on Instagram, you’ll need to crop it before sharing. Otherwise, Instagram will crop your photo to a maximum of 4:5 ratio. The Kapwing resizer is recommended since it lets you add white space on either side of your image to achieve the desired aspect ratio. I’ll show you how to fit the entire picture on Social media in three easy steps in this article:

• Upload a photo
• Resize to a 4:5 ratio
• Upload to Instagram after downloading

How to fit photos on Instagram?

Step 1: Upload a photo

Begin using your phone or PC to launch Kapwing’s Resizer tool. Import an image file from your camera roll or a URL. Kapwing can resize photos, movies, and GIFs; therefore, it may be used for any type of media.

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How to fit photos on Instagram?

You’ll be brought to the Kapwing Studios Editor once your image has loaded into the editor, so you’ll see a sample of your picture in the middle of the picture. Also, see how to get back into your Instagram account.

Step 2: Reduce the size to 4:5.

Choose the 4:5 option in the Output Size column. This permits your photo to fill as much vertical space as possible in your Instagram feed without being resized. Instagram has a 1:1 resizing option, but it reduces your picture to fit in the usual square shape.

How to fit photos on Instagram?

Kapwing inserts white padding on either side of your model to create it suit the 4:5 ratio when you select the size choice. We suggest reading how to get an inactive Instagram username. You can alter the color of the white backdrop to make it stand out in your Instagram feed.

Step 3: Save and share

At the top of the screen, click the red Download Image button. Kapwing, make your resized 4:5 picture or movie ready for download after some processing moments. You’ll have the option to access the photo to your photo gallery immediately after it’s been published, whether you’re using a desktop pc, iPhone, Android, or tablet.

If you don’t have a Kapwing account, sign in or create one with your Google or Facebook account; once you’ve done so, the logo in the lower right-hand corner will be erased from your final image.

How to fit photos on Instagram?

How to fit photos on Instagram?

Upload your photo to Instagram using the app. Instagram crops the image to square by the debtor, but you can use the develop arrows or clip the picture in the lower left to match the entire image on the platform. When you share it, Instagram will scale it to fit the screens, the white-colored coordination will blend in with Instagram’s white background, and your entire photo will appear on Instagram without cropping.

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When you and your followers use Instagram in Dark Mode, you could also choose a black background.


This guide will show you how to post full-length portrait photos and videos on Instagram. Kapwing’s Resizer allows you to upload numerous photographs of various sizes to Instagram, create a thin white border around your media, and publish TikTok and Snap movies. Also, click on how to get a lot of Instagram followers and how to get a disabled Instagram account back. I hope it speeds up your social media process and allows you to share your gorgeous and enjoyable candid moments with the world on Instagram. Please, share your comments with us.

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