where to find draft reels on instagram

Instagram allows users to save draft versions of posts & reels so they can find them later. Many Instagram users save their Insta Reels as drafts before posting. This is helpful if you wish to post a reel after doing all the required modifications and touch-ups. Additionally, since reel videos on Instagram cannot be scheduled for uploading, individuals choose to preserve reels as drafts.

Although the ‘Save as Draft’ option is displayed on the sharing page, most users are familiar with how to use the draft for reels. You could struggle to locate your Reel drafts on Instagram.

This is because, unlike Instagram posts, you won’t see draft reels while creating a new reel or watching reels from other people. Stay with Pinclubhouse.

Where to find draft reels on Instagram 2022?

A common question among Instagram users, especially non-addicts, is, “Where is the reel draft saved on Instagram?” Don’t worry if you have no idea where your draft reels went. Also, read more about the top 10 Instagram followers in the world.

Follow these instructions on Insta for iPhone and Android to retrieve a draft reel.

Tap your profile image in the bottom right corner of the Instagram app.

Click the Reels tab in the middle of the profile screen. It should be noted that the Reels part only appears when you share or save a reel for the first time as a draft.

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find draft reels on instagram

Select “Drafts” by tapping on it.

The reels you saved as a draft will be displayed on the “Reels drafts” tab.

Note: Your drafts will vanish forever if you log out or deactivate the Instagram app.

How to get rid of Instagram Reels draft

You could accumulate a lot of drafts if you routinely record reels on Instagram. It is preferable to eliminate all unnecessary drafts and maintain organization for your reel drafts. Also, read get followers on Instagram.

Instagram draft reels can be deleted by:

Use the procedures above to find the “Reels drafts” directory.

Select all the drafts you want to permanently remove by tapping “Select” in the top right corner.

find draft reels on instagram

At the bottom of the screen, press the “Discard” button.

find draft reels on instagram

I’m done now. The selected drafts will all be permanently deleted.

After you tap Discard, the Instagram app does not provide a confirmation popup. Therefore, be sure to remove all drafts of Instagram Reels carefully.

How to upload unfinished reels on Instagram

Simply go to the Drafts folder & click the specific reel you want to submit whenever you want to post a draft reel. Make last-minute adjustments, such as writing a caption, choosing a cover photo, and adding tags. Additionally, you can alter the reel to include filters, stickers, music, & text. To publish your reel video, tap the “Share” button at the bottom. Also, we suggest you read losing followers on Instagram.

find draft reels on instagram

How to play draft reels and edit them on Instagram

You should play or preview your reel draft before posting it to Instagram. Surprisingly, there’s no option on the share page to view the reel draft.

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Do not fret! To examine the draft of your reels, just tap the “Edit” button in the top right corner.

find draft reels on instagram

Tap the same “Edit” button on the Share screen to enter tweak mode and edit Instagram draft reels. The drawing tool, voiceover, stickers, and text with various effects are all available here. The audio from your camera or a previously chosen audio track can change its volume.

Additionally, adding new music from Instagram and removing the original audio is possible. Also, read the best unfollowers app for Instagram.

How to keep a camera roll copy of an Instagram Reels draft

Have you created a reel you wish to share on a website other than Instagram? In this situation, you will need to download the Insta reel draft directly on your Android or iPhone phone.

find draft reels on instagram

Simply press the “Edit” option on the Share page on Instagram to save a draft reel to your gallery or camera roll. To save the reel for offline viewing or direct sharing, tap the download option (down arrow icon). Also, read more about how to write an Instagram bio in bold.


Reels incorporating external audio from the Insta music library will be kept without music in the gallery. It’s important to note. However, reels with camera audio captured by your microphone will still include that audio.


How can I Find Reel Drafts on Instagram?

Drafts of your uploaded reels and Instagram reels can be found in the reels tab.

Navigate to the profile of your account to find the reels section.

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The center has the reels tab only after you have submitted a reels video or saved a reel draft does this display.

Draft reels can be found by tapping the Drafts tab.

How can I Post Draft Reels on Instagram?

Draft reels would always contain a date when they would be made public for viewing by others.

Go to your Insta profile page to post a video still in draft mode.

Navigate to the Draft area, where all draft reels are gathered, and locate the reels icon.

To publish, select the desired draft reel and tap it.

You are then taken to the share screen.

The Share button is located at the bottom of the application. Clicking it will publish your previously saved reel draft.

How can I Delete Draft Reels on Instagram?

Some drafted reels should be eliminated. These drafts fill space in the reels draft tab, are no longer essential, and are simply ugly. These must be taken out to make room for new reels and to make it easier to keep track of which reels are in use.

Go to the Drafts folder, where the Reels Drafts are displayed, to delete a reel draft.

In the top-right corner of the app, tap the Select option. You can then choose which reel or reels of the draft you want to remove.

These draft-saved reels are then completely deleted after you tap Discard.

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